My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 495

Chapter 495 spirit ore stars

Xu Fan preached for three days and three nights.

All the Disciples who heard the sermon showed intoxication, and even those who were about to break through couldn’t control their Spiritual Qi, breaking through one after another.

But the end of the breakthrough is to be taken out of the dojo in advance by the puppets who maintain the dojo.

The moment Xu Fan finished speaking, Xiong Li, Xiang Yu, Xu Lingtai, and the others, who had been holding back flushed face, were all sighed in relief, and then the spiritual power fluctuations exploded all over their bodies.

It was like holding back for three days and three nights, and finally the gate opened smoothly.

The first-generation Disciple of Hidden Spirit Sect begins to break through Nascent Soul Realm one after another.

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he looked towards the sky and waved his hand lightly, in the sky the golden Lotus disappeared.

“It’s not too cool to use the sermon in conjunction with the merits and qi fortune.” Xu Yifan said, looking back, he was about to condense into a real treasure of merit and qi fortune.

Since the last big outbreak of merit and qi fortune, Xu Fan found that the merit and qi fortune he has received is getting more and more every day.

The wasted point of this sermon is just irrelevant to Xu Fan.

This has been distressing for a long time.

After the sermon, Xu Fan returned to his small courtyard to rest and preached for three days and three nights, which was a bit exhausting for his mind.

“I have a loss of mind, how can I be worthy of myself if I don’t take the opportunity to sleep.” Xu Fan yawned and fell into a deep sleep.


Spirit Sect, Li Leihu and Eryuan are wandering the entire Spirit Sect in an enthusiastic Spirit Sect Disciple.

“During this time, I took two Fellow Daoist within the sect for a tour. How well did the two know about the area within the sect.” That thousand Spirit Sect Disciple said with a smile.

“It’s okay, but the cafeteria is a bit small. The Spirit Sect is really too big.” Eryuan said, holding a bag of shredded squid in his hand and stuffing it into his mouth.

“Many thanks Fellow Daoist has been our tour guide during this time, and we already know the basic situation of the Spirit Sect.” Li Leihu clicked on the nodded and said, turning around and giving Eryuan a glance.

“That’s good. In the future, Fellow Daoist can contact me directly through the communication magic weapon.” The Spirit Sect Disciple said goodbye to the two of them and left.

“How did you feel after watching it at Qian Spirit Sect for a few days?” Li Leihu said, looking at Er Yuan next to him.

“It’s good, but there’s no delicious food.” Eryuan said, and called up the light and shadow map of the Thousand Spirit Sect, counting how many cafeterias there are.

Muttering, must eat all the cafeterias before leaving.


“Forget it, I’ll take you to those cultivation Secret Realm.” Li Leihu said speechlessly.

When they were on their way back to the Cave Mansion in the Thousand Spirit Sect, Eryuan suddenly thought of something and whispered to Li Leihu: “Now that Elder Sister Lin is not here, tell me about the battle to the end. Who won?”

“Which battle?” Li Leihu was taken aback.

“It’s the battle between you and the outer sect Chief Disciple.” Eryuan’s eyes flashed with gossip.

“You said that battle was a draw.” Li Leihu said indifferently.

“No way? You were beaten so badly by the butcher’s uncle every day, and finally finished apprenticeship, but it was still a draw.” Eryuan said in shock.

Li Leihu’s face darkened. He, the Little Junior Sister, is really not suitable for chatting with others.

“I’m making progress, and the outer sect Chief Disciple is also making progress. It’s normal to have a draw.” Li Leihu said.

“I feel like Brother Hu, you were beaten so many times by the butcher’s uncle for nothing. The one blade after another slashed you. Although it was in the game, the pain was real.” Eryuan said.

“Er Yuan, I remember that there is one more step ahead in Cave Mansion.”

Li Leihu, who was cruising at a constant speed, suddenly flashed several lightnings all over his body, and then the thunder whistled. The sound rang in Er Yuan’s ears.


A group of sonic booms exploded directly beside Eryuan, and Li Leihu’s silhouette has disappeared into the sky.

At this time, this scene happened to be captured by Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder.

“Wan Lei Saint Physique is really a good seedling~”

In the great hall of Taiyi, Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder said with emotion.

“Don’t think about it, this kind of Disciple is definitely the focus of their Great Elder. If you want to pry the corner, there is no door.” The Supreme Great Elder’s voice came faintly.

β€œI can still stay in this world for more than 3,000 years, except that the inheritance fairy tools used by the great elders of the sect cannot move. When I fly to the upper world, I want to bring two fairy weapons.”


“That Yin Spirit Sect Great Elder, at a glance, knows that he is a person with great cause and effect. It is only a sure thing to become the Great Grandmaster of the refiner in the future.”

“So now the main thing is to maintain it. Relationship, this kind of behavior is not allowed.”

“Boss, I just sigh, why are you in such a hurry?” Supreme Third Elder, glanced at Supreme Great Elder.

You think it’s just you who want fairy weapons!

“The hidden Spirit Sect Disciple turned out to be the Saint Physique of Wan Lei, and I gave him a chance to bring the two sects closer to a friendly relationship.” The Supreme Third Elder said that a thunder appeared in his hands bead.

In the thunder bead there is endless thunder force surging like an ocean of thunder.

“You’re a bloodbath,” said the Supreme Great Elder.

“Accidental gain, and there is no Saint Physique like thunder in the sect, it is better to have a good relationship than to leave it in my hands and waste it.” Supreme Third Elder said with a smile.

“It seems you are a worldly person too.” Supreme Great Elder said with a laugh .

“You’re not bad either. That hidden Spirit Sect Great Elder has your Avatar jade talisman, and you can’t go anywhere between Heaven and Earth.” Supreme Third Elder also said.

Thousands of years of getting along, who does not know who.

“For the friendship between the two sects, it’s nothing to send an Avatar jade talisman, I still have it when I run out.”

The Great Elder is full of mysterious Taoist scriptures, and is It slowly condensed to another illusory shadow that looked like a Great Elder.

“Well, I also want to send Avatar jade talisman, but after my battle strength is distributed, it’s just like the Spirit Sect Elder.”

” It’s a joke to send out,” said Supreme Third Elder regretfully.

Just then, Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder and Third Elder looked towards the sky at the same time.

“The eldest and the third, look at what I found!”

I saw a dark sky in the entire thousand Spirit Sect, two star boats dragging one with a diameter of several hundred km of spirit ore stars.

“Nonsense, such a big spirit ore star, you are not afraid of causing the earth spirit to collapse!” The Supreme Great Elder said, breaking through the space and leaving.

“I’d better fly slowly by myself,” said the Supreme Third Elder.

“Haha, as soon as I arrived in the Taibei area of the extreme sky, I saw five Monster Race giant beast battleships dragging this spirit ore star.”

“This spirit Most of the ore stars are Dao Item-level spirit ore, which can be finished with a little refining. With this thing, you can find Tianlianzong to customize another star boat.”

At this time The Qianling Venerable was a little distracted, and the excitement was even more happy than when he got a fairy weapon.

“Second, you’ve done a good job.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

Chapter 3 is a little later, readers can read it tomorrow~~

(End of this chapter)

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