My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Railgun’s ultimate move

“Monster Venerable is back!”

“Monster Venerable is back with a watery carrot!”

In an instant, all the Yuguang Rabbits in Holy City were buzzing.

They miss their Monster Venerable, but they miss their delicious watery carrot even more.

Yuguang Monster Venerable looked at the lovely clansman who gathered under the spirit boat, looked at them with such innocent eyes and so attached to him.

“I’m back!” Yuguang Monster Venerable looked at the big watery eyes and said gently with a smile.

Under the spirit boat, so the tears in Yuguang Rabbit’s eyes overflowed.

During their absence from Monster Venerable, their group of rabbits was fed up with being bullied by other foreign clans. Those clans who didn’t have Monster Venerable before began to grin at the Yuguang Rabbit clan.

Not to mention those blood lions and ice snakes, I don’t know how many cute little bunnys have been captured during this time.

“Monster Venerable, you’re finally back.”

“We’ve only been bullied by those bad guys during this time.”

“Don’t be afraid, in the future we will The Yuguang Rabbit family will never be bullied by other Monster Races again.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said softly, but in his mind he was thinking about the formidable power of the strikes.

At this time, little stars appeared in the eyes of all the Yuguang Rabbit below, and I felt that my race would rise again.

“Monster Venerable, what Great Demon clan did we take refuge in, is that the Golden-Winged Great Peng Monster Venerable~” said a prestigious Yuguang Rabbit Elder.

In an instant, Yuguang Monster Venerable could only feel all the Yuguang Rabbit’s eyes shining brightly below.

Yuguang Monster Venerable suddenly felt a little hard to explain at this time, after all, joining Human Race means betraying Monster Race.

“It’s fine, even if it is a weaker clan, as long as the protection can protect our clan.” The prestigious Yuguang Rabbit said, in his eyes, as long as he can help their clan to tide over the difficulties .

β€œI have an equality contract with Human Race, they protect us, and we serve Human Race.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said in a low tone.

At this time, all Yuguang Rabbit’s ears slowly dropped, and a pessimistic atmosphere filled the audience.

“There is a benefit to taking refuge in Human Race~~~” At this time, Yuguang Monster Venerable suddenly said.

“He assured me the freedom of every Yuguang Rabbit Shuiling Carrot!” Yuguang Monster Venerable loudly said.

In an instant, the audience boiled over, and all the Yuguang Rabbit’s ears instantly stood up and swayed slightly.


Yuguang Monster Venerable smiled and waved his hand, and suddenly it rained radish in the sky, and for a while, the atmosphere in the audience reached a Peak .

At this time, on the steel Great Wall of Monster Realm, Xu Fan and Zhan Ling were watching the scene of Yuguang Monster Venerable spreading the carrots.

“Why is the Yuguang Monster Race so fanatical about Shuiling carrots.” Zhan Ling said suspiciously while watching the scene of Yuguang Rabbit carnival.

“Shuiling carrot is not only the high-quality staple food of Yuguang Rabbit, but also the spiritual food and belief of Yuguang Rabbit.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“It’s a miracle that a race can be so fanatical about a spiritual dish,” Zhan Ling said.

At this time, a Dao Item of a watery carrot appeared in Xu Fan’s hand.

“This is the supreme Dao Item of the Yuguang Rabbit family, the sacred relic of their family, and this is the Dao Item that specializes in growing Shuiling carrots.”

“The Shuiling carrots grown are barely Enough for their clan to eat, and we robbed them later.” Xu Fan said with a smile.


Just when Xu Fan was planning to go back to Yinling Island to deal with other matters, Grape said: β€œMaster, the two blood lions and ice snakes, Monster Venerable, personally brought Monster The Race army is pressing down.”

At the same time, the screen on the light curtain turned, and they saw that the two armies were about to press into the territory of the Yuguang Rabbit.

“Give the two Monster Venerables a shot first, it’s an appetizer.” Xu Fan said, with a hint of excitement in his eyes, this railgun’s special ultimate move has not been used yet.


At this time, on the periphery of Yuguangtu territory, the Monster Race army of the two tribes had invaded Yuguangtu territory.

A 100-foot-high lion covered in blood stood on a cliff, with a huge ice snake beside it.

“This little bunny is finally willing to go back, otherwise he will have to use some special means.” Blood lion Monster Venerable said, looking in the direction of Holy City, Yuguang Rabbit.

In the end, I can’t give up my own clansman. The ice snake next to him chuckled.

“Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand that as long as the Monster Venerable doesn’t die, their family will not be famous in the Monster Race.” “

“The Yuguang Monster Venerable, who used to be majestic and majestic in the past, can only be a plaything for you and me in the future. “

The blood lion said and looked at the ice snake, and the two demons smiled at each other.

At this moment, a sense of crisis emerged in the hearts of the two demons.

I saw a red light coming down from top to bottom, striking directly to the location of the two demons just now.

After that, more powerful energy waves poured onto the ground.

Until the smoke of gunpowder After dispersing, the illusory shadows of the two demons appeared on the spot.

A claw of the blood lion Monster Venerable was penetrated, and a section of the tail of the ice snake Monster Venerable was broken.

β€œ The Dao Item of Human Race can attack here! “The blood lion Monster Venerable’s illusory shadow said with an ugly face.

“At this time, shouldn’t you be concerned about another issue? “

“Why would the who clan attack us at such a time?” After the ice snake Monster Venerable finished speaking, he quietly gave his clan an order to retreat.

“You mean that the Yuguang Rabbit clan has joined the Human Race.” “

“Probably! Now hurry to retreat and attack the Yuguang Rabbit family, and discuss it later. “The ice snake Monster Venerable facial expression gravely said.

Just as the two Monster Venerables were talking, the space-based weapon satellites in the sky began to show their power.

Countless gravity alloy rods began to evenly spread. The two Monster Venerables saw this scene, and they had to retreat.

This attack happened when the Human Race Iron Wall invaded their territory.

I’ve seen it sometime.

There’s no way to dodge that kind of attack.

“Fall back! “The two Monster Venerables quickly gave orders to their own race army.

For a time, the Monster Race army of the two races receded like a tide.

Just about to quit Yuguang When the rabbit was in the territory, a red light suddenly appeared in the sky.

I saw two red flames falling from the sky, and then turned into a huge laser net and began to sweep across. An army of two tribes.

Then the already red in the sky shot two lasers towards the direction of the two Monster Venerables.

The speed of the two lasers seemed to surpass At the speed of light, after the two Monster Venerables saw the two lasers, the next moment was penetrated by the True Spirit.

Two huge monster corpses fell from the sky.

Xu Fan and Zhan Ling saw this scene, and their expressions were different.

Zhan spiritual eyes were both shocked and a little frustrated.

Xu Fan’s eyes were completely He was so excited that he felt that his Tianyuan Fire Crystal was useless, and the attack power did not disappoint him.

At this time, Xu Fan noticed Zhanling’s expression next to him.

“Elder Zhanling, what’s wrong? “Xu Fan asked.

“I’m thinking, in the future, will the cultivation world be your Refiner Sect master’s world? “Zhan Ling said, he asked himself about the laser, he couldn’t dodge it.

(End of this chapter)

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