My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Li Leihu Defeated

In the duel area drawn by grapes, Li Leihu and Baekhyun face each other.

“You seem to have a prejudice against our inner sect disciple,” Li Leihu frowned. As soon as they met, he felt that Baekhyun didn’t like hearing the words inner sect disciple.

“It is undeniable that I have this prejudice against you.”

Baekhyun said, with 136 Spirit Swords suspended all over his body, forming a strange sword array suspended beside him.


“Maybe it’s because of jealousy.” Baekhyun said calmly, he never concealed his emotions.

He made it clear to everyone that I just wanted to be in the Inner Sect.

“Our teacher told us that there is not much difference in the treatment of Inner Sect and Outer Sect Disciple, why do you bother about this?” Li Leihu said in confusion.

Baekhyun shook his head when he heard Li Leihu’s words: “I’m no longer a child, let’s start fighting!”

After finishing speaking, one hundred and thirty-six Spirit Swords form a giant The sword slashed towards Li Leihu.

Li Leihu slashed out a lightning directly, and then held the thunder sword to bypass the giant sword and attacked Baekhyun.

Baekhyun indifferently looked at Li Leihu who was coming towards him, the corners of his mouth were raised, and he did not resist, quietly watching Li Leihu, flying towards him with a knife.

Besides Baekhyun at this moment, the invisible sword array is guarding, just waiting for Li Leihu to give a thunder blow.

Just as the sword array hidden beside Baekhyun was condensing the strongest blow, Li Leihu suddenly circled outside the hidden sword array.

And start to cut out one after another thunder blade light.

Hidden sword array divided into two, one attack and one defend.

Sixty-four Spirit Swords formed ten swordfish and began to revolve wildly around Li Leihu.

The blade dao light that was cut out earlier was blocked by the guard sword array, and there was no sign of weakness after that.

“It’s interesting, you can see through my hidden sword array.” Baekhyun looked at Li Leihu, who easily resisted 10 swordfish attacks.

“I major in Thunderbolt War. Your invisible sword array can be seen with a good eye.” Li Leihu’s eyes flashed with lightning as he watched Baekhyun say with a smile.

The people are not very good, but the strength is good.

“Really, your eyes are good, and mine is not bad.”

Baekhyun instantly turned the guard sword array into a sword and shield to guard his head.

At this moment, thunder roared in the sky, and a huge thunder struck the sword and shield.

“You’re doing thunder techniques, and a dark cloud just floats over my head, do you think I’m a fool?” Baekhyun said with an angry smile

At this time, in the duel area, Foreign The atmosphere of Domain watching the battle was very harmonious.

“Your Chief Disciple of the outer sect is good, and you can defend against the little tiger’s underhand trick in the first try.”

“Your Disciple with the highest battle strength in the Inner Sect is also very good. Yes, I can evenly match with Baekhyun.” Qin Lu said, he doesn’t have much prejudice against the Inner Sect outer sect, after really wanting to enter the Inner Sect, can’t he just rely on his own strength to enter?

“Who do you think will win in the end?” Er Yuan said with a smile, with an extra bag of deep-sea shrimp sticks in his hand, and asked Qin Lu if he wanted to eat it?

“I think he should be the chief of our outer sect.” Qin Lu said.

Er Yuan, who was eating shrimp sticks, was nodded with conviction.

Qin Lu was taken aback for a moment, looking at the two inner sect disciples who did not refute.

You’re holding the wrong script, right? How can I say this in the future?

“The little tiger is too detached, and sometimes his brain is not very useful, so it is not as calm as your chief.”

“When the battle strength is similar, you outer sect Chief It’s definitely not a problem for Disciple to defeat the little tiger.” Eryuan calmly analyzed while eating shrimp sticks.

“With the sword array, he has an innate advantage. Who wins if he doesn’t win?”

After Er Yuan finished speaking, he also ate the last shrimp stick. With empty snack bags, sighed, today’s portion is eaten up again.

Qin Lu took a deep breath, you not only took the wrong script, but also robbed me of my lines, which is too much.

At this moment, a sword qi shot into the sky, and then there was a loud noise.

A blade light drew a tiny wound on Baekhyun’s face.

And Li Leihu’s arm holding the knife was cut off.

“Can we still fight?” Baekhyun said looking at Lee Leihu indifferently.

“Do you think I’m defeated?”

Li Leihu took the Thunder Saber with his left hand.

“My dad once told me that the hole cards should be kept until the end.”

After speaking, he turned into Baekhyun on the lightning and rushed over again. The speed is more than twice as fast as before.

At this time, there was also a thunderstorm in the sky, and the lightning struck from time to time, causing Baekhyun to brows slightly wrinkle.

A huge guard sword array propped up and blocked the thunderstorm.

At this time, with the transformation of the sword array, the number of Spirit Swords that form the guardian sword array has become eighty-eight.

The remaining forty-eight Spirit Swords form a small circulation sword array.

One attack and one defense, not one drop of water can leak out.

“The outcome has been decided~” said Qin Lu, who was watching the battle from a distance.

“Well, the little tiger is almost in trouble.”

“Sister Mowan, do you think I’m right?” Eryuan said.

“Yes, Leihu lost.” Lin Mowan said.

The lightning that Li Leihu transformed into directly pierced Baekhyun’s defensive sword array.

“Take my last knife!”

Li Leihu, who was holding a knife in his left hand, appeared not far from Baekhyun and slashed with all his strength.

For a while Heaven and Earth dimmed, only that sabre light shined.

Baekhyun’s expression is very light, as if this blade does not exist.

He received the secret technique seal in his hand, and all the Spirit Sword instantly turned into a huge sword and shield.



The blade light collided with the sword and shield, making a loud roar.

Then the sword and shield disappeared and the blade light shattered.

At this time, Baekhyun spit a mouthful of blood and seals his hand again.

For a while, the undamaged Spirit Sword formed a giant sword and slashed at Li Leihu again.

At this time, the puppet waiting in the foreign domain in the battle area disappeared instantly and appeared in front of Li Lihu, blocking the giant sword with one hand.

“Baekhyun wins, Li Leihu loses.”

At this time, Li Leihu looked at Baekhyun somewhat unwillingly, waiting for his mockery.

“You are very strong~” After Bai Xuan finished saying this, he left the battle area and took Qin Lu to take down the monster core of the earth bear.

“I can still fight, so why should he win?” Li Leihu said a little unwillingly.

“sect does not allow any Disciple to win a battle of this nature with life.” said the puppet machine standing in front of Li Leihu.

“I understand.” Li Leihu said deeply sighed.

Li Leihu bowed his head and came to Lin Mowan and Eryuan’s side in frustration.

“Little tiger, it’s alright, let’s cultivate well, and then go back.” Eryuan said cheering for Li Leihu.

“Actually, you are not considered a loser. If you really have to fight for life and death, the final result will only be perish together.” Lin Mowan said looking at Li Leihu.

“You don’t have to console me, if you lose, you will lose. After this sect, I will do devilish training.”

(End of this chapter)

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