My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Golden Bit Venerable

“My teacher once taught you the Divine Ability of Thunder Cannon, do you remember?” Xu Fan said.

“Is it the Armstrong Cyclotron Jet Armstrong Cannon? Disciple likes this Divine Ability very much. Although it is not very practical now, I occasionally practice it.” Xu Gang said.

“This is a pre-requisite Divine Ability. Only by learning this can it be possible to achieve that kind of power.” Xu Fan said and popped a jade slip from his hand.

“This jade slip includes the Divine Ability of Armstrong’s Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon. You should practice hard until you reach the ultimate Divine Ability.”

“Just It will be as powerful as that shot.” Xu Fan said.

β€œMaster, what is this Divine Ability called?” Xu Gang asked.

“That touch of spring from Sister Pao.” Xu Fan said in a nostalgic manner, sighing in his heart that he could never go back.


After killing the seriously injured Monster Venerable, he stood in midair with an intoxicated expression on his face.

This is already the fifth Monster Venerable he has killed. Counting the two shelled outside the Great Steel Wall, he has absorbed the True Spirit and blood of seven Monster Venerables.

At this point, his sea of blood has begun to advance.

“Hey, it’s a pity that the fire player has already soared, or else I’ll have to fight.” Zhan Ling said and patted his buttocks habitually.

At this time, the Moon Fox Holy City was in chaos, and countless Monster Races who knew the news wanted to escape back to Monster Realm.

Eleven Monster Venerables went out, only four Monster Venerables came back, three of which were still seriously injured.

In Monster Venerable’s eyes, nothing is scarier than this.

At this time, the three seriously injured Monster Venerables started to kill all the moon foxes they could see as soon as they returned to the Moon Fox Holy City.

Drain the blood of the soul energy and restore the wounds.

Monster Venerable appeared in front of the three Venerables.

“Blood Bat Monster Venerable, Giant Demon Lizard, Evil Abyss Monster Venerable, stop, this time is an accident.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said with a livid face.

“It turns out that your Moon Fox clan has already betrayed Monster Race and joined the Human Race.” Blood bat Monster Venerable said angrily, grabbed an Integration Realm Moon Fox and started sucking blood energy directly.

β€œI have a blood feud with Human Race, how can I join Human Race.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said.

“Otherwise, you’re the only one who didn’t get attacked,” said the Giant Demon Lizard, and the formidable power of that shot was a little bigger, and he didn’t even have a chance to escape.

“I, this is Human Race’s trick, you can’t see it.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable paused and said.

“Forget it, there will be more time in the future, let’s play slowly.” Blood bat Monster Venerable said and walked towards the two-world passage with the other two Monster Venerables.

“Our agreement has not been reached, you can’t go.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said, a killing intent flashed in his eyes, and all fools knew that letting them return to Monster Realm would cause no end of trouble. .

“You think you can kill me?” Blood bat Monster Venerable looked at Moon Fox Monster Venerable and said with a big smile.

At this moment, a cannon shot from top to bottom, directly penetrating the body of the blood bat Monster Venerable, and then turned into a blood mist.

There were two more shots, and the two Monster Venerables who were already alert were dodged and fled towards the two-world passage.

“Monster Venerable Moon Fox, you said you didn’t join the Human Race!”

The voice of the Giant Demon Lizard came out of the passage between the two realms, and Venerable Moon Fox wanted to chase after him. But half of his body was pierced by a cannonball, and he fainted unconsciously on the spot.

At this time, above the city of Monster Race Saint, there are thousands of large spirit boats floating in the air.

From the spirit boat. A group of puppets fell and began to sweep the entire Holy City.

An ordinary-looking moon fox brought a moon fox cub to Monster Venerable, who only had half a body left.

The ordinary-looking moon fox holding the moon fox cub flashed a desolate color in his eyes, and then walked towards the natural passage of the two worlds with the body of the moon fox Monster Venerable, and the puppets swept along the way automatically She made a way out.

