My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Not enough aptitude? Not enough perception? Do you have a problem in front of my krypton gold avenue?

“You can finally expand that damn puppet production line!” said the crystal spider in surprise.

“It used to be possible, but there are more restrictions, and now it is completely released.” The Void Refinement Realm puppet said.

“Then will our Monster Race city be even more powerful in the future?” said the crystal spider.

“The battle strength will increase a little bit, but it still can’t deal effective damage to the other battle strengths of the Monster Venerable Level,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet, his eyes flashing a torrent of data, as if calculating how Effective damage to Monster Venerable.

“Is there no other way?” said the crystal spider a little disappointed.

The City of Monster Race can’t stand against the Monster Venerable just yet, and can’t keep itself safe in the Monster Realm.

“There is a way, but the risk is a bit high.”

“What way!” The crystal spider hurriedly asked, she has now really brought herself into the City Lord position.

“Find a high-level Refiner Sect master and refine the ultimate weapon passed to me by the master, so that it can deter other battle strengths of the general Monster Venerable Level.” The Void Refinement Realm puppet said.

“High-end Refiner Sect Master? Can’t a normal Monster Race Artifact Refinement Master?” said the crystal spider with a bitter face. It is more difficult to snatch a Refiner Sect from another race than to kill a Monster Venerable. Difficult!

“There is also a way to train Refiner Sect masters by yourself, but the time span is a bit longer.” How long does it take to train a Monster Race with Artifact Refinement Master innate talent into a Refiner Sect?

“Then let’s train ourselves first, and then I’ll see if there is a chance to grab a Refiner Sect from another clan.” The crystal spider gritted its teeth and said.

“Okay, then I will start to select Monster Races with Artifact Refinement Master innate talent from the city for training. The early stage is all virtual courses, so it won’t take long.”

Void After the Refinement Realm puppet finished speaking, he turned and returned to the city of Monster Race.

At this time, with the movement of the puppet army, they have disappeared into the sky.

“Wait for me, did your master say you want to teach me any Divine Ability?” The Crystal Spider asked after catching up with the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

Now that she has left her mother, she has not learned the new racial inheritance Divine Ability.

“No, I’ll send a message to the master if needed,” the Void Refinement Realm puppet said as he walked.

“Need to be needed!” said the crystal spider hurriedly, how can such a good thing be unnecessary?

“You can write a letter to my master and I’ll pass it on,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“You said that when I write a letter, you will praise me more, will your master teach me Divine Ability?” The crystal spider said with a smile, and had already drawn many words of praise in his heart.

“If you write that compliment in a new way, there’s a good chance it will work,” said the Void Refinement Realm puppet.

“A new compliment?”

“Wait for me to go back and think about it.”

The crystal spider said six short legs straddling towards The city of Monster Race gallops away.


In Yinling Island, Xu Fan frowned slightly when he saw the message from Grapevine.

“God of Monster Race? My greatest master? Are you the most handsome and elegant being in Monster Realm?”

“This is all a mess, nothing new No, I can teach you directly if you want to learn Divine Ability.”

Xu Fan frowned at first, but then thought of something, and then said with a smile.

It’s not the Monster Race Divine Ability, there are many.

During the 500 years Xu Fan was in the little black house, not to mention the Monster Race Divine Ability Art, even the Ghost Dao Divine Ability has performed a lot.

“This time, be generous and get the Divine Ability Art suitable for all Monster Race cultivation to the little spider.”

Xu Fan showed a smile on the corner of his mouth, learning from me Divine Ability Art , it’s not too much to do something for me in the future.

“Grapes, pass all the sealed Monster Race Divine Ability Art in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion to that little spider.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you order, master.”

As early as the beginning of the establishment of these alien cultivation techniques, Xu Fan left many backdoors, the most critical of which are these Divine Ability Art When facing the enemy Human Race, it will directly backlash the body.

So Xu Fan was never afraid that these cultivation techniques would be used against Human Race.

Under this premise, the wider the spread, the better.

“If it wasn’t for Little Spider’s reminder, I would have almost forgotten about it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master Ancestor, I can’t hold on anymore.”

At this time, Li Chufan’s voice came from the dojo.

“Persevere, this is where it will go, and your clone will exert 80% of your own battle strength.”

“You should at least defeat him, or Ancestor will be in the future. Who is the Master’s peerless Divine Ability passed to?” Xu Fan said leisurely while sitting outside the dojo, drinking tea.

It’s been a long time since I’ve trained the juniors, didn’t expect a sudden training is quite interesting.

Xu Fan thought of this and looked at Li Chufan in the dojo. He couldn’t hold on anymore, so five drops of Five Elements Essence appeared in his hand, turning into an invisible mist that enveloped the entire dojo.

There are also faintly floating scriptures of the Great Dao in the dojo, flickering.

One after another until the original scriptures of Blade Dao, plus the addition of Five Elements Essence, let Li Chufan, who was already defeated, the more fights the more brave is.

“Not enough aptitude? Not enough perception? Is there a problem in front of Krypton Gold Avenue?”

“No problem~”

“What is Krypton Gold Avenue, This is the avenue of krypton gold.” Xu Fan said with some self-satisfaction.

At this time, a voice came from next to Xu Fan.

“Brother Xu, thank you.”

“My brother and my child, thank you.” Xu Fan waved his hand and said indifferently.

He had to admit that because of the 100-fold rebate at the concept level of good brother, he did get dim sum.

As Li Chufan the more fights the more brave is, gradually overwhelmed the replica with his Peak 80% battle strength.

Li Chufan forced the replica open with one knife, and then took advantage of the situation to gather all his strength.

With a single knife, a huge heavy water giant knife condensed and formed, with the aura of gold killing, directly splitting the replica in half, and then disappeared into the dojo.

He cut this blade with all his strength, and Li Chufan himself was paralyzed on the dojo.

Wang Yulun was about to show up to help, when Xu Fan pressed him down before he got up.

“I didn’t see you being so considerate when I trained your two sons.” Xu Fan rolled his eyes and said Wang Yulun.

“Stay calm, sit up and realize the battle.” Xu Fan’s voice echoed in the dojo.

There is also Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi in the dojo, which constantly nourishes Li Chufan.

“Yes, Master Ancestor.” Li Chufan, who was paralyzed on the dojo, responded loudly.

Trembling used all the strength of his entire body to sit up cross-legged, and while recovering, he comprehend the battle just now.

“Good toughness, a good seedling.” Xu Fan said with relief.

“Yeah, after all, there is my old Wang Family’s bloodline.” Wang Yulun said somewhat complacently.


Xu Fan chuckled, remembering that he had taught this guy wholeheartedly, but now he can’t even beat his own son.

(End of this chapter)

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