My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Guardian God Pass

Hidden Spirit Sect, in the underground space.

Xu Fan looked at the statue of the beast-fighting red demon clan, and behind him a treasure of merit and luck emerged, echoing the decaying luck of the red demon clan in the statue.

“Interesting, integrating this decaying luck into the cage of ten thousand beasts, maybe it can really make something amazing.” Xu Fan looked at the statue and thought.

At this time, Avatar No. 1 came to Xu Fan’s side.

“This statue contains the power of luck, which is a bit interesting.” Avatar No. 1 looked at the statue and said with a smile. Recently, his life has been very nourishing and there is no oppression. Usually, he only needs to be a supervisor to give instructions. That’s it.

“Look at this again.” Xu Fan took out the cage of all beasts with a smile.

The expression of Avatar No. 1 became serious in an instant, and he didn’t even look at the cage of ten thousand beasts in Xu Fan’s hands.

“I’m going a little bit earlier,” Avatar One said with a deadpan expression, saying that I was still going out.

“Don’t make trouble, if you hadn’t made this Dao Item by yourself, there would be the No. 2 Avatar.” Xu Fan said hurriedly.

At this time, Avatar No. 2 also came. When he saw the statue, he also said with a smile: “According to the power of luck contained in the statue, it’s a bit interesting.”

No. 2 Avatar looked towards Xu Fan and saw the Longevity Dragon Cage in Xu Fan’s hands, and suddenly said with a serious face: “Excuse me, I have to leave beforehand.”

As soon as I wanted to go out, I was met by Avatar No. 1. Hold down.

“This Dao Item you two refine together, and help Yuexian refine a Dao Item for luck. Even after being promoted to True Immortal, it can be upgraded to an Immortal Item.”


“In this way, Yuexian will be guaranteed outside.” Xu Fan said.

“Then why don’t you refine it,” protested Avatar Two.

“Look at how many years I haven’t made Dao Item, my hands are rusty, so I can only rely on you.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then you give me the authority to mobilize the spirit ore at the fairy level.” Avatar No. 1 said.

“You have permission to apply, and if you want to transfer directly, there is no door.” Xu Fan frowned said, and he did not dare to let Avatar No.

“You’re boring, Xiao Er go and go back to refining Dao Item.” Avatar No. 1 waved and said, putting away the cage of ten thousand beasts in the hands of Dao Item and Xu Fan.

After Avatar One and Two left, Xu Fan chuckled up.

He has seen all the baubles that Avatar made recently. They are very interesting and practical, but there are a lot of wasted materials in the early stage.

Now Avatar No. 1 can’t meet the spirit level test, but he can’t do anything except that the permissions are blocked.

A short while later, a light curtain appeared in front of Xu Fan, and above it was the spirit ore of the fairy level that the No. 1 Avatar wanted to apply for.

“He’s still smart, not too much, let’s all approve it. He can’t help but give some benefits to his work.” Xu Fan said.

“As you bid.”

“By the way, how are the Spirit Sect Disciples who came to sect recently?” Xu Fan asked.

“Currently receiving external virtual course training, so far the feedback is relatively good, and there has been a lot of progress.” Grapehui reported.

“It’s normal to have progress.”

“People have sent Disciple, so you have to learn something real and go back.”

“Grape, you put the sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion has an external version, the highest Divine Ability related to the source should not be opened to the outside world, the rest is up to you.” Xu Fan said, this kind of extremely trivial work, only grapes can instantly understand.

“As you bid.”

“The Points Exchange System is also open by the way, and the items in the treasury are not subject to exchange restrictions.” Xu Fan added.

“Master, isn’t this a bit…” Grape said.

“However, don’t be rude, someone’s Disciple is here, and treat it with sincerity.”

“In the future, let’s send the Disciple of our sect there too.”


“Life is a little more exciting.”

“Now that Transmission Formation is no longer available, I can only go shopping in other immortal cities.” Xu Fan said.


In the early morning, Xie Peng finished his one-night cultivation and got up and walked out of his Cave Mansion.

Because there are few Disciples this time, Hidden Spirit Sect assigns a mountain to every Thousand Spirit Sect Disciple.

Xie Peng felt refreshed as soon as he went out.

“This Sky Blue Spiritual Qi is really extraordinary.” Xie Peng now realizes the benefits of having fewer sect disciples.

Azure Spiritual Qi This kind of Spiritual Qi is not absent in the Spirit Sect, but there are too many sect disciples, and it is impossible to open it for free.

So if you want to absorb this Spiritual Qi, you can only spend your sect contribution point to Secret Realm cultivation.

At this moment, the communication Magical Artifact distributed by the Hidden Spirit Sect rang.

“The Hidden Scripture Pavilion is open to the public.”

“The Exchange System of Hidden Spirit Sect Points is open to the public. Every thousand Spirit Sect Disciple can use the points to exchange for things in the hidden Spirit Sect treasure house. .”

β€œOpening the Hidden Scripture Pavilion to the outside world, even if it is a part of it, is quite profitable.” Xie Peng said with interest, and the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was the one he was most interested in after he came to the hidden Spirit Sect. one of the places.

Because he found that the spell Divine Ability used by the hidden Spirit Sect Disciple is unusual and stronger than the general Divine Ability spell in the cultivation world.

“I won’t go to the Lingtai Fellow Daoist today to learn from each other.” Xie Peng turned into a light and flew towards the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

In the external Hidden Scripture Pavilion, many thousands of Spirit Sect Disciples have been gathered here.

At this moment, they are holding jade slip, watching as if drunk and stupefied.

“It turns out that it can be done.”

“This Fire Element Divine Ability is mixed with the Wind Element spell and some elements extracted from the air, and the formidable power can be so great.”

“This evasion technique, no wonder the Spirit Sect Disciple is hidden so fast.”

“This method of concealment is simply unheard-of.”


Xie Peng couldn’t wait to walk into the Hidden Scripture Pavilion and walked towards the area with the Divine Ability sign.

β€œVajra Barrier is indestructible.”

β€œThe shield of water spirits is endless.”

β€œThe guardian of earth spirits, the mighty power of the earth .”

“Wood Spirit is intertwined, and all things are inseparable.”

“Fire Spirit is a ring, and all things are burned.”

This is the most basic The five spirits guarding spell makes Xie Peng see as if drunk and stupefied.

He found that this is not a single spell that becomes an individual, but a set of basic spells for the Five Elements Great Guardian God pass.

You can use a single spell comprehend or the entire set of Five Elements Divine Ability to learn together, integrate with each other, and use it according to various situations, and also have a special fusion Divine Ability.

This concept alone made Xie Peng recall it for a long time.

“Although my Guardian God is not weak, but if I can learn this complete set of guardian Five Elements Great Divine Ability, the defense Divine Ability will definitely rise a few grades.” Xie Peng was a little excited. said.

He majored in Tactics 1, and was accustomed to observing the enemy’s weaknesses first and then counterattacking, because he was confident that he was invincible in defense and would be invincible.

But he feels that if he learns this set of inheritance-style Five Elements Protection Divine Ability, he will be able to open the Defense Divine Ability to fight the enemy in the future.

Just when Xie Pengchang was thinking about the scene after learning the Five Elements Divine Ability, he suddenly found a corner of an unremarkable area with a very strange name for the defense Divine Ability.

“Oli guards?”

(end of this chapter)

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