My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Goddess of the Army

“Do you think this is just a simple recognizing Master?” Xu Fan said with a smile, as if you underestimated me.

“This is only one aspect, the more important thing is to stimulate the spiritual wisdom of the fairy, let him grow up with Chufan, and he can be the savior of the fairy when he is in danger.”

“By the time the Chufan cultivation base can control the heavy water source knife, it will be able to achieve the realm of human-machine integration.” Xu Fan explained.

“Thank you, Great Elder.” Li Xingci and his wife saluted.

“They are all their own children.” Xu Fan waved his hands and said.

The four retreated to the outside of the Xianwen array, Xu Fan hand knotted the seal, one after another mysterious fairy culture as the character Incorporated into the Xianwen array.

The Xianwen array that filled the entire dojo began to emit aura, and the heavy water source knife also appeared on Li Chufan’s head in the middle of the Xianwen array.

As the array trembled slightly, all Xianwen arrays began to shrink and slowly merged into Li Chufan’s body.

At this moment, Li Chufan’s face began to show a painful expression, as if something was forcibly stuffed into his mind.

“Beginners, meditate on Qi Condensation, visualize in your heart, and listen to my secret art.” Xu Fan’s voice fluttered above the dojo.

“The great road is like a sword, cutting the heart, cutting the body, and cutting the god.”

“With the heart to control the sword,.”

With the voice of Xu Fan , Li Chufan’s painful expression slowly calmed down, and he closed his eyes, as if he was comprehending something.

Three hours later, all the arrays in the dojo were integrated into Li Chufan’s body, and the heavy water source knife also fused with Li Chufan.

“Okay, Chu Fan will wake up in one hour.”

“Don’t worry.” Xu Fan looked at the worried look on the couple’s faces.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Li Xingci said.

“It’s okay, Chu Fan’s aptitude is a little better now than before, so let him specialize in Blade Dao in the future.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Zhan Ling was still intoxicated, and he had not woken up from the Blade Dao Visualization Heart Sutra taught by Xu Fan to Li Chufan.

“Elder, don’t get intoxicated, this Blade Dao Foundation Establishment Heart Sutra is useless to you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Zhan Ling came back to his senses, sighed leisurely and said, “If I had this Blade Dao Foundation Establishment Heart Sutra, I wouldn’t have been chased and burned by people later.”


“Haha, the past is over, why do you think so much” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I really want to turn time and re-cultivation.”

Xu Fan rolled the eyes, I also want to fast forward a few thousand years, let me advance to the Great Ascension, the system Pa cultivation world.

At night, Xu Fan was holding the crystal ball of that time in his hand, looking towards the starry sky, he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Xu Gang’s silhouette appears in Xu Fan’s small courtyard.

β€œMaster, you are looking for me.” Xu Gang saluted.

“Well, today, I performed a fairy recognizing Master Ceremony for that child in Chufan, and I suddenly remembered something.” Xu Fan said and took out a five-color bracelet and threw it to Xu Gang.

“This is.” Xu Gang said suspiciously, this bracelet is not ordinary at first glance.

“These five beads are condensed from the spirit ore of the five immortal artifact levels. You can play with them every day, and cultivate them with your spiritual sense and your Spiritual Qi. After your Great Ascension Realm , when you are a teacher, you can make a fairy weapon.”

“When the time comes, use this string of beads to make a fairy weapon.” Xu Fan said.

“Am I the only one who has this?” Xu Gang said suddenly moved.

“Is the teacher a person with an uneven bowl of water? In the future, all your junior brothers will have it.”

Xu Fan, who was lying on the reclining chair, changed his posture and looked up at the sky. , and continued to hold the crystal ball of time in his hand.

“Master, you always leave the best to us.” Xu Gang said, looking at the five-color bracelet in his hand.

“Isn’t it cheaper for others if I don’t give it to you? If you let it go, you will take it.”

“Once ordered, I will definitely not live up to Master’s expectations.” Xu Gang said.

After Xu Fan solved some cultivation problems for Xu Gang, Xu Gang was kicked out by Xu Fan.

At this moment, a mysterious color flashed in Xu Fan’s eyes, and six copper plates appeared in his hand. With a light wave, the copper plates gently fell to the ground.

After taking a look, Xu Fan said with a smile: “It seems that I will really relax in the future.”

3 months later, on the steel Great Wall, a large ship The spirit boat returns with a full load.

After the large spirit boat has landed at the designated location, walk down two Divine Transformation Realm Sabrewielder basic puppets from the spirit boat.

The two puppets have been soaked with demon blood.

“Big brother, this time, can the Divine Transformation Realm Monster Race corpse of our spirit boat be replaced by a Divine Transformation Realm Heavenly Dao top puppet.” The middle-aged butcher said excitedly, a Blood Fiendish Qi hasn’t gone down yet.

“How did you learn arithmetic? A spirit boat is only enough for you to exchange for a top boutique Treasure Item. As for puppets, it’s still early.” Zhan Lingxiao said with a smile, he Not very good at arithmetic in this brother.

“Okay, let’s change the spirit knife first,” said the middle-aged butcher.


At this time, a large number of logistical puppets have boarded the spirit boat and began to count the number of Monster Race skeletons in the cold storage.

On the spirit boat docking site, some celestial masters who returned from hunting looked at the large spirit boat in awe. Only the highest fifth-order celestial master in the game can rent it. A large spirit boat.

At this moment, the sky suddenly darkened, and a fleet of hundreds of small and medium-sized spirit boats slowly descended toward the spirit boat docking site.

“It turns out that the female military god is back, I said why is the style so big.” Zhanling said with a smile.

“The goddess of war is indeed powerful, and tens of thousands of puppet masters are commanded by her to move in one body, advancing and retreating in the same way.”

“Obviously they are all three fourth rank puppet masters. , but dared to encircle and suppress the large army of Divine Transformation Realm Monster Race.” The middle-aged butcher said with emotion.

“More than that, most of the tasks sent by Xianmen to clear the Monster Race in the area have been taken over by the female army goddess.” Zhan Ling also said gossip.

After the huge fleet landed, a rare command puppet walked down from a pink spirit boat with the support of everyone.

As soon as the entire spirit boat was docked, the cheers of the goddess rang out.

“How about it, are you jealous?” Zhan Ling said, looking at the middle-aged butcher in a trance.

“That’s not it, I wonder if he will stop me from purchasing the top-matching puppet of Divine Transformation Realm heavenly blade.” The middle-aged butcher said seriously.

“It’s possible in the future, but not now.” Zhan Ling said, the entire area of the Linsen Immortal city area, Monster Race will not be able to clear in a while.

“That’s good.”

At this moment, a jingle sounded from the two puppets, which indicated that the Spirit Stone had arrived.

“I was really hit by the big brother, so I can only change the spirit knife first.” The middle-aged butcher said with a smile.

“Work hard~” Zhanling patted the middle-aged butcher, and then went offline.

The middle-aged butcher is also offline.

In Yinling Island, in the giant city of mortals, one or three entered the compound, and the middle-aged butcher came out of the room.

As soon as he came out, he saw his son sitting sullenly by the pool.

“Why, I got spanked again.” The middle-aged butcher said with a smile, and knew a little about his son’s ‘enemy of life and death’ in the Academy.

(End of this chapter)

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