My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Fourth Cannon

“It turns out to be the case, I only know that Heavenly Dao is not allowed, but I just think that they are too powerful and threaten this world Heavenly Dao.”

” It turns out that you eat more and take more.” Zhan Ling said with a laugh, adding a new knowledge point.

At this moment, while Xu Fan was chatting with Zhan Ling, the Cloud Saint Monster Venerable once again entered the range of the railgun.

Xu Fan immediately regained his energy, and three compass illusory shadows appeared all over his body.

“Grape, the third gun is under your control.”

“I will be in charge of the first, second and fourth guns.” Xu Fan said solemnly.

Although there are only three railguns in the sky now, they can barely achieve seamless connection with their extreme performance.

“Understand my master.” Grape’s tone became serious.

At this time, all the sect disciples stationed on the steel Great Wall began to get nervous. They knew that the second round challenge was coming.

At this time, 100,000 kilometers away from the Great Steel Wall, Yunsheng Monster Venerable is escaping towards the Great Steel Wall at high speed.

Yunsheng Monster Venerable maximizes its perception, and has thousands of holy light bodyguards all over its body.

She did not hide her figure, and was always watching the movement from the sky, ready to break open the space teleportation at any time.

“Human Race, you’d better have a means of forcing me back, or today is the day you will be wiped out!” Yun Sheng’s Monster Venerable looked indifferently towards the Steel Great Wall.

“Just like this bright body appeared and challenged me?” Xu Fan said with a chuckle.

This Cloud Saint Monster Venerable has its holy light shield on, and it enters its striking range so brightly.

This is not provocation what is it?

“The grapes are starting.”

Xu Fan slowly closed his eyes, and everyone only felt an inexplicable imposing manner rising from the Great Elder.

Others just felt Xu Fan’s imposing manner, while Zhan Ling really saw Xu Fan’s terror.

Xu Fan’s state reminded him of the legendary great character, who was admired by the Heavenly Devil Sect suzerain.

Everyone instantly felt the rising of a killing intent, Xu Fan suddenly opened his eyes, and put his hands on a compass illusory shadow.

With Xu Fan’s afterimage-like operation, the railgun in the sky fired two shots in an instant, followed by a pause, and after the grapes were fired, the third shot was also fired.

After the Yunsheng Monster Venerable, who was killing the Great Steel Wall, felt the strangeness in the sky, his figure instantly rioted and dodged in one direction.

Then a white light burst out, and Yunsheng’s Monster Venerable silhouette once again appeared outside several dozen li.


The earth shook twice, and the third attack came one after another.

Cloud Saint Monster Venerable dodged again, and summon came out of his body.

A holy lion with a hundred zhang appeared.

The flickering white light instantly condensed into the appearance of one after another light armor protecting the body.

The third blow directly penetrated the appearance of the holy lion with the hundred zhang.

Although it penetrated the appearance of the holy lion, it also bought enough time for Yunsheng Monster Venerable to avoid the third blow.

Just when Monster Venerable thought it was over, the 4th hit came together seamlessly.

“Human Race, let you live a little longer!”

The voice of Yunsheng Monster Venerable drifted in the sky.

Then a white light flashed, Heaven and Earth darkened, and the true body of the Cloud Saint Monster Venerable disappeared in the sky.

“Tigers don’t show their power~” Xu Fan said weakly.

When Li Chufan saw this, he quickly took out a Spirit Pill that could restore his mind and fed it to Xu Fan.

“It seems that the Great Elder really can’t hit the 4th shot.” Zhan Ling said seriously beside him.

“Why don’t you give me a hand from the Elder Zhan Ling next time?” Xu Fan raised his eyes to see Zhan Ling.

“That’s right,” Zhan Ling said.

“I have a Divine Ability called True Spirit Dafa. When the time comes Elder, I only need to dedicate a little True-Spirit Origin, let alone the fourth shot and the fifth shot I can hit.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Haha, the Great Elder’s Divine Ability is really Unparalleled.”

“But I feel that the Divine Ability Great Elder, which is so unnatural, should be used sparingly.” said, smiling a little embarrassedly.

“It’s okay, I have merit and luck, body protection, and Divine Ability, which goes against heaven’s law, can still withstand it.”

Xu Fan just looked at Zhan Ling, you Isn’t it joking that I can’t hit the fourth shot?

I’ll let you do it~

At this time, Zhan Ling felt that if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, so he took out the heavy water source knife!

β€œGreat Elder, his True Spirit is useless, let’s see if I cut a Monster Venerable for you and take his True Spirit over.”

β€œwhen the time comes Great As much as the elder wants, I will voluntarily get it for the Great Elder.” Zhan Lingyi said sternly, with a feeling that I would also go with all the blades.

“Forget it, I think Spirit Slaying Elder is right. This kind of Divine Ability goes against the law of heaven. Besides, even with the fourth shot, it can’t solve the big problem.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

Divine Ability is real, and there are more evil versions.

It just doesn’t match Xu Fan’s character. As a good socialist youth, he will not do such a disguised thing as cannibalism.

“The Great Elder is right.”

Zhan Ling also knew that Xu Fan was teasing himself, but there was no way, who asked him to tease him first.

“Okay, everyone can relax. As long as the Yunsheng Monster Venerable is not stupid, it won’t come for a while.” Xu Fan looked at the sad-faced Disciples above the Great Steel Wall and said. .

“Follow the advice of the Great Elder,” said the Disciples in their hearts.

Everything is going in the direction I expected, and now I just wait for the railgun to reach the Holy City of the Holy Lion family.

When the time comes Xu Fan, you can ask Yun Sheng Monster Venerable to talk about the stolen home or not returning to the city.

In this way, Xu Fan stubbornly stomped on the steel Great Wall for more than a month.

If you have nothing to do during this period, please give pointers to the Disciple and some puppet masters around you.

During this period, the generation of Disciples who guarded the Great Steel Wall enjoyed a full range of guidance, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from Divine Ability to cultivation technique, from soul strength to in-depth analysis of innate talent .

Every day, the Disciple guarding the Great Steel Wall is most looking forward to the Great Elder calling his own name.

“XXX, come here and let me see what’s wrong~”

Although the words are a bit speechless, the effect makes Disciples really fragrant.

Especially the Disciples that the sects focus on training, Xu Fan even planned a battle strength plan for them to the Great Ascension Realm.

Looking at Zhan Ling the whole time, his face turned black with envy.

“Great Elder, do you think I still have a chance to rebuild now?” Zhan Ling joked.

“I have a practice here, the Divine Ability of All Souls Returning to the Origin, do you want to try the Elder Soul Slayer?” Xu Fan said with a honeyed smile.

“Oh, there is such a great Divine Ability, can we take a look?” Zhan Ling said.

Xu Fan took out a jade plate and handed it to Zhan Ling, he had many more Divine Ability like this.

“All souls return to the source to sacrifice Heavenly Dao, and reborn to Nirvana.”

“The Divine Ability of Great Elder is really not simple, but I still can’t bear this cultivation base.” Zhan Ling said regretfully.

(End of this chapter)

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