My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Ultimate weapon liftoff

At this time, Tiger Roaring Venerable appeared beside spirit cultivator Venerable, watching Zhan Ling with vigilance, fearing that he would kill him if he did not settle down. good mate to swallow.

Now, Zhan Ling looks like a man-eating demon.

Zhan Ling looked at the reaction of the two, and then calmed down.

“I just swallowed two Monster Venerables, but I didn’t hold back my breath for a while.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

“Spirit cultivator Venerable is also here to support me, it’s okay, it’s okay.” spirit cultivator Venerable waved his hands hurriedly, he and Tiger Roaring Venerable discussed privately, it’s easy for this guy to pick the two of them.

For such battle strength, face is still to be given.

“Now that the Monster Venerables have retreated, let’s go back to their respective guard areas.” Zhan Ling said.


In Yinling Island, Xu Fan is repairing his mind at this time.

The knife cut out, and Xu Fan’s mind had been overdrawn.

“This catastrophe is over.” Xu Fan said with a long sigh.

The two Monster Venerables were beheaded on the Monster Race side. It must be a long-term plan. As long as five days later, Xu Fan can sit at home one after another to call.

“Grape, report the loss.” Xu Fan asked about the loss as soon as he recovered.

β€œIn the Great Wall of Steel, 26 Human Race giants were destroyed by Monster Venerable. In the city, no Human Race survived.” Grape said.

“This world, hey~” Xu Fan was just sighed, he tried his best and could only do this step.

“In the final analysis, my strength is too weak, and this time passes too slowly.” Xu Fan said softly while looking at the sky.

Five days later, a town demon star ascended in the sky with a railgun.

“Great Elder, is this Dao Item formidable power really that big?” the sand sculpture said, looking at the town demon star with a railgun in midair.

“You’ll know how big the formidable power is, but one thing is guaranteed.” Xu Fan looked at the sky and said with a smile.

“What?” the sand sculpture asked.

“That is to guarantee my peaceful life.” Xu Fan slowly said.

In order to deal with this crisis, during this period of time, his mind was turning all the time, deducing tens of thousands of situations and endings in his mind.

In these endings, as long as those Monster Venerables are brave enough, don’t talk nonsense with them, come up and do it directly, the chances of him escaping with the sect are less than 30%.

The past few days, Xu Fan felt like he was walking on a tightrope every moment.

During this time, Yinling Island’s site array was always in the active state, ready to run away at any time.

Xu Fan didn’t sighed in relief until the demon-suppressing star with the railgun rose to the predetermined position.

“The peaceful life is about to begin~”

At this moment, Moon Fox Race Holy City, Moon Fox Venerable looked at the other five Monster Venerables, his face was a little ugly.

Two of the eight Monster Venerables were instantly beheaded, which directly broke the psychological defense line of this group of Monster Venerables. Those Monster Venerables who came to support some wanted to leave the stage. By the way, come to Fox Race to fight the autumn wind. .

“You one demon and five Dao Items are impossible.”


Monster Venerable said here, and took out the Qianluo umbrella directly. .

“It’s impossible to attack or sneak in now. There is only one way to do this now.”

“That is, I will go back to Monster Realm and find a Refiner Sect teacher to help me get this immortal. Recognizing Master.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable has rays of light with hope in his eyes.

The battle strength of the Great Ascension Monster Venerable with the Fairy and the Great Ascension Monster Venerable without the Fairy is simply not on the same level.

“My clan’s fairy weapon, the Qianluo umbrella, I can use it to display my clan’s strongest secret technique, Qianluo Myriad Monsters World.”

“It can directly suppress the Human Race that The three honored ones, when the time comes, you can save our Refiner Sect master.” Moon Fox Venerable said.

β€œWhat good can we get,” said Monster Venerable.

“In addition to one Monster Venerable and three Dao Items, I promise you to take the fairy items three times.” Moon Fox Venerable was bleeding, and this was the biggest condition he offered.

“Okay.” The Monster Venerables looked at each other and all agreed.

“Then I’ll go back to Monster Realm now and find the Refiner Sect division.” Moon Fox Venerable said.

1 month later, Xu Fan was fishing leisurely on a red turtle shell, and Li Xingci chatted with Xu Fan to report the situation.

“You said that the Moon Fox Monster Venerable disappeared in Holy City, and may have returned to Monster Realm for help.” Xu Fan said.

“Yes, the news from there has always been accurate.” Li Xingci said.

“Who is the pawn who sent your news?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“That’s right, Yuehu Monster Venerable’s thirteenth concubine is very popular with Yuehu Monster Venerable.” Li Xingci said.

“Is that thirteenth concubine beautiful?” Xu Fan asked.

“No, she is the most ordinary one.”

“Then why does Monster Venerable love her so much?” Xu Fan was interested in gossip.

“It can give birth, and the Small Fox bloodline that it gives birth to is very pure, and even gives birth to an Ancient Species, Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.” Li Xingci said with a smile, and he was attracted to this at the beginning. , did his best to assimilate her.

“This is really lovable.” Xu Fan said with a smile, this innate talent in the cultivation world is indeed very lovable.

Xu Fan suddenly remembered the giant giant tortoise in the spiritual liquid lake.

“Since it is confirmed that the Moon Fox Monster Venerable will return to Monster Realm, the good drama begins. I hope that the Moon Fox Monster Venerable’s blood pressure can withstand.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“I can’t stand it anymore, that Moon Fox Monster Venerable has paid too much for their family’s Revered Master.”

“Let him know, support. When the magic weapon of his belief turned out to be fake, it would be good if there was no cultivation deviation.” Li Xingci said.

He felt that Moon Fox Monster Venerable was very sad. From the moment Xu Fan plotted against him, Moon Fox Monster Venerable’s monster vitality had become a joke.

“In this case, don’t use the ultimate weapon and wait for him to come again.” Xu Fan laughed sinisterly.

At this time, the beheading spirit in a bloody red robe landed on the turtle shell.

“The Blood Sea Avatar, Elder Zhan Ling, was evolved from the True Spirit of the dragon-shaped centipede.” Xu Fan glanced at the red robe Zhan Ling and said.

β€œhaha, Great Elder bright vision like a torch.”

Heavy Water Source Knife appeared in Zhan Ling’s hand, with a sealed scabbard on it.

“Return to the original owner.” Zhan Ling was a little reluctant to give up, a good weapon is like a beauty, as long as you get started, especially after a battle, it is unforgettable.

“In the future, this heavy water source knife, I will make it recognize Chufan as the master. When you want to use it, just go to your grandson Chufan and ask for it.”

“Xian You have the power, plus your cooperation for a while, you understand the rest.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he knew that no one could escape the law of true fragrance.

“Really, it seems that when I have time, I need to teach more Blade Dao Divine Ability to the mortals.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

At this time, Zhan Ling’s expression was a little sad, which made Xu Fan look a little strange.

“If you have something to say about the Elder Zhanling, you may say it directly.”

“What is the Divine Ability that the last sword of the Great Elder made, and that sword is really beautiful.” Zhanling recalled that every time The first time he thought of that knife, he felt a little throbbing in the depth of one’s soul.

(End of this chapter)

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