My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Young Swordsman

“Right, darling, only obedience can save you from re-melting in the later stage.” Xu Fan looked at Chongshui Yuandao said with a smile .

Xu Fan looked at the Heavy Water Source Knife with a honeyed smile on his face, the illusory shadow of the grape manifested behind him a little impatiently.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, the Chongshui Yuandao trembled slightly, showing his sincerity towards Xu Fan.

“Okay, you True Spirit took out, I need to draw some Xianwen array on it.” Xu Fan said to Wuling Ming Monkey.

“Okay.” Wuling Ming Monkey nodded said.

A three-footed five-spirited monkey that resembles Human Race Nascent Soul appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“Unfortunately, your talent is not bad, and you have the potential to advance to the Great Ascension Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan sighed and said, no matter whether this battle happens or not, this monkey is useless anyway.

Wu Lingming Monkey heard Xu Fan’s words. There was a look in his eyes that seemed to be crying and laughing, and there was a hint of desolation in his eyes, a hint of despair.

Li Xingci also showed a strange expression, feeling that the monkey was a little crippled by the master.

Xu Fan’s whole body ignited spiritual pressure, and one after another Xianwen was introduced into the True Spirit of the Five Spirit Monkeys along his fingers, forming a one after another miniature Xianwen array.

With the transmission of the last immortal text, the heavy water source knife seemed to be summoned by the master, turning into a black streamer and entering the body of the five spirit monkey True Spirit.

Then True Spirit returned to Wuling Ming Monkey.

The Wuling Ming Monkey’s body trembled slightly, and the breath on his body suddenly increased several times.

“If there is no battle, after three years, your cultivation base will be completely ruined, and you will become an ordinary Wuling Ming monkey. You can rebuild it to the Golden Core Realm. I have tried my best.” Xu Fan is a pity. Dao, if it weren’t for the threat of eight Monster Venerables, he really wanted to train the Five Spirit Monkeys to the Great Ascension Realm.

“What will happen if there is a battle.” Wuling Ming Monkey seems to have agreed with his own destiny.

“I’ll try my best to keep you dead.” Xu Fan said a little sorry.

At this moment, the sound of grapes sounded.

“Master, there are eight Monster Venerables outside the Great Steel Wall. They hide their real bodies, and the Zhen Yaoxing can’t find their location and can’t locate their main guns.”

“Okay. , it’s time for you to go out, I will use all your strengths.” Xu Fan said.

The Dao Item spirit boat refined by Avatar No. 1 appeared and flew towards the Great Steel Wall with the Five Spirit Monkeys.

Xu Fan and Li Xingci watched the spirit boat disappear, with serious expressions.

“The heavy water source knife is an immortal weapon to kill, and with the overdraft of the life potential of the Five Spirit Monkeys, it should be able to survive those Monster Venerables for a while.”

“Stay until eighth After the day, after refining the ultimate weapon for the master, I can take you to counterattack Monster Realm.” Xu Fan said with a grin, when the time comes, he wants to let Monster Race know what it means to be cool with a cold heart.

At this time, outside the Great Steel Wall, eight huge illusory shadows appeared in the sky, and Monster Qi was confused.

“What do you mean by appearing in the area I guarded?”

Zhan Ling looked at the eight Monster Venerable illusory shadow in the sky, turned directly into a sea of blood, and appeared in the sky Above the steel wall, fight against the illusory shadow of the eight Monster Venerable.

The imposing manner must never be weak.

“Hand over my Monster Race Refiner Sect division, or else, break the Great Steel Wall and kill you all person.” Frostwolf Venerable coldly snorted and said.

“Frostwolf, what are you talking about, let’s kill it first.” A dragon-shaped centipede illusory shadow with a thousand zhang said, trying to show his true body and swept across the steel Great Wall.

“Don’t, in the sky there are Human Race treasures that can hurt you and me, be careful.” Frostwolf Venerable hurriedly sound transmission said, for fear that this product will show its real body and be caught on fire.

“My real body has been hidden in the dark, who can find me.”

The dragon-shaped centipede illusory shadow rushed directly to the steel Great Wall, and a green breath spurted out.

The green aura turned into a poisonous centipede illusory shadow and charged into the steel wall shield.

“The trifling steel Great Wall can also block my poisonous breath.” The dragon-shaped centipede said gloomily, looking at the guards above the steel Great Wall, but unfortunately most of them are puppets, and killing them is nothing. Feel.

Just when the poisonous centipede illusory shadow hit the steel wall shield, the grape Avatar attached to the steel wall instantly began to calculate its composition.

An unknown data was instantly transmitted to the steel Great Wall, and the shields on the Great Wall changed colors.

The shield turned into the same color as the poisonous centipede illusory shadow, and then as if welcoming a child home, the shield directly welcomed the poisonous centipede illusory shadow into the home.

“What kind of shield is this!” The dragon-shaped centipede exclaimed, feeling that the green shield was like the venom in the poison sac in his body.

“Don’t bother, this steel Great Wall is immune to all kinds of poisons, sometimes even more poisonous than our Monster Race.” said Moon Fox Venerable, who tried the poison attack at first.

“Okay, if you want your Monster Race Refiner Sect division, then let’s do it with real swords and guns.” Zhan Ling looked at the group of people who just said no to the Great Steel Wall with disdain. .

At this time, the other two Venerables of Human Race appeared beside Zhan Ling.

“Human Race Venerable, do you really want to lose all of your people for a few Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions?” Frostwolf Venerable said coldly, showing his fangs.

β€œYou count only four Venerables who comfort the other two Venerables guarding the other two realms. How can you fight with us.” Said Moon Fox Venerable, who is the one who least expects a fight among the eight Monster Venerables .

Now that all Refiner Sect divisions of their family are in the hands of this Human Race Venerable, he is afraid of hitting either the fish dies or the net splits in the end.

“You can try~” Zhan Ling said contemptuously, as if the opposite were just eight barking dogs.

At this time, a young man with a heavy water source knife on his back appeared next to Zhan Ling. It was the changed Wuling Ming Monkey. Venerable frowned slightly.

“It’s too much to deceive demons!” the eight Monster Venerable illusory shadows said angrily.

One of the heavily armored Monster Venerables appeared directly outside the Steel Wall.

“Giant Armored Monster Venerable, look at you.” Moon Fox Venerable said, this time he invited this Monster Race alien Monster Venerable to deal with the shell attack in the sky.

At this time, the beetle-like body of thousands zhang was instantly transformed into ten thousand zhang, directly covering the seven Monster Venerables.

Xu Fan was looking at the light curtain at this time.

“The battle has begun.” Xu Fan’s tone was somewhat excited before the battle, and then he closed his eyes, and his consciousness was connected to the five spirits.


The three main guns directly hit the giant armored Monster Venerable ten thousand zhang heavy armor, which only caused the giant armored monster to suffer a slight internal injury. .

At this time, Monster Race Moon Fox Venerable said with a big smile: “Human Race Venerable, this is your last trump card.”

Said, the other seven Monster Venerable Showing his true body and rushing towards the Great Steel Wall.

“Elder of Zhanling, you are three, I have two, and the remaining three are handed over to Tiger Roaring Venerable. Spirit cultivator Venerable will be fine,” said the knife-backed boy beside Zhanling.

“No problem, three, I’m afraid I won’t kill enough.” Zhan Ling bloodthirsty said with a big smile.

“No problem,” said Hu Xiao, spirit cultivator Venerable.

(End of this chapter)

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