My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Happy Hour

After Xu Fan brought Zhang Weiyun back to the sect, all the first and second generation Disciples in the sect were all excited.

The Dao Companion of the Great Elder will reward the sect disciple with many treasures every time he comes to hide the Spirit Sect.

And many of them are tailor-made. It is rumored that Xiong Li of the Eldest Senior Brother got it from the Great Elder Dao Companion, a Dao Item heavy armor.

As soon as Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun returned to the small courtyard, they saw Xu Gang and the others waiting there. Everyone’s expressions were very happy and they were relieved that their master had ended his single life.

“Meet my wife~”

Xu Gang, Xu Yuexian, Wang Xiangchi, Li Xingci, and Zhou Kailing saluted.

Zhang Weiyun, who is still like a girl, was called a little sorry.

“Everyone get up, long time no see, you have all advanced to the Divine Transformation Realm now.” Zhang Weiyun said and started to dig things out.

“Xu Gang, this Five Elements Dao Plate should be very suitable for you.”

“Yuexian, this is the ethereal robe you should be able to use.”

“Xiang Chi, this is Lei Xing’s Spirit Sword and Fengxi’s Spirit Sword, I specially reserved it for you.”

“Xingci, this is the Illusory Realm Daozhu, there is nothing more suitable for you than this. .”

“Kailing, I really can’t find a Dao Item that suits you, so I’ll give you these wind treading boots. It’s not a bad thing to run fast.”

Zhang Weiyun smiled and gave the gift one after another, making Xu Gang and the others more respect and admiration for this teacher.

Xu Fan watched from behind Zhang Weiyun, his expression twitching.

How many good things has this daughter-in-law made over the years?

Xu Fan’s disciples stayed for a while after seeing the teacher’s wife, and all left under Xu Fan’s dangerous eyes.

At this time, Xu Fan’s small courtyard was finally quiet. Zhang Weiyun looked at Xu Fan and said, “Husband, how many Disciples are there in the Spirit Sect?”

“Less than ten Thirteen thousand people.” Xu Fan said.

“There are a lot more Disciples, and it just so happens that the cultivation technique, a magic weapon that I picked up behind Master’s back, can be used.”

Zhang Weiyun took out a crystal ball as he spoke. The Dao Item palace looks like, and said to Xu Fan: “Husband, look.”

Xu Fan took the Dao Item palace and went to check it at any time.

“My God! Madam, have you robbed the treasure house of the Elder Council?” Xu Fan said in surprise.

“These are the things that Master and I have gained from exploring the treasure land of Secret Realm for so many years. Originally, Master didn’t want these things. I felt that Husband was useful, so I took them all.” Zhang Weiyun told me Great or not.

“The lady is really my good helper.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Who doesn’t like this kind of family-friendly daughter-in-law.

At this time, Zhang Weiyun suddenly remembered something, and took out an irregular jelly-like object from her space ring.

“Grape, I also brought you a gift, which my master said is good for Artifact Spirit.” Zhang Weiyun squinted and said with a smile.

“This is the essence!” Xu Fan said in surprise.

How many good things does his daughter-in-law have?

“Thank you Mistress!” Grape’s tone was unusually excited, an unprecedented excitement.

The quintessence has a fatal temptation to all spirit cultivators in the cultivation world, just as a strong man cannot refuse a beautiful woman’s embrace.

“It’s good for you.” Zhang Weiyun said with a smile.

“Weiyun, if people don’t know that you are my wife, they will think you are trying to usurp the throne.” Xu Fan joked.

As soon as this lady came, she bought all the people around her.

“What is conspiracy to usurp power, I just subsidize the household for Husband.”

“After all, Husband is in charge of a small sect, it is not easy.”

Zhang Weiyun leaned beside Xu Fan and blushed a little.

Xu Fan hugged Zhang Weiyun, the soft feeling made him sigh again, it turns out that hugging a person can be so comfortable.

“My silly lady, my husband feels a little bit soft right now.” Xu Fan said, he felt that this lady’s family property was more than the entire hidden Spirit Sect.

“Husband, did you forget something?” Zhang Weiyun said with a smile.

“Have I forgotten something? Maybe it’s because I’m so happy to see the lady.”

“Husband, you forgot that I haven’t given you a present yet!”

After Zhang Weiyun finished speaking, the pillar of heaven directly pierced the hidden Spirit Sect Sect Protecting Array, standing horizontally between Heaven and Earth.

β€œHusband, look, this is a gift from me.”

A huge and ugly stick appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“It’s a bit ugly, Husband will make do with it first, and then we’ll replace it when I find a suitable one.” Zhang Weiyun seemed to be afraid that Xu Fan would not be satisfied with the gift.

At this time, Xu Fan felt that his mind was a little sluggish.

“Ma’am, is this a fairy weapon?”

“Yes, Husband is a Refiner Sect teacher, so he should be able to recognize you as the master.” Zhang Weiyun said with a nod.

“This is a fairy weapon!” Xu Fan asked again with a dull face.

“Yes, this is the fairy~” Zhang Weiyun said strangely, didn’t Husband hear his own words just now?

Xu Fan looked towards the illusory shadow projected from the distant fairy.

“This is not an ordinary fairy, you can use it. I will let the grapes prepare the fairy to recognize the Master ceremony.” Xu Fan said.

Soft rice is fine, but it is so soft that Xu Fan said it hurts his stomach.

“Husband, I don’t need it.”

“Master said that after she ascends, she will give me her fairy weapon.”

“This stick is too ugly, I don’t want to use it,” said Zhang Weiyun.

Is this an ugly question?

“Anyway, this ugly stick was given to Husband. How Husband handles it is up to Husband.” Zhang Weiyun said hurriedly, afraid of Xu Fan’s repentance.

Xu Fan stared at this fairy for a long time, recalling his experience over the years, feeling that God actually took care of him.

Not only the brother who has a hundred times the rebate, but also the lady who takes care of his family for him.

Although he was a little caught off guard by this soft rice, soft rice is rice after all.

People are iron rice and steel.

A handful of golden sand appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, and he threw it into the air to form a mysterious array, which directly sealed the stick and sent the puppet into the treasure house.

“Husband is amazing. Master and I took a long time to seal the fairy weapon, didn’t expect it to be sealed by Husband.” Zhang Weiyun looked at Xu Fan and said with admiration.

“After all, my husband is a Refiner Sect teacher. Sealing a fairy is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, it was almost noon, and the puppet brought the fairy delicacies carefully fried by the chief chef of the hidden Spirit Sect.

Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun sat opposite each other, looking at each other affectionately.

“Ma’am, are you still going after you come back?” Xu Fan asked with some anticipation. After so many years of being alone, it is time for the hidden Spirit Sect to have a mistress.

“It’s still only a month away. Master said before that I can finish apprenticeship when I go to Void Refinement Realm.”

“Now that the two worlds are merging, Master doesn’t trust me, he said I can only finish apprenticeship after I integrate Realm.”

“At that time, Master also arrived at the time to ascend to the Great Thousand Worlds.” Zhang Weiyun said.

β€œWe still have to go to Integration Realm.” Xu Fan sighed said.

(End of this chapter)

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