My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Pairing Practice

“Master, is this giant eagle Monster Venerable?” Xu Gang asked suspiciously.

“If it weren’t for Monster Venerable, the railgun wouldn’t be in action,” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a light curtain lit up in front of the two of them, and the scene of the giant eagle Monster Venerable passing by was playing on it.

As a result, I was disturbed by Xu Fan’s big move, so I traveled thousands of miles to take revenge.

“This guy is also pitiful. You don’t ask where this is before you go.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, two Void Refinement Realm puppets came from in the sky and carried the giant eagle back to the base.

“Go back and comprehend Divine Ability.”

Xu Fan boarded the spirit boat and returned to the hidden Spirit Sect.

Not long after Xu Fan left, thousands of logistical magic puppets came to repair the area destroyed by the two.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment.


The Hidden Spirit Island, a mortal city.

Li Leihu returned home with a look of frustration.

At this time, the middle-aged butcher just finished the task and went offline to rest.

The middle-aged butcher at this time is already a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. This cultivation speed makes him extremely surprised. Is he a cultivation genius?

The middle-aged butcher who got off the line saw a frustrated son.

“What’s wrong with you, little tiger?” asked the middle-aged butcher.

The son who makes him the most proud is the leader of Yin’s Spirit Sect third generation disciple. This achievement is even more honorable than being admitted to the champion.

“Well, I was defeated by an Outer Sect Disciple.” Li Leihu said.

“You are defeated when you are defeated. You don’t think you are the most powerful person in the world.” The middle-aged butcher patted his son said with a smile.

“What’s the point of failure? Do your cultivation well in the future, just call back.”

“I know, but I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. I must do good cultivation.” Li Leihu said firmly with his eyes.

“That’s right, your father can’t help you much with cultivation.”

“But father can pass on so many years of combat experience and skills to him. You.” The middle-aged butcher said.

At this time, Li Leihu’s eyes shined.

Yes, my father is the Peak puppet master in the game. He has very rich combat experience and skills, and I never thought of it before.

“Father, will you be my sparring partner?” Li Leihu looked at the middle-aged butcher expectantly.

“Silly boy, I’m your father, what else is good or bad?”

“Go, go online, your father will teach you now.” Middle-aged The butcher said with a smile, for him, the happiness of his family is his happiness.

Li Leihu returned to the bedroom and put on his gaming helmet.

Virtual games, in a paid training dojo.

The middle-aged butcher controlled the puppet of the Foundation Establishment Realm and cut off his son’s dog’s head at an incredible angle.

An array on the edge of the training dojo was activated, and Li Leihu walked out with a look of disbelief, as if he had not recovered from the shock.

“Little tiger, you are weaker than your father thought.” The middle-aged butcher frowned said, waving the thunder knife in his hand lightly, showing off a piece of lightning.

“Father, it’s not that I’m weak, it’s that you’re too strong.” Li Leihu said in shock. He only knew that father was a very difficult puppet master to deal with, but he never thought of hitting him. It’s like beating a chicken.

“You are the Foundation Establishment Realm, I am the Foundation Establishment Realm, and I control the Foundation Establishment Realm puppet.”

“Keep fighting until you can take me a hundred moves End.” The middle-aged butcher said and started another battle.

On the night of the game, a middle-aged butcher takes his son to a hotel for dinner.

“Dad, do you think you are the most powerful Heavenly Puppet Master in the Hidden Spirit Sect?” Li Leihu asked curiously while eating.

“How to say, the first is not the first, your father dares to be the second.” The middle-aged butcher took a sip of wine and said with a smile.

“Second, who is the first?”

“The first is a youngster who is at worst than you, very powerful. Your dad saw him first. At a glance, I knew that manipulating the puppets could not beat him.” The middle-aged butcher recalled.

“He controls the Divine Transformation Realm swordsman puppet, just like Sword Immortal, Heavenly Sword comes into the world and can kill anything.”

“It’s a pity that he’s just a mortal.” The middle-aged butcher Sad to say.

“More powerful than Dad, is he just a mortal?” Li Leihu said in shock.

The middle-aged butcher heard his son’s words, lowered his head and fiddled with the magic weapon on his waist.

Then looked up at Li Leihu and said, “Let’s go, Dad will show you how powerful this mortal is today.”

Father and son returned to the training ground and saw In front of the training ground, a man in a black robe is waiting quietly.

It is as silent as a rock that has been silent for thousands of years.

When Li Leihu saw the man at first sight, he felt as if he saw a sharp sword standing between Heaven and Earth.

The man’s eyes swept over slightly, and Li Leihu only felt a sword intent cut into his soul.

“Butcher, call me something.” The man said indifferently.

“My son is the leader of the third generation disciple of the Yin Spirit Sect, and I want to learn from you.” The middle-aged butcher said.

“I’m not trying to provoke this big brother.” Li Leihu said hurriedly beside him.

“You want to learn from me.” The man looked at Li Leihu and said.

“I want to know how strong the most powerful puppet master can be?” Li Leihu said.

“Then let’s try it.”

The man said and walked towards the training room, and then there was a Foundation Establishment Realm basic swordsman puppet on the training ground.

Li Leihu also walked to the front of the puppet with a knife in his hand and looked at the man and said, “Then I’ll be welcome.”

After speaking, he took the knife and pointed towards the basic swordsman puppet. rush in.

Afterwards, it was just one move, and the outcome was decided.

Li Leihu came out from the resurrection point?

“Why are you so strong!” Li Leihu said in disbelief.

“The more you fight, the better your battle strength. Although you are very good, you have too little combat experience.” The man looked at Li Leihu and said, and then he looked at the middle-aged butcher.

“Since we’re here, how about we have a fight today.”

“How about using the Foundation Establishment Realm basic puppet.” The middle-aged butcher said.

“No problem.”

Two base golems appear on the training ground at the end.

Li Leihu watched the game with some excitement. He knew that this was a chance for his father to watch the game at close range.

The last fight is at first, and the two puppets fight together.

Knives come and go, and the sound of swords colliding is endless, like a beautiful movement.

The same speed and the same power, under the control of different people, the formidable power is different, but now these two powers seem to reach the Peak.

Li Leihu watched all this as if drunk and stupefied, feeling that he had entered the palace of the art of fighting.

One move by two puppets, either precise, or violent, or extremely fast, or feminine.

The last two golems fight, after one hour.

The puppet controlled by the middle-aged butcher was inserted into the psionic core by the swordsman’s puppet sword.

“You are very strong. In the future, you and I will enter the Rank 6 Puppet division. You are the strongest.” The man said indifferently.

(End of this chapter)

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