My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Friendly Moon Fox Monster Venerable.

Fox Race Holy Land, from which all Fox Race offshoots of Monster Realm originate.

The Moon Fox clan used to be regarded as a relatively powerful lineage of Fox Race. Due to the fact that there are more Artifact Refinement Masters in the clan, the Moon Fox has a high status in the Fox Race Holy Land.

But now the glory of the Moon Fox clan has passed, and there is only one Monster Venerable in the entire clan to support.

Since the defeat with Human Race, Moon Fox Monster Venerable has returned to Fox Race Holy Land with a small group of clan monsters to hide.

Now Moon Fox Monster Venerable only wants to teach his son well, and he doesn’t care about the rest.

At the edge of Fox Race Holy Land, a black-and-white iron-eating beast was riding a fire-armored bull toward Fox Race Holy Land.

“didn’t expect fell into the territory of Fox Race Holy Land, so it has a high degree of recognition?” An iron-eating beast with a height of only ten feet grinned and said with a smile.

Xu Fan drove the Dao Item small spaceship, passed through the supplemented untold hardships, and carefully avoided several Monster Race giant beast battleships before landing safely on the Monster Race continent.

“This speed is too slow, I really want to take out the small spaceship and fly directly over it.” The Iron Eater muttered.

Immediately, a whip formed by Fire Spiritual Qi appeared in his hand and slapped the Fire Armored Bull’s ass.

“Come on, you are a demon of the Void Refinement Realm, why is the speed so slow?” the iron-eating beast reprimanded.

At this time, the fire armored bull under the seat of the iron-eating beast is particularly aggrieved. You beat me to half death, and you still don’t heal me. Can you escape faster?

If you want to ride me, just say it, what’s the point of hitting me?

Just as the Fire Armored Bull was running in midair, the Iron Eater suddenly felt a Fox Race Monster Venerable breath ahead.

The Fire Armored Bull suddenly wanted to brake and changed direction to bypass the Monster Venerable in front.

“Young friend of the Iron Eater Clan, if you have nothing to do, come down and talk.”

A gentle voice with a bookish scent appeared.

Xu Fan turned into an iron-eating beast, eyebrows slightly frowned, and the voice felt so familiar.

At this point, the Fire Horned Bull was stopped by a gentle force.

The iron-eating beast lightly patted the back of the fire armored bull, signaling to fall.

As soon as the fire armored bull and the iron-eating beast fell to the ground, a small door opened in the void ahead.

A very handsome Fox Race teenager came out of the small door and walked into Secret Realm with an iron-eating beast.

“Stay well outside, otherwise you will know the consequences.”

The voice of the iron-eating beast reached the heart of the fire armored cow, and the fire armored cow immediately went crazy. Nominate.

β€œPlease come with me, big brother, the iron-eating beast, and my father will be waiting inside.” The handsome Fox Race teenager said gently.

The iron-eating beast that Xu Fan turned into also showed a gentle smile to the Fox Race boy.

He already knew who that Monster Venerable was.

As the so-called world is big, it’s not that enemies don’t get together.

In the middle of a peach blossom forest, there is a pavilion, and the moon fox Monster Venerable is transformed into a human figure, sitting in the pavilion in white clothes and waiting.

When Xu Fan saw Moon Fox Monster Venerable. Almost unrecognizable at first glance.

How did this elegant and easy-going, fresh and indifferent temperament come from?

Shouldn’t you work hard at cultivation now and go to Human Race for revenge?

Xu Fan turned into an iron-eating beast, sitting on the pavilion with the Fox Race boy.

“I don’t have tea here, only peach blossoms, please don’t dislike it.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said gently.

“It’s great to have wine, and if there are a few more plates of Spirit Fruit, it will be even more perfect.” Xu Fan said, the iron-eating beast’s naive appearance made the Fox Race boy next to him laugh.

“I was prepared.”

Monster Venerable said, and a girl from the Moon Fox family brought a few plates of Spirit Fruit.

