My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Signal

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan, who was lying leisurely among the clouds and deduced the cultivation technique, received the news of the grape report.

“Master, the signal sent by the monster town Monster Race has been accepted and is waiting for the return signal.” Grape said.

“How far is it over there.” Xu Fan opened his eyes and said.

“Across almost the entire central continent,” Grape said.

Xu Fan silently calculated the distance, then spread his hands and said, “Isn’t that a dead boy? It’s probably impossible to meet without several decades.”

“If it consumes big The amount of shot is cut open seal, and the Transmission Formation can be opened briefly.”

β€œNow just wait for the message to come back from there, and wait for the specific location to be determined.” Grape said.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Besides, how can there be such a large amount of energy to break the Transmission Formation.”

At this moment, the clouds that were originally blocking Xu Fan’s head were pushed by the breeze Open, a beam of sunlight pierces Xu Fan’s eyes.

“For the sake of Transmission Formation, you shouldn’t do this.” Xu Fan looked at the sun and said, there is a huge amount of energy there, which is enough to break the transmission seal.

It’s just that if he really wants to achieve that level, maybe he has already ascended to the fairyland, and he might as well teach a few more disciplines when he has that time.

“Master, at the current speed, it takes nine thousand years of construction to achieve that kind of energy output.” Grape said intimately.

“How come it is four thousand years faster than the last calculation.” Xu Fan said.

“Because of the spirit ore found, and the variety of alloys, its efficiency has been greatly improved,” Grape said.

“Understood.” Xu Fan said.

In the hidden Spirit Sect Refining Peak, Xiang Yun was watching an unformed Spirit Sword with a Treasure Item hammer in his second iron hand.

“Second Junior Brother Tie, the Treasure Item Spirit Sword you built are of very good quality. Although they are all Treasure Item Second Rank, their power is no less than the Spirit Sword of Treasure Item fourth rank.” Xiang Yun said with a smile as he looked at the second iron that was building the Spirit Sword.

Some time ago, Xiang Yun wanted to come to Refining Peak to find an Artifact Refinement Master to refine a few Spirit Swords as the core sword array, and accidentally saw the second iron that was forging Spirit Sword with a hammer.

What is the greatest fortune of a sword array cultivator, the inexhaustible Spirit Sword? A master who can quickly refine a high-quality Spirit Sword Artifact Refinement?

Encountered both.

The two quickly established a deep friendship like dry firewood.

“Senior Brother Yun, don’t tout me, I can only build some magic weapons like Sword and Spirit now. Compared with the other brothers in Refining Peak, I am nothing.” Ertie side While building the Spirit Sword, he said ashamedly.

“Don’t undervalue oneself. Your ability to build a Spirit Sword alone is enough for sword cultivators in the world to look at you.” Xiang Yun said with a smile, since he used his points to redeem at Ertie. With ten Spirit Swords of Treasure Item Second Rank, his battle strength has risen sharply.

“Haha, Senior Brother Yun is joking.”

At this time, with the last hammer of the second iron, the Spirit Sword flowed, and a Treasure Item third rank Spirit Sword takes shape.

Ertie handed the Spirit Sword to Xiang Yun.

“Xiang Senior Brother Yun, this is the twenty-third Spirit Sword, thank you for taking care of my business.” Ertie thanked.

He knows that in the sect treasure house, the most important thing is the magic weapon, from the original Magical Artifact to the highest Dao Item. .

It is said that in a mysterious place in the sect, there are hundreds of Artifact Refinement Masters who are specializing in refining Magical Artifact for the sect, so in the sect, the least valuable one may be the Artifact Refinement Master.

“There are still 77 Spirit Swords, come on Junior Brother.” Xiang Yun smiled and turned over the points to Ertie.

“Senior Brother Yun, more.” Ertie said looking at the credits.

“It’s your hard work. The Spirit Sword you’ve refined has a little more special power than the average Spirit Sword, and it’s worth the money.” Xiang Yun said with a smile, and then Then I took out a few bags of canteen-specific deep-sea shrimp chips from the space ring.

“I heard that Lingmei likes this kind of food, so I bought some.” Xiang Yun said, every half a month he can see a fat little girl in the main peak cafeteria He pestered the head chef of Yin Spirit Sect, saying that he wanted to learn from an apprentice, but only later did he find out that she was the younger sister of Ertie.

“Haha. Has my sister’s reputation spread to my brother?” Ertie said with a smile embarrassedly.

At this moment, a small spirit boat stopped at the entrance of the second iron Cave Mansion, and a little girl walked in with a snack in her hand.

“I’ve seen senior brother.” Er Yuan said politely after seeing Xiang Yun, she knew that this was his brother’s friend or a guest.

“Junior Sister is good.” Xiang Yun said with a smile.

Then Eryuan saw the bags of deep-sea shrimp chips on the table, and was instantly pleasantly surprised.

“Ah, thank you big brother, I like this kind of deep-sea shrimp chips the most, but it’s a pity that the master at main peak doesn’t make them very often.” Er Yuan immediately opened a bag and ate it happily.

“No big or small, this is the prawn cracker that Xiang Senior Brother Yun brought for you. Thank you, brother.” Ertie said seriously, it’s delicious, but you can’t forget the etiquette.

“Thank you, brother, for your gift of shrimp chips. Eryuan will never forget it~~” Eryuan ‘crossed’ and knelt down and said, with a loud and heroic voice.

“.” two iron.

“It’s serious, it’s serious.” Xiang Yun immediately helped Er Yuan up, looking at this delicious Little Junior Sister with some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Senior brother, you are a good person~” Eryuan said movedly while eating shrimp chips.

Now Eryuan has become the fourth person to thank in her mind.

As for why it is the fourth, because Xiang Yun is the fourth person to give her food, and it is her favorite deep-sea shrimp chips.

Knowing that Xiang Yun left, Er Yuan still reluctantly looked towards the direction Xiang Yun left.

“I don’t know what Senior Brother Yun will bring me next time. How should I thank him for that?” Eryuan said.

Ertie looked at his little sister’s reluctant eyes and had a headache. If her little sister met someone who covets her beauty in the future, what should I do to tempt her with delicious food.

“Yuan Er, if someone makes you a Dao Companion with food or snacks like that in the future, you can’t agree!” Ertie said solemnly.

“Brother, I’m just delicious, not stupid.” Er Yuan gave his brother a white look, then went back to his room, looking forward to what the main peak cafeteria would eat for lunch, preferably crab Meat feast.

At this time, Xiang Yun was returning to his small courtyard and was about to clear up the mission when he suddenly saw Cloud Flower Deer coming out of a Space Crack below, with a handful in his mouth that he didn’t know what it was. Material Spirit Sword.

“Grape, did you see that scene just now?” Xiang Yun asked.

“It has been detected, thank you for the prompt, and a thousand points will be awarded.” Grape’s voice sounded.

“One thousand points!” Xiang Yun said happily.

A short while later, the sword held by Hua Yunlu appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, and at the same time Cloud Flower Deer was caught by spirit power’s big hand.

(End of this chapter)

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