My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Xu Lingtai: Under normal circumstances

At this time, the battle between the two sides has entered the most intense moment.

The middle-aged butcher controlled the puppet, turned it into a mad thunder, and struck Xie Peng one by one.

And Xie Peng, who majored in the first battle method, seemed very calm at this time.

The defensive Divine Ability one after another, the dull look in his eyes, seems to make others think this is just an appetizer.

Crazy Thunder, accompanied by the middle-aged butcher’s Thunder Knife, kept strikes on Xie Peng’s Divine Ability shield.

One shield was shattered, and another new shield rose up, and Xie Peng’s expression was neither anxious nor impatient, without the slightest panic.

At this time, the appearance of Secret Realm is a bit wrong.

“As expected of the cultivation world Peak, it is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon.” Zhan Ling sighed.

The second thigh is a little weak.

As for the fit Elder beside the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder, his face became more and more exciting.

β€œThis Disciple should be cultivated with emphasis,” said Supreme Third Elder.

“This Disciple’s name is Xie Peng, majoring in Tactics, and is one of the top ten Disciples of Golden Core Realm, ranked in Heaven’s Chosen.”

“The family is 2000 The sect integration Elder was established a few years ago and has always maintained close contact with our sect.” Integration Realm Elder hurriedly told Xie Peng’s information.

He is in charge of Spirit Sect Disciple to teach this piece, and all the materials of Heaven’s Chosen Disciple are thoroughly familiar with.

β€œGive him a chance to go to Qianling Secret Realm, he has the qualifications,” said the Supreme Third Elder.


At this time, the two sides had been fighting for nearly an hour, and the puppet controlled by the middle-aged butcher also slashed wildly for one hour, but the strength of each knife was still unabated, Golden The thunder intent condensed on the Core Realm puppet is getting stronger and stronger.

The imposing manner on the middle-aged butcher is getting higher and higher, and with the thunder, there is a possibility of eruption at any time.

At this time, Xie Peng, who was in a passive state, became more and more cautious, and began to use both hands forming seals to display Divine Ability.

β€œYour brother is defeated.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Why didn’t I see that I was losing?” Zhan Ling looked at the battle in Secret Realm and said suspiciously.

“Because the puppet wasn’t made by you, and the Disciple of that tactic is not simple.” Xu Fan said with narrowed eyes.

At this moment, the puppet who was slashing suddenly paused.

But it was in this instant that Xie Peng, who was in the first battle, seized the opportunity instantly, and the Earth Element Divine Ability hidden in the palm of his hand was instantly deployed.

A boulder palm the size of a house suddenly appeared above the puppet and was photographed instantly.


Although the puppet had already reacted and made dodging movements, it was too late and was directly photographed as scum.

The battle is over, and the Thousand Spirit Sect side wins.

“Is this Golden Core Realm puppet reaching its limit? Why is it stuck?” Zhan Ling said unwillingly.

“This kind of puppet is specially used to deal with large batches of Monster Race, so there is no need to refine it with too good spirit ore.”

“Your good brother just now The operation has exceeded the limit that the Golden Core Realm puppet can withstand, so there will be lags.” Xu Fan explained, just as the online game hits the intense point and suddenly stops, I tell you it’s because of the device’s network speed Can’t keep up.

“Your good brother is still good, and that Disciple is not simple.”

“If you can really fight to the end, the outcome is somewhat unpredictable.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, shouldn’t we sect make a special batch of fine puppets?”

“Prevent this from happening in the future.” Soul Slayer suggested.

“The Divine Transformation Realm puppets are now all refined by the Artifact Refining Master of the Moon Fox Race, using high grade spirit ore.”

“when the time comes That won’t happen,” Xu Fan said.

“It’s the Great Elder who thought it through.”

At this moment, Elder, who was beside the Supreme Third Elder, smiled slightly, but his heart was filled with joy.

“The outcome of the two of them is unpredictable, and Xie Peng’s victory just took the light of the puppet’s side.” Supreme Third Elder said, and he could see the reason for the outcome at a glance.

“Supreme Third Elder is right. After the competition, I will warn that Disciple not to be arrogant or impetuous.” Integration Realm Elder said sternly, anyway, we won, so we can say whatever we want.

“en. ”

After the battle, Xu Lingtai and Xie Peng, who were also in the ring, met each other’s eyes.

The two looked at each other, and the fire of war broke out on both sides.

Then, under the instigation of two sects Disciple, the two sides entered the gambling arena.

“You don’t need to rest for a while, you have already fought a battle just now.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

“Okay, let’s play after one hour.” Xie Peng said, then sat down and began to recover Spiritual Qi and his mind.

Xu Lingtai watched Xie Peng reply.

“Interesting, Master Ancestor said, people who are not conventional are interesting.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

Reminds me of what Master Ancestor said to him as a child.

“Xiaolingtai, you have to remember that if you can’t guess what a person is going to say next, this person must not be a simple trick.”

Then At that time, although Xu Lingtai didn’t know what the White Dragon set meant, he kept this sentence firmly in his heart.

In this situation, Xie Peng should be the person Ancestor Master said is not clichΓ© and interesting.

Xu Lingtai also sat down cross-legged and began to recuperate and maintain the Peak state.

“What do you think of the Great Elder battle?” Zhan Ling asked curiously.

“Although the two sides are similar, the Disciple with the same tactics will definitely lose.” Xu Fan affirmed.

“Why do I feel that the outcome of both sides is unpredictable.” Zhan Ling said, is there something he doesn’t know about?

“Lingtai, when I have nothing to do, I like to go to his five Martial Uncle to play.” Xu Fan lightly saying.

“Zhou Kailing!” After Zhan Ling finished speaking, he looked at Xie Peng who was recovering Spiritual Qi in Secret Realm with pitiful eyes.

At this time, Xie Peng, who was meditating to restore Spiritual Qi and mind, suddenly shivered.

“I’m actually looking forward to the scene when your five-disciple becomes Venerable?” Zhan Ling suddenly said with a smile.

He thought of the spells created by Zhou Kailing, even if he was the Great Ascension Venerable, and felt a little scalp tingling.

“It’s okay, as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, the hidden Spirit Sect can still protect him.” Xu Fan suddenly said with a laugh.

After one hour, Xie Peng returned to the Peak state and looked at Xu Lingtai silently after getting up.

“You are very strong, I have no confidence in winning against you, but I will fight to the end.” Xie Peng said solemnly when he saw Xu Lingtai’s expression.

“Under normal circumstances, I can only maintain an undefeated state.” Xu Lingtai also said that when Xie Peng fought just now, the defensive Divine Ability made him feel nodded.

It reminded him of his bear, Eldest Senior Brother, a presence that made him despair.

“Under normal circumstances?”

Xie Peng felt that Xu Lingtai’s words were a little rude, but would he be able to defeat me under normal circumstances?

(End of this chapter)

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