My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Heavy Water Source Knife

Feng Changning is a courageous person, although this will waste half of his merit and luck, but in order to attract a refiner Great Grandmaster is also worth it.

The little boy looked at Feng Changning’s thoughtful expression, and knew what was going on inside. It wasn’t that simple.

“You are born with the name of the overlord of the Immortal Dynasty. With my assistance, there is no problem in ruling the Intermediate Thousand Worlds in the future.”

“Even if there is a chance in the future, you Take the entire Intermediate Thousand Worlds to sublime and achieve the Immortal Court.” The little boy said, a little overjoyed in his heart, meeting Feng Changning’s fate in the Intermediate Thousand Worlds can still establish a country in such a classical fairyland.

He feels like fate is calling him, a Great Dao of Light is ahead, don’t fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness.

“Unify the cultivation world and make the world an Immortal Court.” Feng Changning said in a daze after hearing the little boy’s description.

“It’s only a matter of time when I’m here, plus the help of this merit and luck.” The little boy said and put the transformed puppet core back in his hand.

At this time, the tool puppet saluted the little boy, and the puppet’s eyes were much brighter than before.

“Hello, Master, Number One is at your service.” The tool puppet saluted the little boy and said.

“Only one main spirit controls the puppet in the early stage, so how slow is the efficiency, crowd wisdom is king.” The little boy looked at the puppet in front of him and said with satisfaction.

“Does this puppet have its own consciousness?” Feng Changning said.

“Yes, now this puppet can only do some simple things on its own, and after a period of study it will become like an adult,” said the little boy.

“After the number increases,” Feng Changning did not say clearly.

“Their life and death are yours,” said the little boy.

Following the little boy’s words, the number one puppet knelt down to Feng Changning.

“This kind of puppet will exist as a Captain in the future, and most of them are still ordinary puppets.”

“That’s good.” Feng Changning said nodded.

“Now you develop steadily. After I advance to the Golden Core Realm, it will be the time when your immortal dynasty will rise.” The little boy said confidently.

“Then I expect Master to advance to Golden Core Realm.” Feng Changning said.

At this moment, Xu Fan, who was far away on Yinling Island, sneezed suddenly.

“Who cares about me.” Xu Fan said suspiciously.

In the cultivation world, sneezing is not just a casual sneeze, it is the power of cause and effect turning into an inexplicable substance to wrap around.

Xu Fan closed his eyes, then opened them again shortly after, and said with some doubts: “Who the hell is thinking about me.”

He followed the trace There is no real cause and effect, seeing a blank and huge world.

“Forget it, the things in front of you are important.” Xu Fan said, looking at the demon star in front of him.

This town demon star was refined by two other Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions working overtime, and its function is to mount rail guns.

Phoenix Shenhuo Now Xu Fan has used it with ease, and there is no jerky feeling at all.

A special piece of raw material was reinforced by Xu Fan into the demon-suppressing star, and at the same time, more than one hundred Treasure Item levels were advanced and loaded onto the demon-suppressing star little by little according to the location.

“Okay, now the space is sealed, otherwise you don’t have to bother with this bunch of stuff.” Xu Fan said with a grin.

At this time, the four Great Demons outside the Great Steel Wall had already supported three Monster Venerables. This was the result of Li Xingci consuming important pieces to block it. At this time, even Xu Fan started to work. .

It is now 10 days away from three months.

“If it’s not refined before the last Monster Venerable comes, it’s over.” Xu Fan’s face was rarely solemn.

Now that the railgun has reached the stage of finally portraying the Xianwen array, he can no longer get involved.

“Grape, before the railguns are refined, as long as there are a large number of Monster Venerables outside the Great Steel Wall, half of the main guns will be blasted directly, plus all the demon star strikes.” Xu Fan ordered.


β€œThe second wave of main artillery shells in the Great Steel Wall shot out.”

β€œAs you bid.”

At this time, Xu Fan was thinking about a question, should he take Yinling Island for a tour.

At this time, a light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, and above it was the four Refiner Sect divisions who were working together to portray the immortal text.

β€œEight days left,” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a purple smoke took shape around Xu Fan, it was Li Xingci.

“Master, a lot of important pieces have been discovered, which has failed Master’s hope.” Li Xingci bowed his head and said ashamedly.

“I see. After all, it’s normal to play tricks on the Great Ascension Monster Venerable in front of one’s eyes.” Xu Fan said, which was also expected by Xu Fan.

β€œWhat about the last Monster Venerable who came to help?” Xu Fan asked.

“The news has been lost over there.” Li Xingci said.

“What is that fairy artifact of Dyeing Elder?” Xu Fan asked.

“Heavy water source knife, condensed and refined by Wanhai heavy water.” Li Xingci said.

“No wonder I couldn’t recognize the Lord for so many years.”

“Tell Elder Su, borrow the fairy weapon, and return it to you after you escape this disaster.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a deep blue sword appeared from Li Xingci’s side, and was sealed by a scabbard engraved with immortal characters.

“I also want to talk about this. When I came, Tian’er had already given me the fairy artifact, saying that I could use it casually.” Li Xingci said.

“Thank you Elder Su for me, and sect will be very grateful in the future.”

Xu Fan put one hand on the scabbard, and began to depict the fairy with the other hand arts.

At this time, a huge black shadow appeared behind Xu Fan, which was the energy of the grapes.

“Pipe down, I’ll find a good host for you later.” Xu Fan said softly while looking at the Chongshuiyuan knife.

At this time, another silhouette appeared beside Xu Fan, an Integration Realm Wuling Ming Monkey.

“Master, don’t you think so?” Li Xingci said, looking at the Wuling Ming Monkey and the Shuiyuan Dao.

At this time, the Wuling Ming Monkey began to panic, feeling that it was going to end.

“It’s barely usable.” At this time, Xu Fan began to face the Integration Realm Wu Lingming Monkey.

“Now is the time for the life and death of the sect, and it’s time for you to help.”

“.” The expression of Wuling Ming Monkey is a little distorted, should I thank you? how you look like.

“Forget it, I’ll tell you clearly, as long as there is a Monster Venerable over there, you have to go up there. I will use the forbidden technique to stimulate all your strength.”

“Then This time is the most glorious moment in the monkey’s life, and maybe a Monster Venerable’s head will be cut off.” Xu Fan said.

“Will I die after using the forbidden technique?” Wuling Ming Monkey stared at Xu Fan and said, with a trace of death in his eyes.

β€œIt’s almost time to be immortal,” Xu Fan said.

“After I die, can my clansman be exempted from similar things.” The Wuling Ming Monkey trembled a little, wondering if it was angry.

“Okay, once this tribulation is over, your clansman can only do some routine tasks.”

“Okay.” Wuling Ming Monkey nodded.

The heavy water source knife was pulled out, and a black heavy sea illusory shadow appeared over the Yinling Island.

(End of this chapter)

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