My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 418

Chapter 418 The Angry Moon Fox Monster Venerable

“This is.” Sui Ying said, and he had a guess in his heart.

“The magic weapon that can help you break through the limit, you can lie in and enter the game later.”

“In this game room, you can increase your thinking speed to the Golden Core Realm level, Enough for you to control an Integration Realm-level puppet,” Xu Fan said.

“Thank you Great Elder,” said the shadow.

“Thank you, thank you, just kill Monster Race well in the future, let me see where your limit is.” Xu Fan said that the silhouette disappeared directly into the hall.

“Thank you, Great Elder.” Sui Ying knelt down toward the place where Xu Fan disappeared.

Tianchi No. 3 giant city, it is early morning at this time.

As the city gate opened, a group of people swarmed out of the city, and some even rode a puppet horse and galloped towards the spirit field that belonged to him.

“The three acres of spirit rice and ten thousand acres of fertile fields I planted today are about to be harvested,” said a dark-skinned youth in his twenties.

More than a year ago, he finally learned the big Spirit Rain Technique and nurturing earth technique in the game, and then began to cultivate his own spirit field.

As the puppet horse galloped fast on the field road, a painful expression appeared on the young man’s face. Although the puppet immediately had a shock absorber, it still slapped its ass.

The young man looked up at the small spirit boat galloping in the sky with an envious look in his eyes.

This small flying spirit boat requires at least a thousand Spirit Stones, which is not something that can be bought now.

“After I have 500 acres of spirit field, I must buy a spirit boat and show those who are inferior to others.” The young man’s eyes showed a firm look.

In the game, he was detected to have three kinds of spirit root, water, earth, gold, just suitable to become a Spirit Plant Master, he also signed up for a Spirit Plant Master class following the suggestion.

Of course, it also took on huge loans for this.

In that class, he was the hardest one, and he was the last person to learn that basic spell. At that time, the rest of the class had already learned more than a dozen spells, and some of them had Began to contact spiritual medicine to cultivate.

And he’s just a scumbag who only knows two basic spells.

Just when the rest of the class got on the spirit boat and had their own large area of the spirit field, he was the only one who rode the puppet horse, endured the pain in his butt, and went to his own pitiful place. in the spirit field.

Thinking of this, the joy of the original harvest also faded, and the young man began to bury his head on the road.

One hour later, when the young man saw his spirit field, he was instantly stunned.

“Is this my spirit field!” the young man exclaimed in surprise.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was far away from the Spirit Sect deducing cultivation technique, received the news.

“Master, find someone with special innate talent in spirit plant,” Grape said.

Xu Fan, who was deducing the cultivation technique, stopped and looked at the light curtain projected by the grapes.

“Oh. Innate talent in farming.” Xu Fan said with interest.

“Hey, this spirit rice is wrong. It is three times the output of normal spirit rice, and the quality has a certain variation.”

“And these ordinary rice, which contains The amount of spiritual power is about to catch up with half of the spirit rice.” Xu Fan said joyfully, these spirit rice, the rice side was seen by Xu Fan at a glance.

At this time, the young man watched it several times on his own spirit field, and finally accepted this reality.

“It’s not surprising that the spirit rice has mutated, but is it all because of God’s blessing on me?” The young man looked at the rice that was three times larger than the regular spirit rice in his hand.

“It seems that this batch of spirit rice can’t be sold, and it will be left as the seeds for the next season of spirit rice.” The young man said to himself.

At this point a spirit boat appeared, and a few puppets came down from the boat.

“Congratulations on the spirit rice mutation you planted, we need to collect some samples.” The puppet said and handed over a pack of Spirit Stone, the standard one thousand bags.

“Well, good.” The young man said, his teacher once said that when there is a mutation in spirit rice, there will be a puppet from Xianmen to buy it, of course it is a paid purchase.

“We also need to collect the soil of your spirit rice and the spiritual rain of the Great Spirit Rain Technique.” The puppet continued.

“Okay, whatever you want.” The young man weighed the bag of Spirit Stone, and then put it into the puppet horse’s pocket and began to seal and cast the Spirit Rain Technique.

After the puppet collected soil, rainwater, and a few spirit rice plants, it returned in the spirit boat.

Hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan looked at the freshly pulled spirit rice in his hand, and looked at collecting rainwater and soil.

“Is this the benefit of having merit and luck?” Xu Fan said, and a treasure cover made up of merit and luck condensed behind him.

At this time, the pattern on the top of the treasure cover of merit and qi luck is clearly visible, and it is several times more solid than at the beginning.

What’s been happening recently, both inside the sect and outside the Sect Headquarters, is increasingly favorable for the development of the Spirit Sect.

“Subtracting the merit and luck of saving the tens of billions of mortals and giving them a stable life, and looking at the degree of merit and luck obtained from Jiufeng Island, the speed of development there is a little bit. Exceeded my expectations.” Xu Fan touched the chin.

“Pay more attention to this spirit cultivator, give him special care, and let him specialize in breeding.” Xu Fan said, it is a pity that such talents are not used well.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly felt a sense of hatred from the causal level.

Monster Realm, the Power Bull Clan, at this time, the Moon Fox Monster Venerable is holding back his anger and apologizes to the three Power Bull Clan’s mocking eyes.

Because he can’t afford to offend because of the Bulls.

“Let’s go, this time, for your poor sake, the reward is nothing.” The Li Niu family held back their smiles and comforted Moon Fox Monster Venerable.

“I, I’m going to trouble Monster Venerable.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said with red eyes. At this time, a mouthful of blood was already in his mouth. No less.

After Yuehu Monster Race finished speaking, it turned into a ray of light and fled towards the Yuehu clan’s territory.

While passing by a clan whose highest cultivation base was Integration Realm, the Moon Fox Monster Venerable stopped, spit out a mouthful of old blood, and then lost his mind to kill the poor clan.

For a time, the blood of demons became a sea, and the sky was full of grievances.

Two hours later, when the moon fox Monster Venerable crushed the last cub of the clan, his eyes returned to his senses.

He took out the fake Qianluo umbrella and said word by word: “Human Race, we’re not finished!”

At this time, Moon Fox Monster Venerable’s eyes were full of madness With the killing intent, a blood moon slowly rose from behind the Moon Fox Monster Venerable.

Moon Fox Race Holy City, Moon Fox Monster Venerable began to plan family property as soon as he came back, planning to ask for foreign aid again, this time his purpose is to slaughter all the Human Races within the Great Steel Wall.

He will make a palace from the bones of Human Race and sprinkle the land with Human Race blood.

“Spirit ore at the fairy level, I don’t believe they will not be tempted.”

“A dozen of the top-level Dao Items that my clan senior left behind when they ascended were called Monster Venerable. , I don’t believe that this little piece of Human Race can’t be destroyed!” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said angrily.

(End of this chapter)

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