My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Flame Copper Alloy

Zhan Ling drove the star boat all the way without danger, entered the star gate smoothly, and sailed at full speed in the Human Race channel for more than one hour. Month, finally returned to Linsen immortal city Yinling Island.

“Nowhere is as good as my hometown.” Xu Fan said while looking at the growing Yinling Island on the star boat.

“Finally I’m home.” Xu Yuexian also said next to Xu Fan, with a hint of regret in his tone.

“Don’t worry, there are still opportunities in the future.” Xu Fan patted Xu Yuexian said.

“Grape, is there anything abnormal in the sect?” Xu Fan asked.

β€œA super-giant pyrite spirit ore has been discovered in the Monster Realm and is currently being mined in full force.”

β€œEverything is normal in the sect,” Grape said.

“Chongling Fire Bronze!” Xu Fan was a little surprised. Chongling Fire Bronze was a kind of spirit ore that he desperately needed. After refining, it could be used as the spiritual power core of the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“Yes, this super-giant spirit ore was originally the most precious spirit ore of the blood lion clan, and now it has been occupied by us.” Grape said.

“Sure enough, when the cannon goes off, the gold is ten thousand taels.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

The mood also became happy. The former Yinling Island Void Refinement Realm level puppet is not because the spirit ore is not enough, or because the Artifact Refinement Master is not enough, well, now both are complete.

In the future, the number of Void Refinement Realm puppets in Yinling Island will rise to a new level.

As the star boat descended to Yinling Island, all Disciples in the sector received a message and came out to greet them.

“Master, I’m really worried about what will happen to you.” Xu Gang said, and after Xu Fan went out for half a year, he began to worry.

“How could something go wrong as a teacher?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“There are still some waves of meaning, but it can be easily dealt with by all teachers.”

At this time. Everyone came out to greet Xingzhou’s Disciple, and after seeing Xu Fan, they all saluted.

“Welcome to the Great Elder, the Elder Slaying Spirit is back!”

The Disciples are neatly arranged, and the sound is so loud that it has a Saint Sect atmosphere.

“Let’s all get up, all the Disciples staying behind have worked hard.” Xu Fan said as he looked at the Disciple who saluted in unison, and felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

A pride is born in the heart, as long as a Disciple like this is given time to hide the Spirit Sect, it will definitely become the Sect of the whole cultivation world cream of the crop.

“Serve the sect!”

sect disciple’s response made Xu Fan have a slight hallucination.

Xu Fan let all the Disciples dispersed, and after arranging a place for the Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple and Refiner Sect Master on the star boat, he returned to his small courtyard.

The rest of the Disciples and puppet masters on the star boat also went back to their respective homes to find their respective mothers.

At this time, Xu Lingtai took thousands of Spirit Sect Disciples to the place arranged by Xu Fan.

“didn’t expect Lingtai Fellow Daoist’s sect, it’s so smart, it’s slightly better than my sect.” Xie Peng looked at the azure spirit in the center of Yinling Island, like the Nine Heavens galaxy. said the liquid waterfall.

At the top of the sect array, there are also auspicious clouds and auspicious beasts composed of Spiritual Qi floating, which is full of immortal style.

“Can’t compare, can’t compare, your Spirit Sect alone is half the size of my immortal city area, such a wide area, you can still maintain the general scene of Xianjia Cave Mansion already. Far more than my sect.”

“My sect is small and has few Disciples, so the sect can be arranged in a fairy tale.” Xu Lingtai said politely.

While Xu Lingtai was humble, two lights suddenly appeared, one after the other flew out from the back of the spirit boat, and then suddenly accelerated towards the distance.

The speed of the two escaping lights caught the attention of thousands of Spirit Sect Disciples in the spirit boat, especially when the escaping light turned, the feeling of accelerating with some specific arcs, as if it had been Touched some realm.

“The Foundation Establishment Realm can be so fast, especially in the corners, the sense of lightness must be a Disciple majoring in Divine Ability in speed.” Xie Peng said with a sigh .

“It’s okay, Xie Peng Fellow Daoist guessed well.” Xu Lingtai nodded said, he couldn’t say that this was just the general escaping speed of a sect disciple.

At this moment, dozens of escaping lights surpassed the large spirit boat they were riding, and all of them had a decent escaping speed.

“Are they in a hurry?” Xie Peng said curiously, with a flash of shock in his eyes.

“Today is the finals of the game of life and death in the sect. The Disciples just now were all delayed for a while to meet the Great Elder, so now they need to speed up and fly to Trial Pagoda to participate in the competition.” Xu Lingtai explained, I think he was still in the top ten in the Disciple generation.

“The game of life and death?”

“Is it the same as the battle royale game imported from your sect?” Xie Peng said with interest.

“It’s the same, it’s all a fantasy game.”

“Can our Spirit Sect Disciple participate?” said a Spirit Sect Nascent Soul Realm Disciple on the side.

“Of course you can, but today’s finals will definitely not be able to participate. Tomorrow if you are interested, you can participate in the time trial, the daily competition.” Xu Lingtai said, and called Grape over.

“Grapes, after the Spirit Sect Disciples are stabilized, I will introduce some daily activities in the sect.” Xu Lingtai said.


At this time, an electronic sound appeared.

“Is this the Artifact Spirit in charge of your sect’s day-to-day affairs? It looks much more powerful than our Spirit Sect’s.” One Spirit Sect Disciple said.

“We hide the Spirit Sect’s service Artifact Spirit, the name is Grape, if you have any questions in your daily life, you can call Grape directly.”

“Now the Great Elder has given you temporary Permission, you can call grapes freely.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

Hearing Xu Lingtai’s words, some Thousand Spirit Sect Disciples tried it out, and suddenly there was a feeling that the functional machine was suddenly replaced by a smart machine, everything felt so fresh.

While Disciple in Qianling was amazed, a natural phenomenon suddenly appeared in the distance, and the huge fluctuations when the one after another device was formed instantly swept the entire Hidden Spirit Island.

At this time, the Thousand Spirit Sect Refiner Sect divisions on the large spirit boat felt this fluctuation, and their eyes were full of shock.

“This kind of fluctuation, could it be that someone has refined the Peak Dao Item!” Thousand Spirit Sect Refiner Sect master cry out in surprise.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was resting in his small courtyard, also felt the fluctuation.

“Senior Brother Sha’s research has new results.” Xu Fan said with some surprise, he turned into a light, instantly disappeared in the small courtyard, and flew towards Refining Peak.

At this time, Refining Peak, some Disciples gathered in front of the Refiner Palace for sand sculpture, all discussing the new research results of sand sculpture.

With the appearance of Xu Fan, all Disciples respectfully lined up in two rows.

At this time, the door to the Refiner Palace for sand sculptures also opened.

In the Refiner Palace, Xu Fan and the sand sculptures are staring at this piece of flaming copper alloy like a square brick.

“Senior Brother Sha, with this flaming copper alloy, you will be remembered forever by the cultivation world.” Xu Fan exclaimed in admiration.

This alloy can be regarded as reaching a higher-level, and the alloy spirit ore that can be officially used to refine Dao Item exists.

(End of this chapter)

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