My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 439

Chapter 439 An investment of great profits

“Thanks to Your Majesty’s kindness.” The little boy saluted, but he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, it is indeed the destiny’s empress, which has won over people’s hearts. Means ordinary people really can not stand.

The officials of the Jiufeng Dynasty standing behind the little boy all looked at the little boy with reverence.

The Jiufeng Dynasty can develop so fast, more than half of the credit comes from this little boy.

“Imperial Teacher is joking, it is the Jiufeng Dynasty that has received your love.” Feng Changning’s tone contained a trace of respect.

After Feng Changning finished speaking, he gave the little boy a great gift to the country.

β€œI would like to share the fortune of the Jiufeng Dynasty with the Imperial Teacher, and I would like to honor the Imperial Teacher as the teacher of the dynasty, and even the teacher of the immortal dynasty.”

Feng Changning tone barely fell , in The sky’s good luck Golden Dragon divided into two.

One of them rushed into the little boy’s body.

The little boy’s face was moved, and he looked at Feng Changning in disbelief.

β€œYour Majesty why is that?” said the little boy.

“What the Imperial Teacher has done over the past few years is worth Changning’s actions.” Feng Changning said with a smile, his eyes very firm.

There were three turning points in her life, the first time she was a teacher when the Small World dynasty was about to break.

For the second time, I made a promise of half merit and luck with Xu Fan in the cultivation world.

The third time is in front of you. With the luck of the dynasty, you will always keep the big shot of reincarnation in front of you.

She had bet right the first two times, and she believed that this time it would also be successful.

The foundation of the immortal dynasty has been laid, and the only thing left is to conquer.

“It’s all I should do.” The little boy said with a smile.

The empress in front of him, he is very satisfied with everything, and it is worth helping her.

The only downside is the oath that empress made with the Refiner Sect master.

He has made up his mind that as long as he encounters that Refiner Sect teacher in the future, he will quietly disappear into the cultivation world.

In this way, the half of the merit and luck lost by the Jiufeng Dynasty will be fully recovered.

“The sacrifice is over, His Highness has spent a lot of time and energy, go back to rest and resume state affairs, right?” said the little boy.

Then the ministers behind him. He also began to persuade Feng Changning to go back to rest.

“Then I’ll go back to rest first, and I’ll leave the state affairs to you.”

After Feng Changning finished speaking, he drove back to the palace.

In the Imperial Palace of Jiufeng, Feng Changning sits and rests in a garden.

Three Integration Realm puppets stand by.

While drinking tea, Feng Changning looked at the flowers blooming in the garden.

She thought back to the scene of signing this oath with Xu Fan.

At this time, Shizhan took a pot of wine and came to the small pavilion where Feng Changning was viewing the scenery.

“Today I saw that all the puppets in the Imperial court of the king have become puppets made by the Imperial Teacher.”

“On the Great Elder side, are you going to give up?” Shizhan said.

“I don’t give up and don’t give up.”

“My oath with the Great Elder is only that he will help me, and I will share half of his merit and luck.” Feng Changning indifferently said, as if to say a very common thing.

“I always feel…”

“Is it morally difficult?” Feng Changning turned to look at Shi Zhan and said.

The nodded of the division booth.

β€œNow that there is an Imperial Teacher in the Jiufeng Dynasty, the support from the Great Elder will become dispensable in the future.”

β€œBut the oath I made with the Great Elder , before the Jiufeng Dynasty did not unify the cultivation world and was promoted to the Immortal Dynasty, it will always be there.”

“This is enough to repay the Great Elder a hundred times a thousand times.” Feng Changning said.

Shizhan took out two wine glasses and filled them with wine.

“Xiaoyun, go get some side dishes.” Watching Shizhan pour the wine, Feng Changning ordered softly.

β€œAs you bid.”

The little maid outside the gazebo withdrew.

“Excellent peach blossom spirit brewing is a waste.” Feng Changning said with a smile.

“Yes, good wine should be accompanied by good food.” Shi Zhan also said.

Not long after, the little maid served four kinds of side dishes.

The two chatted about the past while drinking.

I drank until very late before the teacher exhibition retreated.

Feng Changning looked at Shizhan’s back and said, “I don’t owe the Great Elder anything, this is just a transaction.”

Hearing this sentence, Shizhan’s step one stopped , walked on without speaking.

“Is it just a deal?”

After returning home, Shizhan lay muttered in bed.

At this time, Xu Fan was smiling all over Yinling Island, as if the stock he bought had several consecutive daily limit ups, and then major good news came.

“It is more profitable to invest in potential stocks no matter where you are.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

This wave of merit and luck gave Xu Fan a feeling of becoming an immortal.

Now Xu Fan is a serious body protection with merit and luck.

No matter who wants to kill him, he must weigh his own weight. Whether or not he has such a treasure of merit, qi and luck is very important.

“Master, don’t you care about the news from there?” Grape’s voice appeared.

“Isn’t that your Avatar has the highest authority to modify it? Just modify it. Anyway, there is no important news in it.”

“And there are still major benefits.”

Thinking of this, Xu Fan laughed happily.

The ability to modify the highest authority of the grape minute hand proves that it is at least stronger than at that time.

The last time is also a top trainer Grandmaster.

With his support, Feng Changning will not be able to take off.

“As for the modification of what I sent in the past, compared to merit and luck, these are irrelevant.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Heavenly Dao Oath has been issued, even True Immortal can’t modify it.

When the time comes, you don’t have to worry about helping the other side, and you can lie down and harvest merit and luck. Where can you find such good things?

“Wouldn’t it be better now if I had more merit and luck at the beginning.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said, there is a sense of regret for not having all the stockholders at the beginning.

At this time, Xu Fan’s happiness, only he himself knows in the entire Yinling Island.

By the way, there is also Avatar No. 1 and No. 2.

“Grape went to call Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 over, let’s celebrate.”

“We got fat when the stock went public.” Xu Fan laughed and said.

The head chef of Hidden House has an extra shift. Made a good table for Xu Fan and Avatar 1 and 2.

Xu Fan originally wanted to invite his own disciples, but after thinking that they might not understand Master’s happiness, they gave up the plan.

In Xu Fan’s small courtyard, Avatar No. 1 and No. 2, forced a smile and toasted with Xu Fan frequently.

What does the look of your happiness have to do with me?

“Why don’t you invite your discciples?” Avatar No. 1 couldn’t help but ask, wouldn’t it be happier if multiple people share their happiness?

“They don’t understand my happiness, only you.”

“Come, come, let’s have another drink.” Xu Fan smiled and raised his glass with Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 Touched a cup.

“I tell you, if we don’t go through it, the investment level is at least Buffett level.”

“Even if we pass through the culture world, every investment we make will be at least at the level of Buffett. It’s all a lot of money.”

“You can see, how I can use the future profits in the future, let’s secretly rise to the Great Thousand Worlds in the Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan boasted.

As the saying goes, if you are not drunk, people get drunk. Now Xu Fan has drifted a bit.

(End of this chapter)

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