My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 413

Chapter 413 The style of the knife

In the Great Steel Wall, Xu Fan is refining a ring with a spirit ore sent by grapes.

“Great Elder, did you say that I can control the fairy weapon with this ring.” Zhan Ling looked at the ring that was about to take shape in midair and said.

“Temporary use of half a month, and more materials will require Dao Item level materials.” Xu Fan said while refining the ring.

At this moment, the Heavy Water Source Knife was spinning beside the Wuling Ming Monkey controlled by Xu Fan, trying to analyze the behavior of his temporary master.

A black ring appeared in Zhan Ling’s hands.

At this time, the Chongshui Yuandao realized that he had been sent out again.

A strong and powerful hand grabbed the Heavy Water Source Knife directly.

In an instant, a wave erupted in the sky, and the two forces began to blend.

In the sky, the blood sea and the black sea appeared, and the two forces began to intertwine, and finally turned into a dark red sea, which made people feel heavy and evil.

The heavy water source knife in Zhan Ling’s hand also turned blood red, and a knife sound came from the heavy water source knife.

“The fairy is self-sounding, didn’t expect yours to be in tune.” Xu Fan’s tone was a little sour.

Just as a beautiful woman with a sexy bearing and charming temperament left a sick man and found a strong and energetic brawny man.

With the sound of the knife, Xu Fan heard a sense of satisfaction.

“It’s okay, it’s okay~~”

The silhouette of the slasher appeared in the sky, and then he slashed out with all his strength.

In an instant, a sea of blood turned into ten thousand zhang red blade light and flew into the distance.

Because of the blade light, even the sealed space has some changes.

“With this knife, I can hit ten!” Zhan Ling said domineeringly.

“Then I don’t have to shoot.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

“Haha, just kidding, you still need the Great Elder to take action.” Zhan Ling said, and returned the heavy water source knife to Xu Fan, with a look of reluctance in his eyes.

“One of the most basic immortal weapons, Elder Soul Slayer should be restrained.” Xu Fan said.

After returning to the Wuling Ming Monkey, the Chongshui Yuandao returned to its original silent state, with some desire and dissatisfaction.

“It seems that you will be re-melted afterwards.” Xu Fan said, looking at the silent heavy water source knife.

Heavy Water Origin Knife shook, the blade sings to itself, forcibly showing a very satisfied look.

Three days later, above the Great Steel Wall, four light curtains appeared in front of Xu Fan at the same time when Xu Fan was glad that the Monster Venerables did not return in a swirl of dust.

“Master, a group of two Monster Venerables separated and forcibly broke through the Great Steel Wall and rushed towards Yinling Island.” Grape said.

Xu Fan looked at the scene marked as Monster Venerable of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th clan.

“The Cannon of Yinling Island and the main artillery in the town demon star attacked the first group, and I went to kill the second group with Primate Zhan.”

“Tiger Roaring Venerable and spirit cultivator Venerable Find a way to hold back the third fourth group, be careful, we will support you after we defeat the second group of Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan quickly made a battle plan.

“Understood,” said the Venerables.

“Be careful with everything.”

Xu Fan flew towards the direction of the second group of Monster Venerable with Zhan Ling. At this time, the demon star in the sky started to activate the space base. Strikes, but are easily blocked by Monster Venerable.

The two fly at full force.

“Elder, as soon as we meet, I will activate the ultimate move to kill the dragon-shaped centipede Monster Venerable. You are ready to receive Monster Venerable True Spirit and blood energy.”

” Later, you will take the fairy weapon to support Hu Xiao Venerable and the others.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood.” Zhan Ling nodded said.

“Grape, activate the acceleration force field.”

At this moment, the two of them escaped several times faster.

This is Xu Fan’s return from the extreme sky, and according to the performance of the star boat in the channel, the force field created is controlled by grapes.

Although it doesn’t speed up like a fairway, it’s not a problem to speed it up several times.

Not long after, the two caught up with Monster Venerable, who was slaughtering Human Race City all the way.

“Elder, take over.” Xu Fan said angrily.

Along the way, he has seen four mortal cities being slaughtered, all attacked by the poisonous breath of the dragon-shaped centipede.

The Five Spirit Monkeys controlled by Xu Fan have killing intent flashing in their eyes.

“Let your life burst out with the last rays of light.” Xu Fan said and let the five spirit monkeys show their body.

He held the heavy water source knife behind him and slowly pulled it out.

For a time, the dragon-shaped centipede felt a huge killing intent locked on him.

“centipede, run away, don’t resist!” The wood rat Monster Venerable also felt the deadly killing intent.

“It’s late.” Xu Fan coldly snorted and said.

Wu Ling Ming Monkey pulled out the heavy water source knife, and an outdoor Peach Garden appeared behind him.

At that moment, the spirit of the dragon-shaped centipede was in a trance, and he felt like he was back in the arms of his mother.

In the spiritual world of the dragon-shaped centipede Monster Venerable, there is a door that opens to him, and behind the door is the Holy Mother of the centipede clan he has been secretly in love with for many years, who he has longed to mingle with all his life. Mother centipede.

“Taiyin, have you finally agreed?”

The dragon-shaped centipede Monster Venerable walked towards the gate step by step, while the Taiyin Holy Mother inside the gate smiled more and more beautifully.

At this moment, in the outside world, whether it was Zhan Ling or the wooden mouse Monster Venerable, they were all obsessively watching the knife cut out by the Wuling Ming Monkey.

Beautiful, really beautiful.

In the blade light, there seems to be a Perfect World hidden in it, where all sentient beings can fulfill their wishes.

When the dragon-shaped centipede Monster Venerable passed through a gate, a dazzling blade light carrying the beauty of all sentient beings passed through the dragon-shaped centipede’s body.

β€œElder, take the knife.”

Xu Fan threw the heavy water source knife to Zhanling, and then returned the control of his body to Wuling Ming Monkey.

I saw the five spirits monkeys who regained consciousness just stared at the sky desolately, and then their bodies collapsed, turning into the purest spiritual power between Heaven and Earth.

Zhan Ling heard Xu Fan’s voice, and with a flick of his mind, his consciousness returned to the real world, and he caught the heavy water source knife.

“mice, eat my blade. Zhan Ling shouted.

I saw a deep sea of red blood appear, and the blood waves rolled towards the wooden mouse Monster Venerable.


“Not good, run away! “

Seeing that the dragon-shaped centipede was beheaded, Venerable, the wood rat who came back to his senses, fled directly to the outside of the Great Steel Wall with all his strength.

“It’s not that easy to want to leave.” ”

For a time, the sea of blood rioted and pressed against the wooden rat Monster Venerable.

After three breaths, a huge rat corpse appeared in the sea of blood.


The imposing manner of the beheading spirit at this time is a bit more terrifying than ever.

β€œThe True Spirit and blood of the two Monster Venerables are so wonderful. After digesting it, I Can hit ten! After Zhan Ling finished speaking, he looked towards the position of the spirit cultivator Venerable and flew away.

He got the news that the spirit cultivator Venerable couldn’t stand it anymore.

But when he arrived at the spirit After the cultivator Venerable location, all Monster Venerables have been evacuated.

“It’s okay. Zhan Ling looked at the spirit cultivator Venerable who had been beaten and said, and a thought suddenly popped into his mind, if he swallowed the spirit cultivator Venerable, would the formidable power of his sea of blood be improved again.

The spirit cultivator Venerable looked at the terrifying smile of Slaying Spirit and felt that he could still deal with those two Monster Venerables for a while.

(End of this chapter)

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