“Thank you Monster Venerable.” Xu Fan said, grabbing a few Spirit Fruits and stuffing them into his mouth.

While eating, Xu Fan pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Why doesn’t Monster Venerable live in Fox Race Holy Land?”

“How can there be such a quiet place in a noisy place? .” Moon Fox Monster Venerable lightly saying, unemotional in his eyes.

“Monster Venerable is elegant.” Xu Fan started to dry on the fruit plate as he said that, taking a sip of peach blossom stuffed from time to time to show a comfortable expression.

“Are you going to visit Monster Realm, little friend?” said Monster Venerable, looking at the iron-eating beast.

Although the iron-eating beast lives in seclusion in the Monster Realm, it often sends geniuses from the clan to visit the Monster Realm.

And most of these geniuses are the royal family among the iron-eating beasts. It is said that the cuter they are, the purer the royal bloodline will be.

In the eyes of Moon Fox Monster Venerable, the iron-eating beast in front of him is the royal family among the excellent iron-eating beasts.

Make friends with him, and maybe it will become Tian’er’s help in the future.

Although the iron-eating beasts are neutral, they are not prohibited from participating in the Monster Realm competition.

“The clan sent me to Monster Realm to experience a lap. It’s best to go to the Human Realm to see.” The Iron Eater said while eating.

“Now that both the human and demon worlds have been sealed, do you want to take my Fox Race’s giant beast battleship to travel around the Royal Family?” Moon Fox Monster Venerable asked suspiciously.

Well, I haven’t figured it out yet, you’ve already said the answer.

“That’s what the elders in the clan mean, but I can only earn the toll for the journey.” The iron-eating beast said with a bitter face, very cute.

I saw Fox Race young light want to go up and give it a shot.

“Earning tolls, it is rumored that the iron-eating beasts are both talented in elixir. I don’t know which one of your little friends is proficient in.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable asked curiously.

Fox Race Junior also looked towards Iron Eater.

Xu Fan had already prepared to take out a jade bottle with 10 authentic Yao Yuan Dan, which Xu Fan made on the road.

In Monster Realm Pill Refinement Master is more scarce than Artifact Refinement Master, each one is a precious existence.

“didn’t expect little friend to have such superb accomplishments in pill concocting.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable took out a demon Yuandan and looked at it and said in surprise.

The Yaoyuan Pill in his hand is enough to help with Integration Realm Monster Race cultivation.

With the help of this medicine pill, this Divine Transformation Realm’s iron-eating beast can travel all over Monster Race’s major Royal Family unimpeded.

“I just learned the skill of pill concocting from the elders of the clan, not worth mentioning.” Xu Fan said and ate the last Spirit Fruit on the fruit plate.

Monster Venerable glanced at the Fox Race Junior without leaving a trace.

The Fox Race teenager stepped down and brought a plate of Spirit Fruit of a higher level in a short while.

“Haha, after chatting for so long, I still don’t know the name of my little friend.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable said.

“Monster Venerable just call me Tender Butterfly.” Xu Fan said casually, and then started to dry the fruit plate.

“Nendie, such a strange name.”

“It was named by the elders of the clan, there is no way.” Xu Fan said, with a smile in his eyes.

“I don’t know the name of Monster Venerable yet.”

“I am the Monster Venerable of the Moon Fox clan, and this is my child.” Moon Fox Monster Venerable looked Xu Fan said kindly.

“It turns out that the Moon Fox clan, who are famous for their refining tools, is disrespectful.” The iron-eating beast that Xu Fan transformed into said with a respectful expression.

Your family’s Refiner Sect teachers have few good things and don’t even need money. You are not famous, who can be famous.

“That’s all in the past.” Hot Monster Venerable said in a low tone.

Afterwards, he regained his emotions, and a Dao Item-level Alchemy Furnace appeared in his hand.

β€œIt’s fate that little friends meet each other, and this Alchemy Furnace is my gift for Tianer.”

(End of this chapter)

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