My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 444

Chapter 444 The effect of feeding Spirit Pill

The Fox Race teenager looked at the monster core jade bottle in his hand and said with a smile: “Thank you, Nendie big brother.”

“It’s a family from now on, what are you polite?” The iron-eating beast’s naive voice came over.

“Thank you to Nendie’s big brother. In the entire Fox Race Holy City, Yuehua Dan is priceless.” The Fox Race teenager said.

“Since it’s so precious, I’ll give you a few more training sessions.”

“You don’t have to use Yuehua Dan to save me from passing away in the future.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

At this time, the red-tailed beauty walked into the pill concocting shop.

“Meihu, you can’t try to charm the big brother.” The Fox Race teenager said loudly, looking at the big beauty, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

He grew up listening to the horror stories of the Charming Fox clan.

It is said that as long as you enter the fox cave of the Meihu family, you will never come out again.

“Small Fox, the elder sister came here to do business with the tender big brother.”

The beautiful face of the red-tailed beauty brought the Fox Race teenager’s face .

It’s only a small step away from the tip of the nose of the two foxes, and they are about to meet.

The Fox Race boy blushed instantly and took a few steps back.

“Oh, little brother’s face is red, do you want to come over and play with elder sister?” The big beauty’s eyes looked slightly charming towards the Fox Race boy.

The fox and the fox go together well, and the iron-eating beast is just a stopgap measure.

“You are being asked to do business by big brother,” the Fox Race teenager shouted to the backyard and quickly fled the place.

At this time, the iron-eating beast is ready to open the next round of ammunition.

“I’ve disturbed the big brother of the iron-eating beast to make medicine pills.” The big beauty said affectionately.

“It’s okay, I just finished refining a pot of Moon Flower Pill, are you planning to make a few more pots?” The Iron Eater looked at the beauty and said, with an expression on his face.

The red-tailed beauty took out an empty bone and said, “I want the big brother of the iron-eating beast to make several furnaces of Body Refinement Pill and Spirit Pill.”

“The price is not Question, whatever the big brother of the Iron Eater wants, feel free to speak up.”

“Before I come out, the elders ask me to collect some Dao Item-level spiritual ore and thousand-year spiritual medicine.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said , and he doesn’t have anything in particular urgently needed at the moment.

“It’s easy to say, as long as the monster core made by the big brother of the iron-eating beast is good, there are many things in my clan.” The big beauty said with a smile, covering her mouth.

β€œA bottle of medicine pill can be exchanged for 100 jins of raw ore of Dao Item level.”

β€œI need to check the quality of the medicine pill made by the big brother of the iron-eating beast.”

“You can come and inspect the goods tomorrow.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and the plan in his mind began.

“Then ask the iron-eating beast big brother.” The big beauty left the pill concocting shop.

Xu Fan looked at the empty bones on the table and took out the spiritual medicine.

“The spiritual medicine given is quite a lot. Fortunately, I have paid attention to the pill concocting Pill Recipe of Monster Race before, otherwise I really have to spend some time deducing the Pill Recipe.”

Xu Fan said, and then he started to practice the Body Refinement Pill and Spirit Pill.

These two are very famous in Monster Race. Young Monster Race often eats these two medicine pills to lay a solid foundation, and its potential can far exceed Monster Race of the same year.

Therefore, these two monster cores, in Monster Realm, belong to the best sellers.

After Xu Fan finished refining a medicine pill, the Fox Race teenager came back.

“Nendie big brother, is that female fox gone?” The Fox Race teenager looked around furtively.

β€œWhy are you so afraid of her?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“Ever since my father took my mother and I to the Holy City to live in seclusion, that female fox has often tried to get me into her fox hole.”

“I Mother told me, as long as I go in, I can’t come out!” said the Fox Race teenager, with a look of fear on his face.

“My mother told me that I am the hope of the Moon Fox clan. After my cultivation is strong, I will bring the Moon Fox clan to glory again.”

“If I My parents will be very disappointed to get that female fox into her fox hole.”

“Although I know it’s a joy to go into her fox hole.”

The Fox Race teenager has a serious look in his eyes. He really wants to be the pride of the father and lead the Moon Fox clan to glory.

Entering a fox hole is not allowed.

Well, he is a young man with ideals and aspirations. I hope that after you join the big family of Human Race, you will have more ideals and aspirations.

“You will definitely lead your Moon Fox clan to glory in the future.”

Xu Fan patted the Fox Race teenager’s shoulder with his fleshy claws.

Then continue to start pill concocting.

“Great Elder, is there something wrong with that Small Fox?” Zhan Ling said suspiciously.

“There is no major event, I just feel that a race should be neat.”

“The Moon Fox Race Refiner Sect division in Hidden Island may need him clansman.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Zhan Ling instantly understood what Xu Fan meant, and there was a hint of sympathy for the Moon Fox clan on his face.

β€œI want to start pill concocting.” Xu Fan said.

“Nendie big brother, I’m going to the front desk,” said the Fox Race teenager, who has not forgotten his responsibilities as the front desk shopkeeper.

“I can make ordinary monster cores, you can just watch and take orders.” Xu Fan said with a wave of his claws.

“Understood, tender butterfly big brother.” The Fox Race teenager said and ran to the front desk.

Xu Fan looked at the jumping back of the Fox Race boy and said with a smile: “I’m still a child after all.”

After Xu Fan made sure that there was no one around, he appeared in his hand A few Spirit Pills that were refined along the way.

While in Yinling Island, Xu Fan did an experiment out of curiosity.

Feeding Monster Race with Spirit Pill, all Monster Race turned into monster beasts without the slightest spiritual wisdom, and all of them were fierce and aggressive, biting when they saw anyone.

Xu Fan crushed a few Spirit Pills at will, and then took out some strange spiritual medicines and crushed them into pieces together.

After special refining by spirit fire, it turned into a pile of extremely delicate powder.

“It will take 10 years to be effective, and I will return to the human world at that time.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

On the second day, the red-tailed beauty arrived as scheduled, carrying a large amount of Dao Item-level spirit ore and spiritual medicine with more than a thousand years of history, intending to do a big business with her big brother, an iron-eating beast. .

“500 bottles of Body Refinement Pill and 500 bottles of Spirit Pill, I don’t know if these are enough.” The big beauty put a few empty bones in front of Xu Fan.

Xu Fan one by one checked the spiritual ore and spiritual medicine in the empty bones, then raised his brows slightly, looked at the beautiful woman and said, “No more.”

Take out a bottle of Goblin Body Refinement Pill and a bottle of Goblin Forge Spirit Pill and hand them to the big beauty.

The red-tailed beauty picked up a bottle of Spirit Pill, opened the cork, and took a slight sniff. Those ecstatic eyes immediately released a strange brilliance.

“It’s really less. When I discuss with the Hui people, the price will definitely satisfy the big brother of the iron-eating beast.” The quality of the monster core was beyond her imagination.

(End of this chapter)

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