My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 488

Chapter 488 New Ideas

The two Refiner Sect Masters of the Thousand Spirit Sect all silently looked at the Thousand Spirit Venerable and made a silent resistance.

“If it’s normal, it’s fine, but now is a critical period. The entire Thousand Spirit Sect is just two Refiner Sect divisions. What if something happens to the star boat in the extreme sky.”

“Qian Spirit Sect and many tasks you have taken over.” Qian Ling Venerable said with some embarrassment.

Wang Yi and Sun Daoling remained silent, determined to stay in the hidden Spirit Sect to transform this Monster Race snake-shaped giant beast battleship.

Looking at the transformation of the two, Qianling Venerable is a bit big headed. If these two big treasures stay here, the boss may really kill himself after returning.

Qianling Venerable is not afraid to kill these two big treasures, so he can only look towards Xu Fan as if asking for help.

“Two Grandmasters, otherwise, you can discuss who will go back, and then I will record the detailed transformation plan and lighting of this Monster Race giant beast battleship for you.” Xu Fan looked at the two said a Refiner Sect teacher.


Xu Fan’s words were still silent.

Looking at the two silent Refiner Sect teachers, Xu Fan started to have a headache, what’s wrong with you not talking.

“Would you like to keep the two Refiner Sect masters?” Xu Fan said while looking at Qianling Venerable.

“No, I will be beaten to death by the boss when I go back.” Qian Ling Venerable shook his head suddenly, thinking of what would happen after he went back.

Xu Fan was speechless.

“Otherwise, Venerable can stun one and take it back.” Xu Fan sound transmission said.

“No way, these two big babies in my sect are both stubborn, and if they are knocked out and brought back, they will make a deal. What if they don’t work hard in the future.” Qianling Venerable said.

“Or go to Monster Race and grab a Monster Race Refiner Sect to serve your sect.” Xu Fan said casually.

Xu Fan’s words reminded Qianling Venerable, as if it opened Qianling’s mind.

Thousand Spirits Venerable set his sights on the Refiner Sect division of the mixed iron monkey.

The Refiner Sect Master of the Mixed Iron Monkey looked at this Human Race Venerable that could easily crush him, and thought for a while and said, “If Venerable wants the Monster Race Refiner Sect Master to serve you, you’d better find that A small clan Refiner Sect who serves the big clan.”

β€œThe probability that the small clan Refiner Sect master sincerely belongs to is relatively large.”

β€œI never thought of it before.” At this time, Qianling Venerable’s eyes lit up like a wild wolf finding its prey.

β€œGreat Elder, can you let me bring back a Monster Race Refiner Sect for help, and convince the eldest by the way.”

β€œRest assured, the fee will not be less at all. ” Qianling Venerable assured.

“Grape, can you call out a Refiner Sect from the Moon Fox Clan now?” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, just let the Artifact Refinement Master at Fox Race in January fill it up,” Grape said.

“Then call out a Fox Race Refiner Sect division to give him a mission.”

“As per your order~”

“Since you two don’t want to. Let’s go, then stay and study together.”

“We strive to refine our own starship as soon as possible.” Qianling Venerable said to the two silent Refiner Sect masters.

“Thank you Supreme Second Elder.” The two Refiner Sect masters of the Thousand Spirit Sect salute.

“Now I know that I am the Supreme Second Elder.” Qian Ling Venerable said with a smirk.

A short while later, a Refiner Sect from Fox Race appeared and looked at Xu Fan frantically.

“Master, the task you gave me must be completed by Perfection.”

The voice is extremely excited, like a soldier before the battlefield, for his own beliefs, for his own beliefs and fight.

“Great Elder, I want to learn your fascination method from you.” Qian Ling Venerable looked at the excited Monster Race Refiner Sect teacher and said to Xu Fan sound transmission.

“You go to the star boat to recuperate first, and then someone assigns you a task.” Xu Fan said.


No need for Qianling Venerable to say more, following Disciple by his side, he led the Qi Refinement Sect division of Fox Race to Qian Spirit Sect Starship. superior.

“Great Elder, this is the spirit ore and spirit material you asked for.” Qianling Venerable took out a space ring and handed it to Xu Fan, which was a disguised tuition fee and grape Avatar rental fee.

Xu Fan took the space ring and said with a smile: “Qianling Venerable is polite.”

“You are welcome, what spirit ore is missing in the future, tell me directly, Qianling You also know the background of Spirit Sect.” Qian Ling Venerable said.

Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Elder lineage Since thirty thousand years ago, the Supreme Great Elder, all served by the invincible Venerable.

“Then next time Venerable comes, see if you can bring these spirit ore.” Xu Fan said and took out a jade slip and handed it to Qianling Venerable.

“No problem~” Qianling Venerable didn’t even look at it, and directly put the jade slip in the space ring.

I’m not afraid that Xu Fan wants more, but I’m afraid that Xu Fan has no demand.

Qian Ling Venerable understands that Qian Spirit Sect will seek Xu Fan in many ways in the future.

The future refiner Great Grandmaster, even the invincible Venerable must put down his face.

“After three years, I will bring back a lot of Disciples from your sect.”

“Great Elder, we’ll meet again some day.”

After all the people who should return to Qian Spirit Sect have boarded the starship, Qian Ling Venerable cupped his hands and said.

“Venerable, let’s see you in three years.” Xu Fan said goodbye with a smile.

“Master, what if you are not afraid that these thousand and one hundred Disciples are unwilling to come back?”

Xu Yuexian said beside Xu Fan after the Thousand Spirit Sect starship left. .

“My carefully selected inner sect disciple impossible will not come back. Besides, are the hardware and software conditions of our hidden Spirit Sect weaker than that of the Thousand Spirit Sect?” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Actually, I also want to go to Spirit Sect ~” Xu Yuexian’s voice was getting smaller and smaller.

“You haven’t even explored the surroundings of the Monster Realm base, and you still want to go to other places.” Xu Fan gave Xu Yuexian a blank look!

“I just don’t know, when will Xingci and his family come back?” Xu Fan said looking at the sky.

Xu Fan has asked Qianling Venerable to send Li Xingci’s family to the stars in the Human Race channel.

“It is estimated that after staying there for a few years, I will come back. It is also very troublesome to get those things back from the Elder Council.”

“The Elder Council It shouldn’t be Craving for Elder things?” Xu Yuexian said.

“When the Elder comes back, you will know how much there is.”

Xu Fan remembered that Li Xingci had told him that his daughter-in-law would stay at the Elder. something in the Council.

That’s the heritage of a top sect for thousands of years. I used to think that Xingzhou Haizhou Dao Item was the most important.

But now, Xu Fan felt that he was out of shape at that time.

Thousand Spirit Sect, with the thousand spirit Venerable returning with the starship.

Disciples all over the sect regret not competing for the place to hide the Spirit Sect.

Not to mention the improvement of its comprehensive strength, the special products brought back make those Disciples who did not go are very envious.

The fifth-order boutique Treasure Item sold by the hidden Spirit Sect, even the Golden Core Realm Disciple can buy enough quota.

To hide the Spirit Sect’s Thousands of Spirit Sect Disciple, each person will bring back five fifth-order boutique Treasure Items on average, all of which are Treasure Items that are most suitable for their own cultivation technique Divine Ability.

(End of this chapter)

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