My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Wonderful Fate

“didn’t expect my brother to be a Pill Refinement Master, disrespectful and disrespectful.” white jade giant elephant Fayun said with a smile.

“I learned a little about pill concocting skills from the elders in the clan, not worth mentioning.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and he was thinking, what is this white jade giant looking for him to do?

“My brother can make a medicine pill of such quality with only the cultivation base of Divine Transformation Realm, and Alchemist Grandmaster is expected in the future.” The white jade giant elephant Fayun praised.

“Brother, we met for the first time, but I feel like my brother is like my relative.”

“So don’t be polite, brother, if you have anything to say, I can help I will definitely help.” Xu Fan said, complaining in his heart, didn’t expect Monster Realm to do this too.

“You know, brother, we have a tradition of refining Dao Items with the giant teeth of our elders who died during meditation.”

“Our two clans have always had such cooperation, So I wonder if my brother can help me contact the noble’s Refiner Sect master and ask him to help me refine a set of inheritance Battle Armor.”

“Of course I won’t let the noble’s Refiner Sect master work in vain. .” Fa Yun said with some regret.

When Transmission Formation was still around, their white jade giant elephants had the means to contact the iron-eating beasts.

Now, as soon as the two worlds are sealed, the connection between the two clans is cut off.

So Fazheng couldn’t wait to come over to communicate when he saw such a pure iron-eating beast clan.

At this time, Xu Fan was about to ask questions when the voice of grapes suddenly appeared in his heart.

“Master, I just detected a signal for the Thousand Spirit Sect puppet Avatar.”

“Their plan is to attack this Monster Race battleship.”

“According to the speed of this Monster Race battleship and the twenty breaths time, the Monster Race battleship will enter the attack range of the Thousand Spirit Sect starship.”

Grape’s speech rate is unusually fast up.

Xu Fan immediately got up and didn’t care about anything, he broke the shield protecting the Monster Race battleship directly from the giant beast battleship of Monster Race and jumped down.

Then the body was covered with 10 layers of shields, which turned into a stream of light and escaped to the distance.

“How did you go, brother! I still have something to say!”

“Besides, the place where you jumped is wrong. You can’t last long in the extreme sky. !”

“Brother come back soon! Otherwise, you will surely die.” Fayun shouted anxiously, why did the little brother who just recognized him say that he was gone.

At this time, the other Monster Races on the Monster Race battleship also noticed the jumping iron beast.

“Is this demon brain sick?”

“Isn’t this courting death?”

“Without a cultivation base above Integration Realm, dare to be alone The demon roams the realm of extreme sky.”

“Monster Realm is missing an iron-eating beast~”

At this moment, several red lights suddenly lit up in the distance.


The three main guns accurately hit the main control room of the Monster Race battleship.

Then the Monster Race battleship was destroyed by fire.

And Xu Fan, who had escaped dozens of kilometers away, instantly summon out twelve heavy-armored puppets of Void Refinement Realm holding Dao Item giant shields.

The puppet held a giant shield to form a spherical defense, firmly protecting Xu Fan in the middle.

“It’s really exciting.” Xu Fan said, feeling the aftermath of the explosion outside.

“Grape, let your Avatar puppet inform the star boat over there.”

“Don’t make me up for a while.” Xu Fan said.

“Master understands.”

At this time, not far from the Monster Race battleship, there are two huge star boats coming out of the hidden secret technique array.

“Not bad, this is the third Monster Race battleship we’ve destroyed.”

“It’s time to change places, otherwise it will attract the attention of Monster Race.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a smile.

“It’s a pity that the Spirit Sect Great Elder isn’t here, otherwise I’ll have to praise the puppet he gave me.”

At this moment, the master was silent. The silent puppet suddenly said: “Master, the Spirit Sect Great Elder is in the vicinity.”


Is the puppet broken?

At this time, the communication magic weapon of Qianling Venerable rang.

Qianling took a look at the communication Magical Artifact, and it was really a hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder.

“Great Elder?” Qianling Venerable said suspiciously after connecting.

“Don’t be confused, I’m the hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder. As for how I got here, let’s meet later.” Xu Fan’s voice really came from the communication magic weapon.

“Okay.” Qianling Venerable was a little stunned, didn’t expect to meet old acquaintance in such a place.

After the two hung up, Xu Fan was driving a small spaceship not long after. Landed steadily on the Thousand Spirit Sect starship.

Until Xu Fan came out, Qianling Venerable still couldn’t believe it.

“Great Elder, are you here to stop the Monster Race battleship?” Qian Ling Venerable said.

β€œThis is a more complicated speaking of which. Anyway, I was forced to come here.”

β€œHaha, don’t worry.”

β€œ Now let’s go back and let me treat the Great Elder properly.”

“What a fate for me and the Great Elder to meet here, after this return, we must have a good reminiscence. “

Qianling Venerable smiled and pulled Xu Fan into the cabin.

“Let’s go back.”

Said the two huge star boats started the hidden movement method array and flew towards the Monster Race continent in one direction.

In a luxurious guest room on the star boat, Xu Fan recounted his experience during this period of time.

Let Qianling Venerable be amazed again and again.

“didn’t expect Monster Race actually has the means to control the giant beast in the sky.”

“I just heard similar rumors, didn’t expect actually It’s true.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a solemn expression.

I wondered what I would do if I encountered that kind of extremely empty giant beast.

“Since Venerable has heard of it, the Elder Council must also know that they should have countermeasures.”

“They have, and what will happen to us in the future? Do?” Qian Ling said with some distress.

β€œWhat else can I do, just run~”

β€œIf you find out and run in advance, you can do something to prevent them from sneak attack.”

β€œ There is no major event in general.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He did it, but it was a bit expensive.

“Great Elder is right, there is no other way but to run~” Qianling Venerable helplessly said.

In the entire cultivation world, there are only two forces that can defeat the giant beast in the sky, or basically only one.

The Elder Council and Tianlianzong are one and the same.

“How long has Venerable been at Monster Realm?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“For a few years, I used to drive the starship to go to the extreme sky of our world. Later, I found that Monster Realm is more interesting.”

“So I’m here.”

“This wind spirit passage, I just discovered recently, has blocked three Monster Race battleships.” Qianling Venerable said with a smile.

“It’s a pity that this area can’t be ambushed, and we have to find a new area.”

“Venerable is amazing!” Xu Fan praised.

A guerrilla war was waged on Monster Realm.

“It’s nothing serious, these are the suggestions of the puppets who control the starship, I just accept it.” Millennium Venerable said.

At this time, Xu Fan noticed the hidden movement method array on the outer wall of the starship, and said in surprise: “The hidden movement method array that Venerable has carved on these two starships has paid a lot of price. Right?”

Xu Fan’s words just scratched the itch of Qianling Venerable.

(End of this chapter)

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