My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Immortal Palace Feast.

As the battle begins, the Avatar of Thousand Hands reappears in the form of Big Bang x.

Xie Peng also skillfully held up the Divine Ability shield.

The only difference is that Xie Peng started to fight back from time to time, but unfortunately it was Xu Lingtai’s Avatar.

But Xie Peng was not discouraged, and patiently defended against the bombardment of the virtual image of a thousand hands, while determining the location of Xu Lingtai’s real body.

Because of the huge fluctuations in the battle between the two, Elder, who maintains the ring in the Thousand Spirit Sect, used Divine Ability to expand the entire ring tenfold, allowing the two to fight on top.

The two sects Disciple in the audience started to get boring as the two fought for longer and longer.

One side is bombing, and the other is defense and defense.

Xu Lingtai finally released a few big moves, but was easily avoided by Xie Peng with the secret technique Divine Ability.

“Your defensive power reminds me of Eldest Senior Brother in my sect.” Xu Lingtai’s voice sounded on the battlefield.

“You are also very difficult to deal with. If you persist like this for three more days, I may be defeated.” Xie Peng’s voice said that he was very relaxed, indicating that I could still carry it.

“Then you continue to persevere.”

At this time, a hundred solid smelted spirit iron alloys the size of a basketball appeared next to the virtual image of a thousand hands.

A simple thunder pattern array is engraved on the spirit iron alloy.

The Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple who watched the battle under the ring began to widen their eyes and began to appreciate the unique Divine Ability of Hidden Spirit Sect.

At this time, Xie Peng in the ring felt a sense of crisis, and instantly inspired the strongest defensive Divine Ability.

A giant card composed of Earth Attribute and Metal Attribute stood in front of Xie Peng.

Then Xu Lingtai’s electromagnetic gun Divine Ability also appeared in front of the Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple for the first time.


a light sound, followed by a sound piercing the air.

The basketball-sized spirit iron alloy hit Xie Peng’s giant shield instantly.


The colliding waves swept across the entire ring, and the Thousand Spirit Sect Combined Elder, who was guarding the edge of the ring, waved his hand and a transparent shield appeared at the edge of the ring.

Xie Peng looked at the crack on the giant shield in shock, and his scalp was a little numb. His proud defensive power was broken by this Divine Ability?

At this time, two sounds of tearing the air sounded again.

Xie Pengrong couldn’t think about it, so he gave up the giant shield and turned it into an afterimage to avoid the attack of the two electromagnetic cannons.

Then, the Thousand Hands avatar kept casting spells.

Electromagnetic cannons fired at Xie Peng one after another, but Xie Peng managed to dodge them all.

Then two consecutive shots, three consecutive shots, have been trying to block Xie Peng’s position, but after a few times it didn’t help.

At this time, the expression of Integration Realm Elder, who was guarding the edge of the ring, also began to become solemn.

Prepare to cast a spell to save Xie Peng at a critical moment.

After all, the Golden Core Realm can only be left with scum after this shot.

At this moment, the two sects Disciple below the stage all opened their mouths and looked at the scene in the arena in shock.

On the one hand, I was shocked by the formidable power of each gun of the electromagnetic gun.

On the other hand, I am also amazed at Xie Peng’s position. Every time he is about to hit Xie Peng, he narrowly escapes every attack.

After Xu Lingtai was bombarded, he finally understood the importance of taking positions and sealing positions that Master Ancestor said at that time.

If Master Ancestor was here, I guess this kid wouldn’t be able to escape.

Xu Lingtai thought unwillingly.

At this time, all the thunder-pattern artillery shells in the sky had been fired, and Xu Lingtai also stopped bombing and attacking.

“Go ahead, do you have no spiritual power, or do you want to give up?”

Xie Peng looked at the virtual image of the thousand hands in the sky and said, with a hint of pride in his tone.

“You didn’t say that you can’t beat me under normal circumstances, so do you have any other circumstances?” Xie Peng said indifferently.

He admitted he was being a little provocative.

At this time, Xu Lingtai’s silhouette appeared in the sky, and he looked down at Xie Peng in the ring.

“Our two sects are also good friends. My second method is too cruel and too easy to break the enemy’s Dao Heart, so I don’t need it.”

” How about a draw?” Xu Lingtai said.

At this time, Xu Fan and Zhan Ling raised their eyebrows at the same time, a look that both wanted to see but couldn’t bear to see it.

Xie Peng on the ring, after hearing Xu Lingtai’s words, released a stronger fighting intent all over his body.

The method is too cruel and too easy to break the Dao Heart. As one of the top ten Disciples of the Thousand Spirit Sect Golden Core Realm, am I afraid? Can I hold back?

My cultivator, don’t be afraid of a battle!

At this time, Xie Peng suddenly saluted Xu Lingtai and said.

“Please follow Daoist Xu to use the second method.” Xie Peng said sincerely.

“Are you sure?” Xu Lingtai said a little unbearably.

“I will take one step back today, and tomorrow I will take the second step.” Xie Peng said seriously looking at Xu Lingtai.

“I see.” After Xu Lingtai finished speaking, the silhouette slowly disappeared.

Then thousands of rays of light flashed from the virtual image of Qianshou, covering the entire ring.

Since then, countless natural phenomena have appeared, countless Heavenly Palace fairies, rare beasts, Immortal Palace dancers, and Heavenly Palace gods have appeared.

Xie Peng looked at this, his eyes narrowed, and he made his strongest defense, Divine Ability.

Stay strong to prevent phantoms from invading.

Xu Fan and Zhan Ling outside of Secret Realm are all slightly sighed, and it’s time to come.

“What is the name of this Divine Ability?” Zhan Ling asked curiously.

“My disheveled recipe has a very beautiful name, Immortal Palace Feast.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Disciple of the hidden Spirit Sect saw this natural phenomenon, and all were slightly sighed, and some people no longer had the heart to watch the battle.

Xie Peng, who is on the ring, seems to be in the Immortal Palace at this time, and a grand food feast is about to unfold.

Innumerable scents that fascinated him began to stimulate his sense of smell.

“Is it just Illusion Technique?” Xie Peng said with some disdain, his mood cultivation base is extremely high, and he is no longer afraid of Illusion Technique Divine Ability.

Xie Peng sticks to his heart and turns a blind eye to any temptation in the illusion.

Xu Lingtai in the sky looked at Xie Peng’s performance and said with a smile: “The realm is quite high.”

Then the virtual image of a thousand hands continued to seal and cast spells. Layer, Third Layer, and the Illusion Technique Divine Ability of the 4th Layer Immortal Palace feast are directly applied to Xie Peng.

For a moment, Xie Peng only felt the world spinning, came back to his senses again, and was already in the Heavenly Palace feast.

He was surrounded by a number of Fairy who strongly invited him to the Immortal Palace feast.

Baimei’s delicate and holy appearance, Xie Peng couldn’t help but withdraw his gaze.

Xie Peng, who was about to be immersed in the illusion, suddenly broke free from the tender pull of the digital Fairy, used the Divine Ability of the mirror, and broke free from the illusion of First Layer.

When Xie Peng felt that the surrounding environment was completely new, he opened his eyes and found himself in the Immortal Palace feast.

The only thing that has changed is that the fairies have been replaced, but they are still the same beauty and tenderness, as if every word can bring the hero into Warm Countryside.

Xie Peng only felt a sense of dizziness in his brain, and he knew that this was a precursor to sinking into the illusion.

“Keep your mind on one, the Tao is natural, everything is empty, not…”

Xie Peng used the last bit of reason to display the Divine Ability to break the illusion.

(End of this chapter)

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