My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Ice Race

“This is normal.” Xu Fan heard Zhan Ling’s words.

According to the routine in the novel, those protagonists are often in an environment of great world competition. If Human Race is the strongest, how can it grow?

“You just have to be mentally prepared.” Zhan Ling nodded said.

Then Zhan Ling saw that nothing had happened, so he withdrew, leaving only Xu Fan alone.

“A big battle strength in the sect has soared, so let’s make a few more railguns to make up for it.” Xu Fan said, looking at the clouds in the shape of Xiong Er in the sky.

With an order from Xu Fan, the Monster Race Refiner Sect division in the underground space of the hidden Spirit Sect door began to be busy again.

These Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions are normally getting higher and higher under the training of Avatars No. 1 and No. 2.

Some of the more important Dao Items don’t even need to be shot by Avatar No. 1 and No. 2. The Monster Race Refiner Sect division can easily refine them.

Xu Fan originally had a feeling of my sect Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens a while ago.

This bear soared, and he instantly felt that he was back before liberation.

“Just having a Spirit Slayer to hold the front door always feels like a bad thing.”

Xu Fan said to himself, although there seems to be a railgun in the sect now The ultimate weapon, can kill the Monster Venerable Level special powerhouse in one shot.

But as only Xu Fan knows, there are fatal flaws in the railgun.

If we take Soul Slaying as an example, a Monster Venerable whose comprehensive battle strength is lower than Soul Slashing can be killed in one shot.

Comprehensive battle strength is around the slashing spirit, and the final result can only be wounded, and then you can easily escape.

The last situation is also the one that Xu Fan is most afraid of.

If you encounter a Monster Venerable with significantly higher comprehensive battle strength than Zhanling, just like Nine Swords Venerable and Venerable Xuanqing.

If he doesn’t run with the whole sect, it’s a dead end.

I thought that with Xiong Er, the vacancy in this area could be filled.

Now that Xiong Er is gone, Xu Fan’s sense of security has been reduced by nearly half.

“Grape, call up all the Dao Items and the spirit ore at the fairy level in the sect, I want to check it again.” Xu Fan said.

The matter of Xianyu will be discussed later. Life safety is the most important thing.

At this moment, a light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“My God, my daughter-in-law has more than doubled my list when she came.”

Xu Fan said here, and remembered the goodness of his daughter-in-law, then Nephrite jade…

“Dao Item level spirit ore, Wan Fire Essence source, Star God black iron, spirit…”

“Immortal level spirit ore, Immortal Spirit iron, Yixuanshi, Zhenshuiyuan…”

Xu Fan muttered while watching, changing a piece of ultimate weapon in his heart, each of which can make the ordinary Monster Venerable become terror-stricken at the news.

It wasn’t lightly sighed until Xu Fan read the entire list.

He felt as if he had met bottleneck, and all the ultimate weapons he had in mind from that boring time were all right. The comprehensive battle strength is higher than the Monster Venerable of Soul Slaying, and there is nothing to do.

At most, it can achieve the effect of knockback.

“We can only place more railguns on Monster Realm. As long as they don’t expand too much, they should be fine in Monster Realm.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

Speaking of which, Xu Fan made the final decision.

“There are still two thousand years before my promotion extension period.”

“As long as this period of time is passed first, I am promoted to Void Refinement Realm, then I will be the real The Great Grandmaster of the Refiner.”

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe that the immortal artillery level cannon will not kill you.” Xu Fan said ambitiously.

He then gave Grape an order to stabilize the Monster Realm site and not allow it to overextend.

“Then try to get more resources spirit ore through various channels.”

“Sometimes my baby disciple and grandson are just fine, and if you grow more wool, everything will be fine. Don’t worry anymore.” Xu Fan said with a smile, he just thought about it, it’s better to shave less of the wool of this boss.

“I don’t know what happened to my precious disciple and grandson in the extreme north, but don’t have any major event.” Xu Fan said.


In the extreme north, outside the immortal city of Tianyuan.

Han Feiyu is hunting a Nascent Soul Realm ice clan with Iron Pagoda and Tielan.

At this time, Feiyu Han has been promoted to the Golden Core Realm level, and the spirit essence in the body is even stronger than the Golden Core Realm Peak.

“Old Big Brother Tie, grab this Nascent Soul Realm ice clan, and our mission this month has been completed.” Han Feiyu said.

“After the mission is completed, I must go back to immortal city and have a good sleep.”

“Damn it, the cultivation world is too dangerous now.” said Iron Pagoda foul-mouthed .

“Okay, big brother, don’t say a few words. If it weren’t for Feiyu big brother, we might have already died at the hands of the Ice Clan.” Tie Lan beside him. Feeling the Formation trap set up ahead, she said softly.

“I see.” Iron Pagoda’s attention began to focus on Formation, the trapped enemy ahead.

Han Feiyu didn’t speak, just stared lightly ahead, not knowing what she was thinking.

A few years ago, after he escaped to Tianyuan immortal city, he purchased a batch of daily supplies and planned to continue his journey when he found that the Transmission Formation of the sect was out of order.

Even if other immortal jades of high level are used, this Formation cannot be promoted.

Afterwards, he identified various methods, and he could not teleport to the next immortal city. At this time, the ice clan who had been covered in dust for thousands of years in the extreme northern region woke up. His no Sect, no Faction did not The small loose cultivator he relies on naturally becomes a strong man against the front line of the Ice Clan.

And Iron Pagoda and Tilland were also rescued at that time.

Then the three teamed up and set up a small ice tribe sales team. As long as a certain number of ice tribes were handed in every month, they could avoid going to the frontline battlefield.

At this moment, a giant black ice bird flew over in the sky, which is the shape that the ice tribe is good at changing.

At this time, Han Feiyu was holding a Spirit Crystal in his hand. As long as the giant black ice bird flew over this area, his thirty-six-way locking spirit formation would instantly start trapping the giant black ice giant.


Han Feiyu used secret art lightly, and the Spirit Crystal hidden in the small lock spirit array was instantly exposed.

The rays of light reflected by the sun on the surface of Spirit Crystal instantly attracted the attention of the giant black ice bird.

The scene at this time is like a normal person walking on a deserted street, when he suddenly finds ten stacks of Dabuliu in the distance.

A vigilant look appeared in the eyes of the giant black ice bird flying in the sky.

Began to release divine sense, vigorously check if there are any alien ambush around.

This instantly fell into Han Feiyu’s plot against.

Under the detection of the giant black ice bird, another bunch of Spirit Crystals were found.

At this time, the giant black ice bird’s eyes became more vigilant, and it began to rotate around the two piles of Spirit Crystals, and the direction of rotation happened to be in the thirty-six-way spirit lock formation.

“I don’t need to implement the later plan after seeing it.” The corners of Han Feiyu’s mouth rose, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

“The practical tips taught in the sect outing manual are really practical. Killing enemies, trapping enemies, sneak attack, assassination, are they really all good?” Han Feiyu thought.

He didn’t expect that a small sect to pay attention to the jade slip of the manual could help him so many times.

(End of this chapter)

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