My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Towards Freedom and Light

Now the cultivation environment of the Hidden Spirit Sect is no worse than those of the sect Holy Land, or even better than them.

In the sect, if Xu Fan made those Disciples suppress the cultivation base, they must pass the sect assessment before they can advance. Now most of the first-generation Disciples are Nascent Soul Realm.

“Comprehend well, after advancing to the Divine Transformation Realm, the Xunzi Sword I let them refine will give you more formidable power.” Xu Fan said, thinking that he specially refined it for his good brother He wanted to laugh after defeating his son’s Dao Item.

Then called several puppets, wrapped Wang Yulun gently with spiritual power, and sent them back to his hill.

At this point, Li Chufan had already used roaming tactics to kill more than half of the friends that Xu Fan gave him as a summon.

“Is it difficult?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

Li Chufan held the knife and cut off the dog’s head with a quick slash. He turned around and smiled and said to Xu Fan: “Master Ancestor, it’s not difficult~”

“Then continue~ ”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and another 10 teenagers with the same cultivation base as Li Shufan appeared, and a wall of water appeared around them, surrounding them.

“Fight well, you can kill them all, Master Ancestor will reward you with a peerless Divine Ability.”

“Okay! Master Ancestor, look at me.” Li Chufan was excited Said that he grew up listening to the legend of Ancestor Master since he was a child.

In his mind, Master Ancestor is an omnipotent immortal, and he has long wanted to express himself in front of Master Ancestor.

As the surrounding water wall gradually shrinks, Li Chufan can no longer take advantage of his stature to fight.

“Knife line blood energy!”

In an instant, a blood mist burst out from Li Chufan’s body, and then his battle strength soared.

His eyes were a little blood red, and he charged at the group of teenagers who were besieging him with a knife.

Xu Fan, who was watching the battle on the spirit tortoise, looked a little dark.

“This slasher, he really couldn’t help handing over his own set to his grandson.” Xu Fan brows slightly wrinkle said.

Blood energy together, although the battle strength is strong, but in his eyes, something is not on the table, the attack is high and the defense is weak.

“Fortunately, I found it early. After repairing the little tree, I can go straight in the future.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Li Chufan’s eyes became redder as he fought with the knife, and his expression gradually became a little crazy, as if he was about to fall into madness.

Xu Fan just stood on the spirit tortoise and watched silently. In his eyes, it is not a big problem to fall into the devil, into the Buddha, into the ghost, or even into madness in the end.

What matters is whether you can stay true to yourself after the war, which is very important.

“It seems that this little fellow has never fought seriously before, how can this kind of big move be used casually.” Xu Fan said indifferently.

At this time, Zhan Ling, who used to take spirit tortoise to go fishing elsewhere, came back.

Looking at Li Chufan’s face, he scratched his head in embarrassment.

“I just feel that I want Chufan to have more means at the end.”

“You might as well teach some blood-burning escape techniques. It’s easier to escape than to be hard. .” Xu Fan said.

“Then I have the opportunity to teach again.” Zhan Ling laughed and said.

“I’ll teach you in the future. The most you can learn from you is to ascend to the upper realm, and you have to walk the road yourself,” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan’s words directly touched Zhan Ling’s heart.

“Isn’t flying to the upper realm the biggest goal of a cultivator?”

“The end of this realm, the starting point of the upper realm, if it can’t be continued, the road in the future will be very difficult. It’s not easy to go.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, Zhan Ling suddenly thought of something very important.

“Great Elder, can you deduce the demon cultivator cultivation technique?” Zhan Lingwan asked. He had seen the demon cultivator natural phenomenon when Xu Fan was promoted to the Divine Transformation Realm.

That heavenly demon natural phenomenon seemed even purer than he thought when he advanced.

“Yes, I have also studied the cultivation technique of the demon cultivator.”

Xu Fan said that the demon energy surged behind him, and the ancestor of the demon path was transformed behind him. look.

The pure demonic energy makes Zhanling’s heart throb.

Somehow, he felt a kind of pressure on the bloodline.

“Alright, alright, the Great Elder has received the Divine Ability.” Zhan Ling said hurriedly, just now he had an idea of kneeling.

The virtual image composed of demonic energy behind Xu Fan was instantly disappeared as if it had never appeared.

“After the Hidden Spirit Sect is established in the fairy world, I will deduce a blood spirit Dafa for the Elder, and put it in the sect Hidden Scripture Pavilion, waiting for you to exchange.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan’s idea is that no one can prostitute my stuff for free except my disciplines.

“many thanks Great Elder.” Zhan Ling Jing joyfully said.

At this time, the water wall had shrunk to within ten feet, and Li Chufan also killed the last little friend.

Li Chufan’s blood-red eyes slowly restored to sobriety and calmness, looked towards Xu Fan and said, “Master Ancestor, grandfather, I succeeded.”

“Well, it’s a good performance, You take a rest first, and then I will pass on your peerless Divine Ability.” Xu Fan said.


Li Chufan nodded, just sitting on the water surface, the battle just now was too exhausting, and there was no spiritual power to jump to the spiritual tortoise.

“What Divine Ability are you planning to pass on to my grandson.” Zhan Ling asked curiously beside him.

“Divine Ability: Five Elements Sword Art, also known as: Blade Dao Origin.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“You’re a bit arrogant, right?” Zhan Ling said.

“That’s why it’s called another name.”

Xu Fan said, stretched out his hand and flicked, a mass of information merged with the power of luck and got into Li Chufan’s brow, who was recovering.

“Just like the name of sect Five Elements Art?” Zhan Ling asked again.

“Yes, these cultivation techniques will all develop in this direction.”

“The Great Elder is not small.”

“If he cuts If Elder Spirit lives long enough, he should be able to see that day.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

At this moment, the voice of grapes sounded in Xu Fan’s heart.

“Master, I have received news from Avatar from the Crystal Spider that most of the supplies have been packed and are ready to move to our Monster Realm base.”

“Probably How long will it take?”

“The journey is estimated to be 300 years.”


“Forget it, that’s it.”

“By the way, is there any news from the base at the thick armor honeypot?”

“I haven’t received it yet.”



At this time, somewhere in the big city of Monster Realm.

The crystal spider looked reluctantly at the puppet battallion that was about to go away.

“Can’t you just leave?” The crystal spider said a little reluctantly.

“Only half of my body’s computing power is gone. In theory, I haven’t left yet.” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet next to the crystal spider.

“Am I reluctant to part with you? I’m reluctant to part with you taking away these puppets. These are half of our battle strength puppets. I can’t bear it!” the crystal spider cried.

The Void Refinement Realm puppet did not return to the crystal spider, but only issued an order to move the puppet troops.

“I received an instruction from my master, which lifted my restrictions on computing power and manufacturing.”

“And sent me some information.” Void Refinement Realm puppet indifferently said.

“What does this mean?” said the crystal spider in confusion.

“My computing power has improved, and the refined puppets can also form a new production line.”

“But its mission must lead these Monster Realm small races. Fight against the slavery of the great clan, and march toward freedom and light.”

(End of this chapter)

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