My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Pre-recognizing Master of Immortal Artifacts

After Li Leihu fought fiercely and indignantly, he was finally hung up by a Totem wrapped around his feet.

Then came a tragic spanking cry, which brought back the tragic childhood memories of those watching Disciples below, all touching their bottoms unconsciously.

Xu Yuexian, who was watching the game from a distance, smiled and looked at the head, and said: “Then Wanlei Saint Physique just happened to meet the spell that restrained him in the early stage, that is, Qi Refinement Realm was weaker.”

“Wait until the cultivation base is high, it’s impossible to say who’s spanking who.”

“Speaking of whether I should stop it in the future, after all, it feels very bad for a girl to be spanked. “Xu Yuexian touched the chin.

At this time, Xu Yuexian suddenly received a message.

The original Disciple of outer sect students wanted to compare with the Disciple of Inner Sect Academy.

“What is there to compare to, the Disciple innate talents of the outer sect Academy are obviously stronger and older than those of the Inner Sect Academy, it’s really ten years later.”

Xu Yuexian directly rejected the proposal, after all, she didn’t want the babies under his hands to be ravaged now.

On the outer sect island, the elder in charge of the outer sect looked helplessly at the two geniuses in the outer sect.

β€œInner Sect Academy refused. Most of them were only children under twelve years old when they started. How long is it now.”

β€œYou are better than them when you come here. It will be a few years later if you are older than the test.” Outer Sect Elder said, he also wondered why there are some Disciples with very good innate talent, why not introduce Inner Sect, just because of age.

“Many thanks Great Elder, we know.” Baekhyun said a little unwillingly.

“Don’t be unwilling, I know a little about Inner Sect, they enjoy similar resources to you.”

“The only benefit may be the spirit of the Academy where you are located. power Holy Land, the spiritual power of our outer sect island is actually not bad.” The Outer Sect Elder looked at the galaxy-like spiritual power waterfall in the center of the outer sect island.

β€œmany thanks to the Great Elder for persuading.” Baekhyun salutes.

Then Bai Xuan took Qin Lu out of the outer sect affairs office.

On the way, Qin Lu said: “Think about it too, now that group of inner sect disciples are all children.”

“Usually you are not the kind of person who is competitive. How about this.”

“I just want to work for sect on a better platform, and I’m qualified to go to that platform.”

“I just want to let sect see my strength.” Baekhyun said looking towards Yinling Island, his eyes full of nostalgia.

“We’ll talk about this kind of thing later. In the future, if the sect is stronger, it will naturally consider bringing us closer to the Inner Sect.” Qin Lu said.

“I hope so,” Baekhyun said.

In Monster Realm, a hidden place 10,000 miles away from the heart of the Moon Fox Race.

The demon fox Venerable woke up leisurely, first looked all around silently, until she saw her favorite concubine, her eyes had a hint of expression.

“Tao’er, why do you want to pick me up?” The two looked at each other for a long time before they said.

“Taoer needs Husband, child can’t live without a father.” Yuehu Taoer said.

“What’s the use of going back to the Moon Fox Race in this Moon Spirit area, with the Monster Venerables I’m implicated in the Human Race, the Moon Fox family can’t get along in the Monster Realm anymore.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said with some pain.

As the Head of a Clan, there is nothing more humiliating than taking your own race into the abyss.

“I guess I’ve become the laughing stock of the entire Monster Race now.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said with some pain, if it wasn’t for his injury, he would have activated his spiritual power self-destruct immediately.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think, you will always be heaven in the eyes of me and my child.”

“Our child is an ancient Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox bloodline, not yet. Growing up, I need you very much.” Yuehu Tao’er said weakly, looking at Yuehu Monster Venerable.

“As long as we nurture Jing’er well, our Moon Fox clan will have a glimmer of survival.”

At this time, there was a glimmer of hope in the originally desperate eyes of Moon Fox Monster Venerable , then the expression began to change slowly, and finally began to ecstasy, loudly said: “Yes, I still have Jing’er, and there is still hope for my Moon Fox clan.”


Moon Fox Venerable smiled and suddenly affected the injury, and vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Yuehu Tao’er hurriedly stepped forward to clean up the blood spit on the body for Yuehu Monster Venerable.

“Peach.” Moon Fox Venerable said softly.

“What’s the matter, Husband.”

“Help me up, I want to heal my wounds. In the future, we will no longer interfere with the two Sectors’ Great War, hide and gather the remaining moon foxes. A family.”

“As for revenge, forget it, that’s it.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said, with a tear from the corner of his eyes, as if to say goodbye to the hatred of Human Race.

“Okay,” Yuehu Tao’er laughed, it seemed that she didn’t need to persuade her.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was fishing on Yinling Island, suddenly felt a trace of cause and effect dissipated.

“Did someone forget me?” Xu Fan asked in confusion.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, and above it was the scene of the Monster Realm at the other end of the passage between the two realms.

“Move 18 town demon stars and 3,000 space-based weapon satellites to cover all the territories of the Four Great Clans.” Xu Fan ordered.

“Fifty percent has been covered, and it will be fully covered in the next three days,” Grape said.

“After a while, wait for the second railgun to be successfully refined before destroying the Holy City of the other three clans.” Xu Fan said.

“Understood, we are currently fighting the three clans in Monster Race?” Grape asked.

“Yes, the sect puppets only defend at the two-world passage of Monster Realm, and then send the puppet masters out to fight and practice skills.” Xu Fan said.


“In addition, after Linsen Immortal City Monster Race has completely cleared the defense line, the giant city plan will begin.” Xu Fan added.

Now several immortal cities around Linsen immortal city have been destroyed, which means that Linsen immortal city is now surrounded by Monster Race, so now Xu Fan dare not send the ultimate weapon in his hand into the Monster Realm.

At this time, a puppet came to Xu Fan with the sealed heavy water source knife.

“Yes, I almost forgot about it.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Chongshui Yuandao.

“It’s time for the immortal artifact to recognize Chufan as the master.”

On the second day, a top-secret place in the main peak went to the city. At this time, the dojo was already covered with immortal inscriptions. array .

Xu Fan, Zhan Ling, Li Xingci, and Su Rantian all stared at Li Chufan in the center of Xianwen array.

Li Chufan was already a six-year-old boy at this time.

β€œMaster Ancestor, grandfather, parents, don’t worry, Faner is very strong.”

β€œMaster Ancestor is so powerful, he will definitely not let Faner have an accident.” Li Chufan Said like a little adult.

“Little clever ghost, Master Ancestor is looking for a bodyguard for you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Great Elder, this battle of yours is not just for the immortal artifact to recognize Chufan as the master.” Zhan Ling said.

Li Xingci and Su Rantian also looked towards Xu Fan, and they also felt that the battle was a little bigger.

The entire dojo is tens of thousands of meters in length and width, and it is all covered with Xianwen array.

(End of this chapter)

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