My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Monster Race City

Xu Fan said with a time crystal ball in his hand: “Fortunately I didn’t put this thing in the treasure house.”

” Otherwise, after letting No. 1 refining, wouldn’t it be finished.”

The time crystal ball in Xu Fan’s hand is the core spirit ore for him to refine the high level version of the time cabin for himself in the future. , now only the remaining spirit ore is incomplete, so Xu Fan did not start refining.

“The rest of the spirit ore don’t know if there is anyone trading on the stars in the Human Race channel in the extreme sky, or they can only go to Monster Realm to see.” Xu Fan said.

This time to destroy the Moon Fox Holy City, let Xu Fan know the background of the Monster Realm clan, it really opened Xu Fan’s eyes.

At the same time, in Xu Fan’s mind, the treasure house and resources of Monster Race Saint City are drawn with equivalent symbols.

“Master, now the railgun has arrived at Monster Realm.” Grape Exchange reported.

“So fast.” Xu Fan said unexpectedly.

“The master can take a look at the spirit ore inventory of the fairy level in the treasure house.”

A light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, Xu Fan glanced at it, and almost turned his back. Cracked teeth.

“My tartar!” Xu Fan said in pain, he felt that this No. 1 Avatar had awakened some strange attribute.

“Forget it, it’s better to be faster.” Xu Fan calmed down the urge to rebuild Avatar No. 1.

“Grape, let the Mixed Iron Monkey Refiner Sect master help me make an Integration Realm puppet. I will use it when I go to Monster Realm.” Xu Fan said after a while.

If you control the Void Refinement Realm puppet to play in the Monster Realm, if you encounter a Monster Venerable, there is really no chance to escape, no matter what the Monster Venerable is.

“Understood, the task has now been issued.” Grape said.

At this time, somewhere in the wilderness of the Monster Realm, a huge Monster Race city is being built.

On the city gate of the city of Monster Race, the words of fairness, order, and equality of all races are written.

In the Monster Race city, which is about to be built, there are various small clans and alien Monster Races, and they all live peacefully in the Monster Race city.

There is a group of puppets that look like mixed iron monkeys patrolling here. The highest strength of the puppets is Void Refinement Realm.

Atop a high tower, the crystal spider watched as the small clan Monster Race, who would have killed each other, traded with each other, and the Monster Race of the two races that were originally enemies of life and death could also live together. Eating without incident.

“Actually, this is also very good.” The crystal spider said, his eyes were a little ecstatic.

“The premise is that those who maintain order must have strong strength.” A Void Refinement Realm puppet came over and said.

“Now the tens of thousands of miles around the clan are almost all shocked by us, what to do next.” The crystal spider came back to his senses and said to the puppet full of fighting spirit.

“The rest is to maintain the order of the city, form a fair trading center, and spread to the surrounding hundreds of thousands of li from this center.”

“Collect masters Need, and may need spirit ore in the future.” The puppet said flatly.

“Grape No. 1, have you ever thought about making all parts of Monster Realm look like this.” The crystal spider pointed out a small white leg yearningly and pointed down.

“My mission is self-preservation and storage, and you have exceeded my mission.” The Void Refinement Realm puppet shook his head.

“Then will your master build such a Monster Realm?” The Crystal Spider said from a different angle.

The Void Refinement puppet, who was paying attention to the production situation of the city’s underground base, suddenly paused, and a flood of data flashed in his eyes.

“I won’t speculate about the Master’s business,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“Okay, now I know, your master must be the kind of Ancient Great Monster, the kind that is especially powerful, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to display the Divine Ability that has been lost.”

The illusory shadow of a dragon-devouring spider appears behind the crystal spider. With this Divine Ability, the Monster Race of the Void Refinement Realm is not unreal.

“I hope he can build all Monster Realm into such a world.” The crystal spider said expectantly.

At this moment, a red light fell in the distance, and then exploded.

“The Integration Realm Monster Race, which is blind, has come to look for trouble. It’s been so many times, but I still don’t give up.” The crystal spider disdainfully said.

The City of Monster Race stipulates that Monster Races above the Integration Realm are prohibited from approaching three thousand miles outside the city unless they report.

“After a period of time when the city of Monster Race is completely stabilized, you need to set up a escort team and accept the small clan as the team of the giant city.” The Void Refinement Realm puppet said.

“Understood, I am good at this.” The crystal spider showed its small fangs.

Just then, the Void Refinement Realm puppet suddenly looked towards a certain place in the sky.

“Grape No. 1, what’s wrong with you.” The Crystal Spider asked.

“I got a signal from the master,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“Are you going to find your master?”

“No, the master ordered me to wait here, we are too far apart.” Void Refinement Realm puppet said.


The crystal spider let out a sigh of relief. The time she spent with her made her feel that this was the most interesting time in her life, and she could see a lot every day. new things.

Especially the recent establishment of this Monster Race city made her feel a little different, and she was a little obsessed with the current scene formed by the rules made here by Grape One.

She feels that she can’t do without Grape No. 1 now, and sometimes she is praying in her heart, hoping that the owner of Grape No. 1 will never appear.

At this time, in the city of Monster Race, only one Monster Race shop is open.

Countless Monster Races waiting here immediately poured into the Monster Shop.

As soon as all Monster Races entered the demon shop, they started holding all kinds of Heaven and Earth treasures, and all kinds of cherished spirit ore to the front desk to exchange for something called credit points, and then went into the interior to frantically buy suitable Demons used by the tribe.

“Are you making money like this?” said the crystal spider looking at Monster Race, who was snapping up the demon weapon in the light curtain.

In Monster Race, the only way for ordinary small clans to get a demon weapon that suits them is to go to the big clan’s Holy City or the territory to buy them, and the price is extremely expensive.

For a very common demon weapon, it takes several decades of Monster Race to accumulate spirit material and spirit ore.

So in the eyes of the average Monster Race, the monster is a luxury.

“The price is based on the standard left by the master, and you won’t lose money,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

In the underground base of the city of Monster Race, there are hundreds of thousands of puppets participating in the refining of monsters.

A piece of demon equipment equivalent to Human Race Treasure Item was produced, although in the eyes of the average Artifact Refinement Master, these are considered the most common magic weapon, except for being durable, there is no There are a few bright spots, but for Xiaozu, these are enough.

“By the way, when will you refine for me the demon weapon I want.” said the crystal spider.

“You are the master of the city of Monster Race, you don’t need to fight, there are two town monsters and thousands of space-based weapon satellites in the sky to protect you.”

” You can’t use a demon.”

(End of this chapter)

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