My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 455

Chapter 455 This fairy is so ugly

When Xiaoxiang is heading towards the Human Race line.

In the extreme sky not far from the star boat, there is a Monster Race giant beast battleship, which is chasing a small spirit boat of Dao Item level.

In the spirit boat, a girl, the Great Ascension Venerable, was driving the spirit boat without any hassle, but the girl next to her, the Divine Transformation Realm, seemed a little nervous.

“Don’t be afraid, isn’t it the giant beast battleship of Monster Race.”

The female Great Ascension Venerable wears a red robe with three thousand hair hanging down. Makes one feel amazing.

“Master’s Monster Race giant beast battleship is faster than ours, can you increase the speed?” The Divine Transformation girl on the side was a little helpless.

She, a master, is usually good at everything, but when it comes to critical moments, she likes to play with excitement and walk on the tip of the knife.

It’s nothing, the key is not to leave her behind every time.

Chased by the Venerable, chased by the Great Ascension Realm monster beast, chased by the Monster Venerable, rampaged through the particularly dangerous Secret Realm, and now chased by the monster race’s giant beast battleship.

“The speed is fast, isn’t it very boring.” A lazy voice appeared.

At this moment, the Monster Race giant beast battleship in the rear spat out a cannonball and was almost evaded by the small spirit boat controlled by the Great Ascension Venerable.

β€œWe have two Heavenly Blessed Spirit Body on a spirit boat. Even if the star boat does not move, the Monster Race giant beast battleship behind cannot catch us.” Venerable Xuanqing said, not far away The little bluebird that is grooming its feathers is also nodded, expressing its approval of the owner’s statement.

Venerable Xuanqing stopped the spirit boat under direct control in order to prove that what he said was true.

“Master, don’t joke!” Zhang Weiyun said nervously.

She didn’t know why, but the longer she followed Master, the more her style of painting began to become wrong.

Master, who used to be lonely and arrogant in the past, has now become a bit of a sand sculpture.

As the spirit boat stopped, the Monster Race giant beast battleship followed closely from behind, as if seeing the prey that stopped resisting, flew towards it excitedly.

“Master, I haven’t given me a Husband bridal chamber yet, so please don’t do this.” Zhang Weiyun said helplessly, although she also felt that she would be fine, but she often kills like this, maybe one day. My Heavenly Blessed Spirit Body doesn’t work anymore.

“You really miss your Husband~”

“Let’s take a look at it later.” Venerable Xuanqing said, looking back at his good disciple with a smile.

“Let’s talk about the immediate problem first.” Zhang Weiyun looked at the Monster Race giant beast battleship that rushed towards them outside the spirit boat, thinking about how God would help him.

At this moment, a loud voice came from the sky.

The Star Sea python with a bald head the size of the Monster Race giant beast battleship rushed towards the Monster Race giant beast battleship , bit it off in one bite, and by the way also swept away the master and disciple with a tail. the spirit boat.

The spirit boat flew uncontrollably toward the depths of the Extreme Sky Domain, then hit a barrier and disappeared into the Extreme Sky Domain.

In the extreme sky, an Ancient Secret Realm, there is a spirit boat stuck on a mountain wall.

“I’ve said it before, our Heavenly Blessed Spirit Body has been concerned by Heavenly Dao Will since we were young. Under normal circumstances, survival is just a basic operation.”

Xuan Qing Venerable looked at the Ancient Secret Realm outside the spirit boat and said, as if to say 1+1=2, it’s that simple.

“Master, let’s see what’s good about this Secret Realm first, shall we?” Zhang Weiyun looked at the Secret Realm with golden rays of light in his eyes. Everywhere he went to the Secret Realm, he collected spoΓ­ls of war. It’s her favorite part.

β€œYou little slicker, you have saved a lot of good things for your Husband over the years. I haven’t seen each other a few times, so I just turned to him.” Venerable Xuanqing rolled his eyes at Zhang Weiyun and said.

“I haven’t seen him a few times. He is also my Husband, the closest person besides Master.” Zhang Weiyun said with a slightly red face.

“Okay, after we detect this Secret Realm, we’ll go to your Husband.”

“Let’s say this time is only one month.” Venerable Xuanqing emphasized.

“Thank you, Master.” Zhang Weiyun said happily.

While master and disciple were talking, angry roar interrupted them.

The guardian beast of the Secret Realm came to the master and disciple.

“Master, come on, I’ll cheer you on from behind!”

“It’s very easy to solve this Great Ascension Realm guardian beast for the teacher, and you don’t need a discipline to cheer for me!”


Venerable Xuanqing said, with countless precious lights flashing on his body.

One fairy sword and six Dao Item Peak Spirit Swords form the Killing Formation towards this Secret Realm guardian beast.

The battle ended soon, master and disciple began to skillfully crack the Seal Formation of this Secret Realm.

At a time, an Ancient Sect appeared in front of the master and disciple.

A sect that can have a foundation in the realm of extreme sky, there should be a fairy.

“Yun’er, if I find a fairy weapon in this Secret Realm, I’ll give it to you.” Venerable Xuanqing said with a smile.

“Master, what if the fairy weapon is not suitable for me?” Zhang Weiyun asked.

“Isn’t your little Husband a Refiner Sect teacher?”

“If you don’t even have the ability, then the teacher can only start to arrange marriage for you.” Venerable Xuanqing said she has been following Xu Fan.

As Xu Fan becomes more and more extraordinary, she feels that the catastrophe in her dream should be related to the Husband, the discipline.

“I don’t have to give it to Husband, after all, he has a Monster Race there, and he needs this fairy weapon even more.” Zhang Weiyun said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“As you wish, but before you die, see if there are any celestial artifacts in this Secret Realm.”

“Don’t make you happy when the time comes. .”

“Master’s feeling is absolutely right, saying that if there is a fairy, there must be a fairy.” Zhang Weiyun said happily.

At this moment, a dragon roar came, and in the distance there was an illusory shadow through the pillar of heaven, surrounded by dragon spirits.

Venerable Xuanqing felt the breath coming from the distant sky, said with a smile: “This Secret Realm has a fairy weapon.”

“Master, then let’s go quickly Surrender it!”


Xuanqing Venerable waved and buckled the spirit boat embedded in the mountain.

The master and disciple sat in a spirit boat and flew towards the pillar of heaven in the distance.

There are thousands of dangers in Secret Realm, but it seems that it has nothing to do with master and disciple.

Wherever the two went, all the trapped enemies’ Formation failed.

There are guardian beasts, all of whom were found by Venerable Xuanqing to be killed easily before they woke up.

Not long after, the two came to the foot of a mountain gate.

“The Wanzhong Palace should be the sect where the ancient Human Race defeated the Monster Race. It is very old.” Zhang Weiyun looked at the engraving on the mountain gate.

“Go up and take a look, there should be some good things.”

Venerable Xuanqing took one step, and the next moment appeared on the top of the fairy hall.

Zhang Weiyun quickly followed.

A day later, master and disciple exhausted their untold hardships and finally sealed the fairy weapon with the dragon spirit.

“This fairy artifact, forget it, it doesn’t match your temperament.” Xuanqing Venerable shook her head as she looked at the fairy artifact.

“Although it’s ugly, it’s also a fairy weapon. I’ll give it back to my Husband.” Zhang Weiyun said, looking at the extremely ugly stick floating in the air.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was on his way home, suddenly felt blessed and felt that something good was about to fall on his head.

“What’s the matter with this strange feeling~”

(End of this chapter)

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