My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Light and Shadow TV Series

“Is this a Dao Item that stores images?” Xu Fan said, looking at the immortal city tens of thousands of years ago.

“Is it a waste to use Dao Item just to store light and shadow?” Wang Yulun said.

“Let’s look down.”

With the perspective of light and shadow, the two of them saw the many enchanting females on Immortal City Street, with different beauty like Fairy. female cultivator.

Cold and noble, holy and elegant, sweet and pleasant, Yuluo Dual Cultivation…

In short, they can meet all the beautiful women they can think of.

The two heard the conversation of passers-by and learned that this immortal city is holding the election of the top ten outstanding rankings of the cultivation world.

“Are all people so self-willed back then?” Wang Yulun looked at the award for number one on the stunning list in shock.

That is a fairy dress, and the one who can get on the stunning list for the second time will also get a Dao Item.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, that time should have been the most prosperous time of Human Race, and also the most prosperous time of between Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.”

“So have more resources. , it’s normal to take out a fairy weapon as a reward.” Xu Fan said, looking at all kinds of dressed up female cultivators on the street.

With the perspective of light and shadow, the two enjoyed a tournament of the peerless beauty pageant tens of thousands of years ago.

The two of them can be described as feasting their eyes, and they feel like the most beautiful beauty in the world.

Just when the two thought it was about to end, the style of light and shadow began to change.

According to Xu Fan’s words, from the first perspective to the third perspective.

At this time, the two of them could see clearly that the perspective of this light and shadow turned out to be a suave, handsome and beautiful young man.

Sword eyebrows and star eyes, quite a kind of chivalrous youth feeling.

“The minimum configuration for this face is to be a male protagonist.” Xu Fan looked at the boy’s face and said with a smile.

“Well, this child is not bad, as handsome as I am.” Wang Yulun said with a nod to his feet.

“When did you have this bragging problem?” Xu Fan glanced at Wang Yulun.

“I’m telling the truth.”

“Shut up and focus on the light and shadow.”

As the light and shadow fast-forward, the two feel more and more The more wrong.

The boy with the face of the protagonist turned out to be a scumbag, a stunning beauty on the stunning list, seeing someone who loves someone.

He first captured the tenth beauty in the world, and then took the opportunity to attack her best friend, the female cultivator who was ranked 8th in the beauty list.

The two thought that the teenagers would stop here, and they would live an enviable Divine Immortal life together with the stunning Dao Companion.

However, this young man was not satisfied, he even won the consent of two stunning Dao Companions and began to attack the fifth beauty in the character list.

“Are those two women on the character list blind?”

“You would agree to such a request.” Wang Yulun complained.

“Can you do whatever you want when you’re handsome?” Xu Fan also said a little sourly next to him.

At this moment, Li Chufan’s voice came.

“Master Ancestral Grandfather, what are you doing?”

Xu Fan waved his hand gently, and the huge world of light and shadow disappeared.

“Not doing anything, just watching something.”

“Yes, now you’ve beaten 80% of the Peak you were without any extra effort.”

“Work harder in the future, Master Ancestor is optimistic about you.” Xu Fan encouraged with a smile.

“Okay, you’re doing well, I’ll give you a day off today and come back in three days.”

“Really? Thank you Master Ancestor.”

After Li Chufan left, Xu Fan and Wang Yulun looked at each other, hehe, smiled and started to read the content in Dao Item.

After half a month, Xu Fan lay on one bear and two clouds and couldn’t help sighing: “There are really men who can do this~”

“There are also Women are willing to allow so many sisters.”

The light and shadow world in the compass, like a TV series, tells the story of a top-level handsome young man who eats hard and finally ascends to the fairyland.

In that part, I often watched Xu Fan’s chest rise and fall, and he felt uneasy.

“The experience of this amorous prodigal son is much better than those of the protagonists. I don’t know if I can meet this guy in the Great Thousand Worlds in the future.” Xu Fan said looking at the sky.


In the Hidden Spirit Sect, the monthly final battle royale event starts.

The Golden Core Realm Disciple of the Hidden Spirit Sect and the Thousand Spirit Sect were all excited to participate in the event.

Monthly battle royale finals, where you can get a lot of points and rewards for ranking at the top.

“Lingtai Fellow Daoist, I’m sorry I can’t fight side by side with you.”

“Because these few months, the battle royale finals at the end of each month are all your hidden Spirit Sect I will win.”

“This time I want to restore the glory for the Thousand Spirit Sect.” Xie Peng said formally.

“Thanks Fellow Daoist, go ahead, these are all right.” Xu Lingtai said.

Go ahead, you can’t win anyway, this time the battle royale Xiong Li is also here, Xu Lingtai thought.

“Then I’ll go. In the game, I hope Lingtai Fellow Daoist doesn’t keep his hands.” Xie Peng said firmly with his eyes.

“Then when the time comes Xie Fellow Daoist don’t hold back.” Xu Lingtai said with a smile.

The two walked into their respective Illusion Technique rooms.

Xie Peng entered the game world as soon as he sat on the chair in the center of the Illusion Technique array.

A huge light curtain appeared in front of Xie Peng. It was a map, and he could teleport to wherever he clicked.

“This time, I want to get the first place at any cost, and I will succeed in eating chicken!” Xie Peng said with firm eyes, and then he pointed, and he began to prepare for the transmission link.

“I hope you don’t meet Xiong Li at first, and Lingtai Fellow Daoist is also better not to meet.”

After several lessons in the past, this one must keep him until the end, Even if Heaven and Earth shattered and the world collapsed, he would not come out.

As the countdown ends, all Golden Core Realm Disciples in two sects disappear into their own playspace.

The battle royale world, under a huge iceberg, a teleportation aura appeared, Xie Peng appeared.

“Is it Five Elements World again?”

“Yes, it seems that the odds of winning are one point higher.” Xie Peng said while looking at the surrounding environment.

Just then a sword light flashed, Xie Peng just indifferently and skillfully used the defensive Divine Ability.

The shield collapsed, and Xie Pengyou added several layers of Five Elements shield to himself.

“Shadow Thorn, in the battle royale game, you have blocked me three times, do you think you can still kill me?” Xie Peng said lightly.

“How can you know if you don’t try?”

Xie Peng’s voice sounded in the void.

“I’m not interested in calling you, let’s go~” Xie Peng said, using the Water Escape Technique to escape into the ice layer, disappeared.

After a long time, the silhouette of Shadow Thorn appeared where Xie Peng disappeared.

“Well, business is getting worse and worse.” Shadowthorn said, turning into black smoke and floating in the air.

At this point Xu Fan is watching the Battle Royale Month finale.

“Thousands of Spirit Sect Disciples are progressing very fast. How long does it take to learn and use them.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Especially this Xie Peng, I guess this one can surprise me.”

As the battle royale game progresses, the two sects Disciple fight each other and hide from each other, Slowly entered the final round.

(End of this chapter)

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