My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Yin-Yang Five Elements

Xu Fan’s splitting heaven and earth apart made him comprehend above Xiong Er’s clouds for two years.

In the meantime, the Hidden Spirit Sect Disciple knows that they can look up if they want the Great Elder.

The Great Elder is on the biggest bear cloud.

In the sky, Wang Xiangchi sat cross-legged not far from Xu Fan.

“Master must have realized the world-shattering Great Divine Ability, otherwise it is impossible to realize it for so long.”

A ball appeared in Wang Xiangchi’s hand, and he fiddled with it lightly.

A soft and soothing music played above the sky.

Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes and looked at Wang Xiangchi, who was waiting beside him.

“Master, you are awake!” Wang Xiangchi said happily.

“How long have I been enlightened here?” Xu Fan said.

“Master, you have been enlightened here for two years.”

“It’s only been two years~” Xu Fan said with some sigh.

It’s also a problem that aptitude is too good. It can’t be like others, and it can be realized for thousands of years.

“Master, what have you realized in the past two years?” Wang Xiangchi asked curiously.

At this time, with Xu Fan’s awakening, a group of disciplines gathered around him again.

“The beginning of splitting heaven and earth apart Yin-Yang Five Elements.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He opened his palm gently, a small flower woven in black and white slowly bloomed in his palm, then experienced the most beautiful moment, then declined, and finally turned into a pile of powder.

“This is the Great Dao Law that Master realized, do you understand?” Xu Fan looked at the four disciplines and said.

“It’s too profound for us to understand.” Xu Gang said first.

Xu Fan smashed the powder in the sky into the purest Five Elements Spiritual Qi.

“I can’t understand it now, I will teach you later, don’t worry.”

“As a teacher, I have a little insight into the Yin-Yang Five Elements Source Dao.”

“I will sort it out. After a while, I will preach for the entire Disciple.” Xu Fan said .

“Thank you, Master.” The four disciplines saluted.

After the four disciplines left, Xu Fan sat cross-legged in his small courtyard, a mysterious air gushing out of him.

“splitting heaven and earth apart, the beginning of all souls, is really amazing.”

“Five Elements Art can be upgraded to another version.” Xu Fan exclaimed.

When Xu Fan saw the birth of the world, he was pulled into a magical world.

He seems to be like the embryo of a world before birth, bred with Yin-Yang Five Elements, bred with all living things, all of which are engraved in this small embryo.

Then took root and sprouted into a perfect Small World.

At that time, he incarnated as the consciousness of Small World and controlled all the laws in Small World.

When Xu Fan reminisced about his enlightenment, the sand sculpture came to Xu Fan’s small courtyard.

“Great Elder, the Dao Item alloy you want has been prepared.” Sand Sculpture said.

“Success!” Xu Fan was also a surprise.

“It was successful half a year ago, and now Grape has produced all the required Dao Item alloys.”

“Now I’m just waiting for your order to transform that star. A crucial step for the boat.” Sand Sculpture said excitedly.

“Grape, it’s time for the final transformation.” Xu Fan ordered.

“As you bid.” Grape said.

“Great Elder, in the future, let’s wonder if Spirit Sect will have the strength to develop our own star boat.” Sand Sculpture said, he knew the most critical psionic core of the star boat and several key accessories Xu Fan Can be refined.

“It is possible, but the spirit ore is not enough, otherwise I will also impossible to transform the giant beast battleship of Monster Race.”

According to Xu Fan, those star boats used to be Slag, so many such precious Dao Item spirit ore, and finally refining a big ship that can only launch cannonballs to travel in the extreme sky, he feels that it is too wasteful.

If he really has the spirit ore that can refine the star boat, he must make those giant beast battleship of Human Race star boat and Monster Race deeply understand the concept of a word?

That is the dimensionality reduction strike.

“Also, refining a star boat is more than hundreds of millions of catties of spirit ore.”

“Each star boat is a top sect for hundreds of years and thousands of years. Accumulation can only buy a star boat from Tianlianzong.” Sand Sculpture said.

“We are still too shallow about Spirit Sect.” Xu Fan said with emotion.

“Just by remodeling each Monster Race serpentine battleship plus one hundred and eight Dao Item suits from the brother, half of the family property has been taken out, not to mention the ten thousand zhang starships. It’s over.”

Xu Fan said, suddenly remembering a famous saying in his previous life.

You have been studying hard for ten years, why do you think it can be worth the accumulation of a hundred years of Aristocratic Family?

In the culture world, it’s not as simple as a hundred years, there are many families and sectors of inheritance.

“In the future, let Elder Zhanling go to mine diligently, and maybe he will meet a super-large spirit ore star.”

“Looking forward to this.” Sand sculpture said with a smile .

The sand sculpture sat in the Xu Fan small courtyard for a while, and then flew towards the site where the serpentine battleship was transformed impatiently.

β€œGrape, when is it expected to be remodeled?”

β€œDue to the addition of four Monster Race Refiner Sect divisions, the speed of remodeling the snake giant beast battleship has increased significantly. The renovation will be completed in three years,” reported the Grape Society.

“Three years, quite fast.”

Xu Fan waved his hand, a layer of shield enveloped the entire small courtyard, and finally continued to comprehend the Great Comprehend in the past two years. Dao Law.

Three days later, Xu Fan appeared in the underground space.

“Ontology, what did you realize after two years of enlightenment?” Avatar No. 1 asked while refining the weapon.

The second Avatar is also looking at Xu Fan.

“Didn’t I come here to synchronize data?”

Xu Fan waved his hand, and the two groups of aura merged into Avatar No. 1 and No. 2 respectively.

“Yin and Yang Great Dao of Five Elements, it’s interesting, it will be much more convenient for refining in the future.” Avatar No. 1 said, the Phoenix flame hair in his hand chirped happily.

The same goes for the Phoenix Spirit Fire in Avatar Two’s hands.

“Fire source Spiritual Qi and Muyuan Spiritual Qi, yes, they are my Avatar.” Xu Fan praised.

He felt that there were two sources, Spiritual Qi’s blessing, Phoenix in the hands of Avatar No. 1 and No. 2, spiritual fire, and power more than doubled.

“The main body, wait another two years before it can be shipped.” Avatar No. 2 said.

“Speed up a little bit, maybe it won’t be used for two years.” No. 1 said, looking at the Dao Item suit that was about to be refined in his hand.

“Okay, okay, come on!” After Xu Fan finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the secret room where the grapes were hidden.

The main purpose of his coming here is to see the world where grapes breed.

In the secret room with grapes, Xu Fan walked into a light gate.

“Hey, why are you here?” Xu Fan looked at Tianji Tortoise and Cloud Flower Deer with a surprised expression.

“Master, when Small World was just able to accommodate living beings, they came in.” Grape said.

“Chirp~” Cloud Flower Deer rubbed Xu Fan’s hand and cried.

β€œYou say it’s very comfortable here and can help you advance quickly?” Xu Fan said.

Cloud Flower Deer nod


(End of this chapter)

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