My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 468

Chapter 468 The Cage of Ten Thousand Beasts

The three came to a spacious basement through a secret technique in the basement.

In the middle of the basement, there is a small Transmission Formation.

Although Han Feiyu could not find the transmission station to other immortal cities, he had already figured out how to establish Transmission Formation in two places.

This array leads to a secret base outside Immortal City.

“Let’s go, Tianyuan immortal city is finished.” Han Feiyu sighed, this immortal city million cultivator does not know how much he can escape.

The three stood in the Transmission Formation. Han Feiyu quickly added various immortal jade Spirit Crystals to the Transmission Formation, and then started, and the three disappeared in the Transmission Formation.


At this time, in the hidden Spirit Sect, Xu Fan was musing on a snake-shaped Monster Race giant beast battleship, thinking about whether to modify it again.

With his fate with Qianling Venerable, what should I do if I see this Monster Race giant beast battleship?

“Great Elder, do you want to turn this into a Human Race battleship?” said the sand sculpture.

“It’s a bit difficult to re-modify, but it’s still possible to make a deformed star boat.” Xu Fan had an idea.

The hidden Spirit Sect starship is damaged, even after it is repaired, the performance will not be the same as before.

Now, this starship that has been repaired can only go to the extreme sky to mine, and it can barely fight, but it can’t operate as extreme as before.

The entire hull of the starship can’t withstand the energy shock of the Transmission Formation of the Dao Item node, which is the main reason why Xu Fan wants to transform this snake-shaped Monster Race giant beast battleship.

In the past, I just thought about the transformation from the inside of the Monster Race battleship, but didn’t think about the appearance. Now when I really want to remodel, I suddenly realize that the appearance is also very important.

The Old Tortoise I encountered before is most likely Monster Race’s secret weapon.

Correspondingly, he felt that the Human Race Elder Council would also have this kind of ultimate weapon. Don’t kill yourself directly because of its appearance when the time comes. It would be a shame.

“Deformed star boat, what is this?” the sand sculpture asked curiously.

Xu Fan casually released a light curtain with grapes on it, an initial evolution of the deformation mode.

I saw that the original snake-shaped Monster Race giant beast battleship, which was several ten thousand zhang long, began to be modularized and transformed, and finally became a Human Race standard star boat shape, with a belt hanging on the top of the star boat Projection bunting with hidden Spirit Sect logo.

“Isn’t the strength of the hull of the star boat not strong enough?” Although the sand sculpture was shocked, it felt a little silly, and he raised his own question.

“The hardness is not enough for the array.”

Xu Fan said that after the light curtain became a Human Race starship, an array appeared on the surface.

“This array is actually compatible!” said the sand sculpture in shock.

“Senior Brother Sha, look back.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this time, the screen of the light curtain shifted to the top of the star boat.

“My God!”

“Isn’t this the base array of our Yinling Island? It can be reduced to the size of the bottom of the star boat!” The sand sculpture was shocked again.

“The base array and the boat movement method are strengthened, so don’t worry about the stiffness.”

“The only thing to consider now is where the hull connects and what kind of spirit ore is used. Is it more appropriate?”

“It is a bit of a loss to use a spirit ore that is too high.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

There are suitable materials in the sect treasury, but those are spirit ore at the fairy level, and Xu Fan is a little reluctant to use them.

“Indeed, I have seen the list of spirit ore in the sect treasure house, and only the spirit ore of the celestial level such as Nebula Black Iron and Wanrong Lingjin are suitable.” Sand Sculpture also said nodded .

Xu Fan was instantly impressed by the sand sculptures, and being able to say these kinds of spirit ore at the level of immortal artifact, in his eyes, already has a very high level of practice.

“The Great Elder might as well leave this matter to me, maybe I will formulate an alloy that matches this property.” The sand sculpture said with a smile, and Xu Fan’s admiring eyes made him look at him just now. Very useful.

β€œIs Senior Brother Sha sure?” Xu Fan said in surprise.

“Give me half a year, it should be fine.” Sand Sculpture thought about it and said nodded.

“Then I’ll leave this to Senior Brother Sha.” Xu Fan said easily, compared to the cost of using a spirit-level spirit ore, waiting for half a year is a bloody profit.

“Leave it to me.” The sand sculpture said and flew towards the sect treasure house, as if I would do it now.

“In comparison, I am a bit underestimated.” Xu Fan said, looking at the sand sculpture’s back.

He feels that this is a bug that needs to be corrected.

At this moment, Xu Yuexian came to Xu Fan excitedly.

“You found a lot of good things at Secret Realm.” Xu Fan said with an excited look at Xu Yuexian.

“I found several Dao Items for Ancient Monster Race, and the most interesting one is this cage of ten thousand beasts.” Xu Yuexian said that a small round cage appeared in his hands.

“There is a lot of space inside, which can accommodate millions of monster beasts.”

Xu Fan took the ten thousand beast cage from Xu Yuexian, checked it, and gave it to Xu Yuexian.

“Master, keep it for me, what are you doing for me?” Xu Yuexian returned the cage of the beasts to Xu Fan.

“Then I’ll make it for you, catch some Monster Races with a high culture base and put them in, and use it as your Summoned Beast field in the future.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“By the way, in that Secret Realm, did you find something that you couldn’t see through?” Xu Fan asked, he found an unusual luck in the cage of ten thousand beasts Power.

“Master, I was just about to tell you, but there really is.” Xu Yuexian said, and took out a beast statue made of ordinary jade stone, which looked ancient and vicissitudes.

“The beast-fighting red demon clan, this era is very long.” Xu Fan said while looking at the statue.

“What is the clan of the imperial beasts and red demons?” Xu Yuexian asked curiously.

“In Ancient Era, I don’t know how many thousands of years ago, the ancient Monster Clan ruled the world at that time. At that time, the who race, Monster Race, etc., all lived under the will of the ancient giant monster, and there is no point. There is room for resistance.

“At that time, Monster Race had a family that specialized in herding monster beasts and provided blood food for the ancient monsters. At that time, that family was also the most honorable existence in Monster Race. “

“Later, as the ancient demon weakened, it was also exterminated. “

“This statue should be the object of worship of their family, so it condenses a lot of luck of their family. “

Xu Fan summoned two Void Refinement Realm puppets and carried them into the small space of the grapes.

“This beast statue condenses the spirit of their clan.” Luck and will is a good thing. “

“After I assimilate the qi and luck contained in it, I will combine it with the cage of the beasts to refine something for you.” ”

β€œIn the future, if the battle strength is not enough, you can be a summoner. “

“When there is a fight, there is a Monster Race in front, and the monster beast is on it, you just put a black gun in the back. “Xu Fan said, as soon as he imagined that scene, he found it very interesting. One person is a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

“This can be done, thank you Master. “Xu Yuexian said sweetly.

“What is there to thank, I will be waiting for you to protect me as a teacher in the future. “Xu Fan waved his hand.

(End of this chapter)

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