Li Xingci stood on a spirit boat in the sky, looked at the moon fox with a normal appearance, shook his head and said, “It’s better to just die than this.”


The concubine who looked ordinary but was only loved by the Moon Fox Monster Venerable, begged Li Xingci to let him go Husband when she passed the news for Li Xingci for the last time.

“If your Monster Venerable Husband doesn’t die, you will endure a more tragic life than this.” Li Xingci said.

“As long as my Husband is alive, I will talk about the future.” Na Yuehu said with tears.

“Okay, take your Husband back to Monster Realm, remember your promise, and return to Monster Realm. After your Husband dies, you will take you and his child with you and serve me forever. Spirit Sect.” Li Xingci said, a trace of indifference flashed in his eyes.

Monster Race has nothing to do with him, no matter how touching it is.

After the Moon Fox entered the passage between the two realms, the entire Holy City began to sweep. As for the Moon Fox Monster Race in the Holy City, they were all strangled by the Battle Puppet.

Three days later, Xu Fan looked at the precious spirit ore that piled up a big mountain in front of him, and couldn’t help saying with a smile: “As expected of a big family, the background is indeed profound.”

Xu Fan Playing with a crystal ball exuding the power of time in his hand, the smile on his face could not be restrained.

“It’s all sealed in the treasury.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his hand.

“Elder, Tiger Roaring Venerable, and spirit cultivator Venerable, you have worked hard during this time.”

“I will start refining the three custom Dao Items now, at most In three years, you will use the Dao Items that satisfy you.” Xu Fan promised.

The spirit ore spirit material in the Moon Fox Holy City treasure house, it is very easy to find the Dao Item suitable for refining three people.

“Haha, many thanks to the Great Elder, in fact, the two of us didn’t do much.” Tiger Roar Venerable said.

“Don’t say this, without the support of the two Venerables here, our steel Great Wall will not last until now.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

β€œThe Great Elder is joking,” said spirit cultivator Venerable.

Xu Fan regained consciousness after celebrating with several Venerables.

At this moment, Xu Fan felt a burst of relief, and all the pressure instantly disappeared.

“After the crisis of the natural passage between the two worlds is resolved, you can go to Monster Realm to see if you can contact the two underground puppet bases.” Xu Fan said.

“Grape, move the railgun over the other natural passage between the two realms.”

“As you bid.”

Xu Fan then Sent a message to Ning Dao.

At this time, Ning Dao, who was in Linsen immortal city, got excited about Xu Fan’s news, and fled to the passage between the two realms that was strictly guarded by the Elder Council.

Three days later, all the Monster Races in the entire Immortal City area began to pinch their tails with the railgun.

Xu Fan then also met Venerable, one of them to quell the two clans at the other end of the natural passage between the two worlds.

The two sides met late, mainly because Venerable was also a Refiner Sect teacher, just entered.

It’s easiest to chat with each other when they meet together. The two took the role of Zhanling with the atmosphere team and chatted all night.

Before leaving, Jin Fang also told Xu Fan about the fatal flaw of the railgun. Xu Fan was very grateful to Jin Qi Venerable and sent him to the hidden Spirit Sect before leaving.

“Great Elder, is it true that what the golden bite Venerable said is not valid for the virtual monster Venerable.” Zhan Ling said, his blood sea has been upgraded, and he can melt into the blood sea , at that time he was the sea of blood, and the sea of blood was him.

Zhan Ling felt that he should not be afraid of that ultimate weapon now.

“You can try Spirit Slaying Elder.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

When refining the railgun, he thought a little bit too much. As long as it is locked, let alone blurred, it is useless for you to hide in the Space Crack.

“Haha, forget it, the Great Elder, who is well-rounded, didn’t think of this.” Zhan Ling said, he didn’t want to be asked if he was handsome with a gun on his forehead.

There will be another chapter in a while~~

(End of this chapter)

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