My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 431

Chapter 431 The Strongest “Five Elements Secret Art”

In Xu Fan’s small courtyard, a Great Black Bear was lying on Xu Fan’s reclining chair, looking at the sky leisurely, his body following Shaking to the extent that the recliner swayed.

At this time, a puppet came to the black bear with a food box.

“Second Elder, bear, it’s time to eat,” said the puppet.

“Okay.” The bear responded kindly, and it was his favorite part of the day.

After the puppet left, the black bear gently opened the food box with its claws, took out the food inside and started to eat.

“Brother Xu is right, the wider Heaven and Earth is, the more it can relieve the pain of the passage of time.”

At this moment, a cloud floated in the sky Pass.

Xiong Er waved his paw lightly, and the clouds had turned into a big bear.

“Interesting~~” Xiong Er waved his claws again, and a force with rules entered the sect formation.

Since then, all the clouds over the hidden Spirit Sect have turned into big bears. It was not until 10,000 years later that some people couldn’t stand it any longer, and then they returned to the shape of clouds.

Three days later, Xu Fan walked out of the room.

Xiong Er, who was lying on the reclining chair, jumped off the reclining chair.

“Brother Xu, you’re out of the border.” Xiong Er said with a big grin.

“Well, it won’t take long to stabilize a cultivation base.” Xu Fan said with a smile, waved his hand, and a reclining chair appeared.

Xu Fan and Xiong Er were lying on the reclining chair together, their posture and demeanor were unremarkable.

“Do you remember where your ancient demon body was sealed.” Xu Fan asked.

“Remember, I can sense it there.” Xiong Er pointed in one direction and said, his eyes fell into a state of memory.

“I have the opportunity to take you there to see it, but it’s probably not enough to get your ancient demon real body out.” Xu Fan said.

“Forget it, Brother Xu doesn’t have to take me there. In my inherited memories, the ancient demon has been restricted by Heaven and Earth.”

“The real body Just let him stay there, and after I leave this world, I have a way to use the ancient demon secret technique to reunite my real body.” Xiong Er said and waved an inheritance light ball towards Xu Fan’s direction.

“It’s just that my computing power now belongs to the state of alien spirit, which is barely half of the Artifact Spirit of the Sword of Yuanzhong. Brother Xu can just take me with him when he ascends to the fairyland.” Xiong Er said with a smile .

“Okay, you can stay in the hidden Spirit Sect first, and you can go roam around when you have nothing to do. Now no one in the entire culture world and Monster Race can stop you.” Xu Fan said and accepted the bear. The second-hand inheritance light ball, which is the real Divine Ability method of the ancient demon condensed.

Xu Fan has a clear understanding of Xiong Er’s battle strength. If it is really measured by a reference, it is barely stronger than the slasher with a heavy water source knife in his hand.

“There’s nothing to go out, I just stay by Brother Xu’s side. I feel like I can stay for tens of thousands of years in a sector as big as Brother Xu.” Xiong Erhanhan said.

Emotions are measured by the size of the place, how many thousands of years can you stay, Xu Fan complained in his heart.

“Just lying here and watching the clouds drifting in the sky, I can watch for thousands of years.” Xiong Er looked at the sky and said madly.

“So you change the shape of the clouds in the sky into your shape.” Xu Fan said, looking at the clouds in the sky that looked like God and Xiong Er.

“Hehe, it’s just fun.”

“Okay, I’ll go to the sect to see, are you coming.” Xu Fan got up and said, five years, although there is a grape report , but he still likes to see it with his own eyes.

“Brother Xu, let’s go, I’ll watch the clouds here.” Xiong Er said.


Xu Fan came to the main peak and saw that he was already waiting here.

“Master,” said the disciples saluting, this time saluting, all the expressions of the disciplines were extremely serious.

“Get up, you don’t need to be so formal.”

“I haven’t seen you for five hundred years as a teacher.” Xu Fan looked at his five disciplines with emotion, and said: Not to mention that these disciplines are all grown up slowly by him. Although he doesn’t say a lot of shit or pee, he has been taught meticulously since he was a child.

To be honest, in the sealed space of Yuan Zhongzhi’s sword, Xu Fan thought about the disciplines he had taught since childhood, and the second daughter-in-law he hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Master, the disciplines miss you very much.” Xu Gang lowered his head and said, wiping away the tears of the long-awaited reunion.

The rest are all nodded.

“Haha, don’t make it so touching.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

After everyone was seated, Xu Fan began to observe, everyone’s cultivation realm.

“Five years have passed, and it seems that the cultivation technique Divine Ability that I have left for you is quite diligent in your practice and has lived up to Master’s expectations for you.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction.

“Master, what exactly did you experience in the Sword of Yuan Bell? It’s been five hundred years.” Xu Gang asked.

“It’s different from the Time Flow Speed in the outside world. If it hadn’t been forcibly upgraded to Divine Transformation Realm at the last minute for the division, and escaped from that space using this world natural phenomenon, it is estimated that it would have remained there for thousands of years. ,”

“There is only a few dozen battles in the radius, and it is no taller than a hundred zhang. In that kind of closed environment, the pain of the silent passage of time is the most difficult.” Xu Fan said, the look in his eyes said Do five hundred years of vicissitudes.

Seeing Xu Fan’s eyes, a little painful, just looking at the eyes makes people feel distressed.

“Now that the teacher has come out, the first is to talk about the teacher’s understanding of the Dao in that small space.”

“The second is to teach your new cultivation technique Divine Ability, These are all five hundred years of hard work as a teacher.”

Xu Fan waved his hand gently, and five azure Spiritual Qi groups waved from his hand, falling into the eyebrows of the five disciplines.

“It will be of great benefit to your future cultivation if you have a good understanding after you go back.”

Then Xu Fan took out five jade slips, which recorded the final version of “Five Elements” Secret Art.

This is the final version of Xu Fan’s 300 years of deduction, from cultivation to the Great Ascension Realm, the ultimate cultivation technique of the hexagonal warrior.

Is there any better cultivation technique than “Five Elements Secret Art”?

Yes, but the attack is strong, not as strong as the defensive power of “Five Elements Secret Art”.

The defense is not as tenacious as Five Elements Secret Art.

The Illusion Technique is not as strong as the Spirit Defence of “Five Elements Secret Art”.

This “Five Elements Secret Art” has been enhanced by Xu Fan to the limit of what this world Heavenly Dao allows, no more.

“Master, you’ve worked hard,” said the disciples.

“What’s the hard work, it’s just to pass the boring time in that space.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said, after all, it’s no fun to just tease a bear in the space.

“Master, what is the origin of that Bear Second Elder?” Xu Gang asked the question he was most concerned about.

“Xiong Er, it is the True Spirit of the ancient demon, but it has experienced tens of millions of years of time rotation in that space. Spiritual wisdom has gone from extinction to the birth of new spiritual wisdom. I don’t know how much it has rotated. Second time.”

“After five hundred years of getting along day and night, Xiong Er can be regarded as the closest brother to his teacher.”

“His battle strength is at the Venerable level. It’s a big boost for sect,” said Xu Fan.

(End of this chapter)

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