My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 502

Chapter 502 The Aspiring Xue Ling Venerable

Deep in the sky, Zhan Ling was mining on the Serpent Spirit.

Li Chufan was with Zhan Ling.

“The grandfather is so powerful that he can drive such a big spirit boat.” Li Chufan said with admiration.

“What am I? You are Master Ancestor. Such a big star boat was designed and refined by Master Ancestor.” Zhan Ling said.

“Ancestor Master has always been very difficult to deal with.” Li Chufan said as it should be by rights.

At this time, Li Xingci walked in.

“Elder, the star array on Master’s side has been arranged, now we can go there to pick him up.” Li Xingci said.

“There is still a good technique. Master Ancestor’s action is better than my 10 trips with the Snake Spirit.” Zhan Ling said in amazement.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he had some innate talent for refining. Was it a waste if he didn’t learn it?

“The master often says that everyone has their own field of specialisation, and professional people do professional things.” Li Xingci comforted and said

“But your master battle strength is also very high. , battle strength, weapon refining, pill concocting, everything is fine, manipulating the Integration Realm puppet holding a fairy weapon, the general Monster Venerable really can’t help him.” Zhanling Faintly said.

“Elder, don’t think about Master, just think about other people.” Li Xingci said.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it, let’s go to your master.” Zhan Ling sighed softly, and controlled the Snake Spirit to fly in the direction of the star.

Xue Lingxing, Xu Fan is doing the final debugging on the star array.

An ancient star that is two or three times larger than Earth is mobilizing the power of the ancient stars to run a huge array of stars.

Countless spiritual power tentacles stretched out to the extreme sky and swept all the spirit ore stars within a radius of 10,000 miles.

“Senior, this Formation can also collect spirit ore stars in the extreme sky.” Cao Jun next to Xu Fan said excitedly.

“Of course, a single tentacle of spiritual power can extend 100,000 kilometers.”

“This ancient star array, I have added a spirit, what do I understand? You can ask him directly.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

A complete array of stars is huge, sophisticated and complex. If you want to fully control it, you must know every power of the array.

According to Xu Fan’s words, this huge star Formation has at least 10 million words of manuals, and even a cultivator cannot fully control it for a while.

So Xu Fan equipped it with the auxiliary assistant Artifact Spirit.

A butterfly flew out from the formation eye and landed on Cao Jun’s shoulder.

“Are you the Artifact Spirit of the star array?” Cao Jun asked curiously.

The butterfly on his shoulder lightly nodded.

“I have left you a complete set of Formation inheritance, you just need to learn it step by step.” Xu Fan said, looking at the Serpent Spirit heading towards him in the Territory of Extreme Sky, where he was here. There is not much time left on the stars.

“Thanks Senior, you are my teacher of reconstruction.” Cao Junxing said with a salute, he knew that the unfathomable senior who taught him Formation knowledge was about to leave.

“It’s not that exaggerated, just seeing that you have some innate talent, just follow your fingers when you have the heart of love.”

Xu Fan said that he began to debug the last function of Xuelingxing.

With the completion of the Xu Fan Formation seal, the power of the entire ancient star was mobilized, and a huge thrust came from the array, causing the entire Xueling star to slowly move.

At this time, Xueling Venerable also appeared beside Xu Fan, feeling the Xueling star moving under his feet, his eyes showed surprise.

“Hey, don’t move, wait until I land.” Zhan Lingdan said painfully, and then controlled Xingzhou to chase towards Xuelingxing.

“In this way, you can control Xuelingxing to move in the extreme sky in the future.” Xu Fan said.

“Has the Great Elder discovered the secrets of our ancient stars?” Xueling Venerable said in surprise.

“Your stars are driving along the long river of spiritual power in the depths of the extreme sky, and naturally you will not encounter disasters.”

“But your ancient stars themselves also avoided The ability of disasters, this is not a secret, just come to someone who understands Formation Fengshui, just look at it and you can get a general idea.” Xu Fan also wanted to say.

“The Great Elder said it wasn’t bad at all.” Xue Ling Venerable nodded.

At this time, Xu Fan controlled Xuelingxing to stop, waiting for the landing of the Snake Spirit.

“Xue Ling Venerable, would you like to visit the central continent and take you Xue Ling Xing with you?” Xu Fan asked.

“Great Elder also persuade me to return to the central continent to contribute to the Human Race?” Xue Ling Venerable said with a frown.

“No no no, I mean the exact opposite, if Xueling Venerable has this idea, don’t implement it.”

“The situation in Human Race is fairly stable now, even if it really does happen in the future. In the event of a big war, it is up to me to decide whether it will win or lose.”

“So, it is better for Xueling Venerable and Xuelingxing to stay in the depths of the extreme sky and stay for the Human Race. Let go of lineage inheritance.” Xu Fan said, he would not persuade others about this kind of death.

“The Elder Council came here before the space was sealed, and divided into two groups.”

“A group of people advised me to take Xue Lingxing to participate in the Monster Race. During the battle, another group of people advised me to hide well.”

“Did Xue Ling Venerable choose to hide well at that time?” Xu Fan said.

“No, I finally decided to do my part for Human Race, followed the Elder Council back to the headquarters, and then…” Xue Ling Venerable sighed here.

“Then what happened?”

“Then Venerable, who was coordinating the battle, just glanced at me lightly and told me that my strength was too weak, so I came back.”


“According to what he said, encountering a slightly stronger Monster Venerable at my battle strength level is a matter of one claw.” Xue Ling Venerable said.

“This is a bit hurtful~”

“Actually, it is quite hurtful. Just as I was about to refute it, I was given to a cultivator by the Elder Council, an Integration Realm full-time combat cultivator. Suppressed.”

“After returning from the Elder Council, I had no other thoughts in my mind. I just wanted to hide with Xuelingxing until the Human Race won.” Xueling Venerable looked at the in said the star array of the sky.

“It turns out that Venerable cares so much about the star formation because of this.” Xu Fan said suddenly.

“So I thought, when will the Great Elder escalate my Star Wars to the level that you can absorb disasters as you said.” Xue Ling Venerable said, his eyes looking eagerly Xu Fan.


Dare you wait for me here~

“Xue Ling Venerable, now the star array of Xue Ling can guarantee it Isn’t that enough to avoid all Monster Race battleships?” Xu Fan said.

“Actually enough, but as a Human Race Venerable, I always have a responsibility to fight for the Human Race.”

“So I want to let the Great Elder put the stars The array was transformed into what you said, and then I drove the Xue Lingxing to guard outside the boulder barrier and hunted the Monster Race battleship, which can be regarded as a contribution to the Human Race.”

(End of this chapter)


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