My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Buying Heavenly Dao’s Probability

Then, Zhan Ling started a happy time in the depths of the extreme sky, just like playing a game with double resources.

Although the depths of the extreme sky are not as Dao Item level spirit ore as Zhan Ling thinks.

But it’s not like in the foreign domain of the extreme sky, finding a Dao Item level spirit ore star is more difficult than seabed finding a needle.

3 months later, Zhan Ling is still in a state of excitement.

“Great Elder, this is worthy of being the inner area of the extremely empty domain. The harvest at this time is more abundant than the five harvests I drove on the last star boat.” Zhan Ling drove the Snake Spirit lightly. escaped a minefield disaster.

“The more dangerous the place, the higher the profit.” Xu Fan said with a smile, the harvest at this time really made him a little jealous.

“The Great Elder starship is still well remodeled, or else you must have nine lives to explore the inner region of this extremely empty region.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

At this time, the illusory shadow detection map shows a large spirit ore star ahead.

“There are boutique Treasure Item-level spirit ore stars in front again. Looking at the size, it’s okay.” Zhan Ling pointed to the location of the spirit ore stars displayed on the illusory shadow map.

“According to the detection, this spirit ore star has a diameter of at least two thousand zhang, grab it and see how many good things there are.” Xu Fan said looking at the data of grape analysis.

“It is estimated that it will take more than an hour to get there.” Zhan Ling said and began to turn the direction, open the first extreme speed of the Snake Spirit, and fly towards the spirit ore star.

At this time, it entered a relatively leisure time, and Zhan Ling chatted with the Great Elder.

He likes to chat with the Great Elder when he has nothing to do, and every time he increases his knowledge and broadens his horizons.

“Great Elder, are you here an Avatar or a real body this time.” Zhan Ling looked at Xu Fan and asked curiously.

Anyone who hides the Spirit Sect knows that the Great Elder rarely goes out, and even if he goes out, he controls a puppet or an Avatar.

“Guess, am I the real body.” Xu Fan looked at Zhan Ling and said.

The reason for the real body to go out is that there is still a prepared real body at home. Under the circumstance that absolute safety cannot be guaranteed, Xu Fan is impossible to venture out.

“It is said that there is a Great Dao Source Divine Ability in the Great Thousand Worlds, called One Qi Becomes Three Purities, I guess the Great Elder has already comprehend.” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

As long as the general Avatar Divine Ability is at the Great Ascension Venerable Level, it will be a little bit more or less, such as Avatar, Soul Clone, flesh and blood Avatar, but there is also a difference between Avatar and Avatar.

The lowest one is just a thought of Avatar illusory shadow, the highest one can be considered as a substitute for the death of the main body or directly make Avatar become True God.

“It’s too small, the Elder’s pattern is too small, One Qi Becomes Three Purities is just an entry-level technique, the best thing is that the spiritual sense incarnates into the void, with Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth will not destroy you Immortal.”

“Do you want to learn Lingling Elder?” Xu Fan said with a honeyed smile.

“Great Elder, don’t make fun of me, where can there be such a Divine Ability, Divine Transformation Void, this world Heavenly Dao can make you live.” With a face of Zhan Ling, don’t take me as a child to deceive expression.

“Elder, you have the appearance, just like your Divine Ability of the sea of blood. If you practice Profound Realm, that is, the sea of blood will not be destroyed, and you will not be destroyed by a drop of blood. It is not a problem to regenerate flesh and blood .”

“Besides, it’s not for you to turn your spiritual thoughts into the void in this world. You can find another Smaller Thousand Worlds to give this world Heavenly Dao enough benefits, so that’s fine.” Xu Fan chuckled said.

Inquiring about my privacy, I’ll make you lame first.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Zhan Ling began to deduce, thinking about the Divine Ability that Xu Fan said, is it possible.

“It seems that what the Great Elder said is not unreasonable.”

After a long time, when it was about to reach the spirit ore star, Zhan Ling said slowly.

“Great Elder, what kind of benefits did you say to Heavenly Dao to be like what you said.” Zhan Ling said seriously.

The look of Zhanling already told Xu Fan that he was already moved.

Hearing Zhanling’s words, Xu Fan also said solemnly: “Heavenly Dao is actually a good buy.”

“First of all, Elder Zhanling needs to find an equivalent to this world. The amount of Intermediate Thousand Worlds.” Xu Fan paused for a while when he said that, and looked at Zhan Ling’s expression of earnestly asking for advice and listening.

“Then then, Great Elder, don’t say anything.” Zhan Ling said with some itching.

“I don’t know if Spirit Slaying Elder has heard of a Divine Ability called Great Dao Destruction.”

“It can destroy a world XX and make that world fall into chaos. Status.”

Xu Fan spoke very slowly, but Zhan Ling’s face became very fast, and he knew that he had been washed.

“Then the Elder Soul Slaying will need about ten spaceships to pull the destroyed world to merge with Heavenly Dao, so Heavenly Dao should allow you to make this request.” Xu Fan said with a face Honey juice smiled, and when talking about such a topic, the key word must be hidden, otherwise it will be easy to be noticed.

“Great Elder, please don’t take me for a fool. I sweated, saved blood, and fought my life for the sect. You can’t treat me like this.” Zhan Ling said faintly.

“The Great Elder may think I’m joking, but what I’m saying is true.” Xu Fan said seriously.

“Since I have that strength, I will directly threaten it”

Zhan Ling almost said the word Heavenly Dao, but fortunately Xu Fan reminded him quickly.

“Let me explain first, I’m not trying to elicit the sentence of Elder.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Many thanks to the Great Elder to remind me.” There was a little cold sweat on Zhan Ling’s head.

Although everyone in the cultivation world knows that Heavenly Dao has no self-awareness, but the words that threaten Heavenly Dao will definitely attract Heavenly Dao’s attention, and then for his own safety, there is a certain chance that he will Do some defensive measures.

“Haha, I’m just joking with the Elder Soul Slayer, but I really have the Avatar Divine Ability that is proven. I can give it to you when the Soul Slayer Elder is rebuilt.” Xu Fan said, joking It can’t be opened in vain, and the benefits still have to be given a little.

“Really.” Zhan Ling said, the proven Avatar Divine Ability is one of the most important inheritances for a small sect and family.

“I can still treat Elder Zhanling as an outsider.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Then many thanks to the great love of the Great Elder.”

After Zhan Ling finished speaking, he skillfully controlled the Snake Spirit to shoot out a flying grab and caught the large spirit ore star.

“This star contains Soul Crystal!” Xu Fan said with some surprise.

“Soul Crystal, it should be useful for grapes.” Zhan Ling thought for a while and said.

“It can improve the computing power of grapes and increase the number of grape Avatars. The most important thing is that this is also an important spirit ore for grapes to be converted into spirit cultivators.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Although some spirit ores are not of high level, they are as useful as Dao Items.

“spirit cultivator, is the Great Elder willing to let the grapes turn.” Zhan Ling asked.

“What’s wrong with this, I can’t leave me if I turn into a spirit cultivator.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“I will always be the master’s grape, and will always serve the master for the Spirit Sect.”

Grape’s tone is firm, sonorous and powerful, and there is a hint of fanaticism. He has a crazy worship for Xu Fan .

(End of this chapter)

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