My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 437

Chapter 437 spirit jade

Xu Fan heard Zhan Ling’s words and suddenly wanted to say that technology has changed the world.

“Don’t think too much about Spirit Slaying Elder, after all, there is only one Refiner Sect teacher named Xu Fan in the entire cultivation world.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

One sentence made Zhan Ling instantly cheerful.

Yes, in the cultivation world, Dao Items with such a large formidable power can be practiced, only they hide the Great Elder of the Spirit Sect.

And as long as you hold the Great Elder’s thigh tightly, there will be no shortage of fairy weapons in the future.

“Haha, I was delusional.” Zhan Ling said.

“Elder, just figure it out.”

At this time, all the gunpowder smoke in the light curtain dissipated.

A piece of burnt-to-crystal land appeared in front of the two of them.

The two Monster Venerables and the armies of the two clans were all killed by lasers, leaving no slag left.

“It’s a loss~” Xu Fan and Zhan Ling said at the same time.

Zhan Ling said that the loss is that the monster corpses of Monster Race were all turned into ashes, which did not bring any benefit to the sect.

Xu Fan said that he lost money because after the Fire Crystal of the day source stimulated the energy once, it would take at least five years or even more to keep it full.

And this big move is to get a bunch of scum.

“Grape will immediately send Battle Puppet to capture the Holy City of the two tribes.”

“Be sure to maintain the integrity of the treasure house of the two tribes.” Xu Fan immediately gave an order to Grape.

“Great Elder, let me kill a wave this time.” Zhan Ling said excitedly, the sea of blood unconsciously appeared behind him and began to boil.

“Go ahead, be careful,” Xu Fan said.


Zhan Ling rose into the air and set foot on a large spirit boat flying to the Blood Lion Ridge.

At this time, thousands of large spirit boats have been raised on the steel Great Wall, loaded with Battle Puppets, and flew towards the territories of the two tribes.

For a time, countless groups of puppet masters also flew towards the territory of the two tribes in spirit boats.

Xianmen eat meat, they drink soup.

“didn’t expect the railgun’s ultimate move is so powerful, I knew it would take up this piece of territory a few years ago.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Three months later, Yinling Island, above the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Xu Fan sits on a spirit tortoise fishing, next to a sturdy rabbit-eared girl serving him tea and water.

“Master, your tea is ready!” A rough voice sounded.

The bunny-eared girl held the teacup to the most accessible place for Xu Fan.

“en. ”

Xu Fan holds a fishing rod in one hand and a teacup in the other to drink tea.

“spirit jade, how long have you served by my side?” Xu Fan said softly after drinking a sip of tea.

“Yu’er served by the Great Elder for two months and three days.” Spirit jade said respectfully, shaking her rabbit ears.

“Have I taught you how to make tea?”

“The Great Elder taught Yu’er.” The rabbit-eared girl spirit jade said.

At this time, Xu Fan lightly sighed and put the teacup into the hands of the bunny-eared girl spirit jade.

“Go back, find your mother, and come back after you learn the tea art.” Xu Fan said.

This rabbit-eared girl spirit jade was originally the daughter of Yuguang Monster Venerable. In order to express the sincerity of the Yuguang Rabbit family to join Human Race, Yuguang Monster Venerable personally sent her daughter to Xu Fan to serve her.

Xu Fan originally wanted to live a luxurious life of an ancient landlord for a few days, but this Yuguang Monster Venerable’s daughter is too clumsy, she is a tiger girl.

I’m not good at serving people, I eat a lot and I like to fight and kill all day.

Xu Xu Fan doesn’t have the feeling of an ancient landlord.

“Is the master going to drive me away!” Spirit jade said with tears in her eyes.

“You are a poor performer with me. Your Yuguang Rabbit family needs you even more. They can’t live without you as the Great General.” Xu Fan said.

spirit jade was the Great General of the Yuguang Rabbit clan, responsible for foreign attack and crusade.

Xu Fan suspects that Yuguang Monster Venerable sent her daughter here to steal her skills.

“If the master kills me, I won’t leave, I will stay by your side.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, spirit jade was instantly controlled, and he turned to the sect. Fly outside, there is a spirit boat that takes her back to Monster Realm.

“Finally clean.” Xu Fan said, looking at the huge lake of hundreds of thousands in the distance.

Just then, a black bear riding a spirit tortoise came to Xu Fan’s side.

“Brother Xu, you are here too!” Xiong Er said naively.

“Yes, I can’t just accompany you to watch the clouds in the sect.” Xu Fan said, looking at the clouds in the shape of Xiong Er in the sky.

When Xu Fan was in the sect, there was a period of time when he was often pulled by Xiong Er to accompany him to watch Xiong Er Yunduo in the sky.

“Brother Xu, you said let’s lie on the spirit tortoise and see how Xiong Yun Duo is.” Xiong Er said and then lay down on the back of the spirit tortoise with a peaceful and contented face.

“It’s very creative, don’t bother you to look at the clouds, I’ll go fishing elsewhere.”

Xu Fan said and motioned spirit tortoise to go fishing elsewhere, he had already Enough of Xiong Er’s clouds in the sky.

“Brother Xu, don’t go! Stay and watch~” Xiong Er shouted.

At this point the spirit tortoise has accelerated away.

“If only I had the mentality of Xiong Er, wouldn’t these hundreds of thousands of years pass by in a blink of an eye?” Xu Fan envied.

Xu Fan at this time is the kind of person who can be idle but can’t be idle all the time.

He’s been in the sect for a while, always looking for something to do.

It’s like the mentality of renting a house with 30 houses and collecting rent every day.

While Xu Fan was fishing, Xu Yuexian appeared beside Xu Fan.

“Master, I have already fulfilled your original requirements.”

“Now all the Disciples of the Yinling Academy have graduated from the Foundation Establishment.” Xu Yuexian said proudly.

“Have all the Foundation Establishment already been established?” Xu Fan said in a daze, feeling that this time was better than a long time.

“What do you want?” Xu Fan looked at Xu Yuexian and said with a smile.

“Let Elder Slaying Spirit take me with him when he goes mining in the Territory of Extreme Sky in the future.” Xu Yuexian said excitedly.

When Xu Fan was trapped in the Sword of Yuan Zhong, Xu Yuexian never came out.

In addition to being the dean dutifully, the rest of the time is guarding by the sword of Yuan Zhong.

“Okay! The next time the Spirit Slaying Elder goes to the Territory of Extreme Sky, let him take him.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“By the way, take this with you when you go out.” Xu Fan said and took out a jade pendant and handed it to Xu Yuexian.

“This way you won’t attract attention over there when you go out.”

“Master, do you still remember this incident.” Xu Yuexian said moved, she originally thought Master was inside Trapped for 500 years, she has long forgotten the cause and effect of her body.

“Silly discipline, I don’t remember anyone remembering this.” Xu Fan lightly tapped Xu Yuexian on the head with a smile.

“I’ll go with you next time just to see old acquaintance.” Xu Fan said.

“That’s really good.” Xu Yuexian said happily.

Xu Fan has a rare chance to come out with her once.

β€œWhen the time comes collect some spirit ore from the Human Race channel stars.”

(End of this chapter)

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