My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Extermination

In the virtual game, the Puppet Master headquarters is a headquarters comparable to a mortal giant city. It is responsible for the training, assessment, puppet rental and Maintenance, and sometimes some exclusive tasks for the Heavenly Puppet Master will be released.

At this point a long-term quest appears in the HQ lobby.

“To form a team and go out to destroy Monster Race, the third rank puppet master is required, and the reward is.”

At this time, the middle-aged butcher and the trumpet Zhanling stood at the bottom of the hall.

“Let’s form a team to go out and play. If we find the hidden spiritual vein, we will send it.” Zhan Ling said.

Now that there is no Monster Venerable threat in the immortal city area of Linsen, he can also relax and do some things he likes.

“Okay, let’s rent a medium-sized spirit boat, and we can take out and kill Monster Race.” The middle-aged butcher said with a smile.

During this time, he passed the test of the fifth-order puppet master, and he was already a fifth-order puppet master, and then the replacement of the puppets came, which required a lot of Spirit Stones.

At this time, a Sabrewielder puppet of Divine Transformation Realm came over to the two and said, “Can you add me.”

The middle-aged puppet looked at the Divine Transformation Realm puppet, some sorry said: “Although our cooperation is great, but I want to earn Spirit Stone to buy the top matching Divine Transformation Realm heavenly blade puppet.”

“You want to join in, I’m afraid of Monster Race Not enough points.” The middle-aged butcher said.

Although he had little communication with the swordsman puppet, as the top celestial puppet master in the game, he still understood the swordsman puppet’s battle strength.

Once the Monster Race encountered by the team is really not enough to kill.

“Is that so.” The teenager brows slightly wrinkle.

“If you find it troublesome to deal with Monster Race corpses, you can rent a logistics tool dummy from the Hundred Men Squad in the game, so you can slaughter Monster Race as much as you want.”

“Just leave the aftermath to them.” Zhan Ling said, he knew that the young man was not willing to waste time on trivial matters other than fighting.

“Is that okay, thanks,” said the puppet boy.

“You’re welcome,” Zhan Ling said casually.

The middle-aged butcher and Zhan Ling rented a medium-sized spirit boat with a cold storage and entered the puppet operation warehouse.

The Great Wall of Steel, spirit boats rise from behind the Great Wall of Steel, one after another, and fly beyond the Great Wall of Steel.

At this time, the huge Battle Puppet army began to sack the other three clans. Although the other three clans did not move the Holy City, there are many good things in the temporary base.

“My Monster Race will definitely return in a swirl of dust, you Human Race wait!” An Integration Realm ground bear, in the siege of ten Void Refinement Realm Battle Puppets, was furious. self-destruct.

“Look for the empty bone, and move on to the next Integration Realm giant bear,” Grape ordered.

Then the logistics golems came to collect the blown up Void Refinement Realm golems.

Xu Fan, who was far away in Yinling Island, watched this scene and said with a smile: “Don’t say it, the big clan in Monster Race are more backbone.”

“Indeed .” Pangolin said on the side.

“In Monster Race, those big clans have gone through the glorious era of Monster Race. In their eyes, Human Race betrayed Monster Race.” Pangolin said by the side.

“So it’s easy to betray those clans who haven’t seen the brilliance of Monster Race.”

“It’s almost the same, but if the object of allegiance is Human Race, it may be difficult. A little.”

“But only a little,” said Pangolin, looking down, now fully Human Race henchman.

“It seems that your future tasks are not too difficult.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and then took out four Dao Items specially made for Pangolin.

β€œTuliu spirit boat, Yunyin Inner Armor, Heaven Soul Armor, Earth Spirit Bead, these four Dao Items can keep you safe in Monster Realm, as long as you don’t die.”

“In addition, 100,000 Monster Races that completely obey your orders are prepared for you, all of them are unknown groups in Monster Race, as your initial team.”

“I hope you rely on these Make a difference at Monster Realm,” said Xu Fan.

β€œMany Thanks Master, Pangolin will definitely live up to his expectations.” Pangolin said on his knees.

β€œGo ahead,” Xu Fan said.

Pangolin knelt down to Xu Fan again, kowtowed and fled towards Wei Star Island.

At this time, Avatar No. 1 came to Xu Fan and said with a smile: “You’re trying to cause chaos within Monster Realm.”

“You can’t get to that kind of thing. It’s just a little trouble,” Xu Fan said.

“What are you calling me for?” Avatar One asked.

“Guess~” Xu Fan looked at Avatar No. 1 and said with a smile.

“What is there to guess, isn’t it that there are too many spirit ores at the Dao Item level in sect, and you want to refine a few railguns.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“Three frames, don’t worry, you don’t need to refine, just command those Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions, plus grape control, you just control a low-grade quality.” Xu Fan said.

In the final analysis, Avatar is still his own person. Of course, he can’t keep squeezing it when he has the conditions.

“Okay, two years is enough.” Avatar No. 1 said with a smile, do you want to be a supervisor? Although he has never done this before, he thinks he should be a qualified supervisor.

“That’s good, you can think about things yourself when you are free, and the spirit ore of the sect treasure trove can be mobilized with you.” Xu Fan said, Grape recently reported that now No. 1 Avatar likes to get some when he is free. Weird stuff.


When Avatar No. 1 left, he already had the temperament of a qualified supervisor.

Xu Fan didn’t have the crystal ball that contained the power of time. He started to play with it, thinking about how to use this as the core, how can he refine the Dao Item that can consume his lifespan.

The Yinling Academy is another Academy grand competition.

The final of the Academy grand competition was the Great Saint Physique duel between Li Leihu and Lin Mowan.

“Come on tiger!!” Eryuan shouted excitedly with a string of fish balls in his hand.

Li Leihu on the stage looked at Eryuan frowned, knowing that he couldn’t win, so what else could he add.

“Little tiger, you have to think about it. If you don’t admit defeat, I will be unable to control the strength of the rattan weaving after a while.” Lin Mowan said with squinted eyes at Li Leihu.

“Especially when it hits your ass.”

“Come on, tiger! Clean the shame! Can’t let this woman slap your ass again, three more times.”

Er Yuan is not too big of a deal to watch the fun in the audience, loudly talking about Li Leihu’s scandal.

“I don’t have any grudge against you, so make fun of me like this.”

Li Leihu doesn’t hate Lin Mowan who is pumping his butt at this moment, but wants to fight Eryuan to the death. .

“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s start, I’ve already thought of a way to get rid of your spell.” Li Leihu said.

“The final begins~” said an electronic voice.

A big blade appeared in Li Leihu’s hand, and lightning flashed in his eyes.

With a single swing, a thunder blade revolved around Li Leihu. This was how he came up with a way to restrain Lin Mowan’s Wood Element spell.

“Is this the way you came up with it, it’s useless.” Lin Mowan made a seal with her hand, and countless wooden vines appeared on the ring, swept away Li Leihu.

(End of this chapter)

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