My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Super Giant Stars

“Shering Venerable’s determination to contribute to the Human Race is admirable to me, and when I grow into the Formation Great Grandmaster, I will definitely come to help Xue Ling immediately. Spirit Star upgrades Formation.” Xu Fan said in awe.

“Formation Great Grandmaster, yes, that level of star array has surpassed the limit of Array Grandmaster.” Xueling Venerable said with some disappointment.

β€œBefore the Formation is not upgraded, please Xu Ling Venerable must ensure the safety of yourself and Xu Lingxing.” Xu Fan said.

The Formation he arranged is not a panacea. Once he takes the initiative to attack, the limitations will be great.

“I understand.”

Xue Ling Venerable said and took out an astrolabe and gave it to Xu Fan.

“This is the positioning astrolabe of my Xueling star. If the Great Elder needs it, you can come to me at any time.”

Xu Fan looked at the astrolabe, and then became a little confused. He asked: “Xue Ling Venerable, there are not many ancient stars like you in the depths of this extremely empty domain.”

“There are still many, this is the inner domain of the extremely empty domain. As far as I know, there are 108 ancient stars certified by the Elder Council, and Xuelingxing is one of them.”

β€œBefore the space was not sealed, the ancient stars were They can be teleported to each other, and now, like the central continental immortal city, they are fighting each other,” said Xueling Venerable.

“108 stars~” Xu Fan murmured, thinking about such a large blank market, that he discovered it by himself.

“I know what the Great Elder is thinking. If the Xueling star is average, at least half of the people who need to upgrade the star array.”

“If necessary, the Great Elder can Drive the star boat to stroll around this area, and when there are ancient stars around, the astrolabe will respond and transmit information, but he cannot determine the specific location.” Xueling Venerable said.

β€œHaha, Xue Ling Venerable knows what I think.” Xu Fan hehe said.

“I hope the Great Elder will go back to comprehend Formation Dao. When the Great Elder becomes the Formation Great Grandmaster, I, Xue Lingxing, will offer all the treasures to let you upgrade the Star Formation.”


At this time, the Snake Spirit has appeared in the sky.

“Shering Venerable, let’s say goodbye.” Xu Fan said.

Shering Venerable waved goodbye.

After Xu Fan returned to the Serpent Spirit, he set off for the boulder barrier area.

Above the Snake Spirit, everyone is congratulating Xu Fan for returning home.

“Great Elder, do you think it’s too late for me to learn the Formation trainer?” Zhan Ling said enviously.

Xu Fan’s reward this time made him a little jealous.

“It’s not too late to learn, it’s never too late, we have a special Basic Course on Formation and Refining in Spirit Sect, and Elder Zhanling has the opportunity to take a look.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

He is now thinking about another thing in his heart, and that is how to get No. 2 Avatar to come over willingly and continue to work for him.

“Okay, I’ll take a look when I get back to the hidden Spirit Sect.” Zhan Ling said.

At this moment, Grape suddenly reported that five Monster Race giant beast battleships were found 40 million miles ahead.

At this moment, everyone in the main control room was energized.

“Fuck him!” Zhan Ling said excitedly, and his hand speed for controlling the Snake Spirit was much faster.

β€œLet’s take a covert observation first and then talk about it.” Xu Fan said, Xu Fan felt that this matter was not simple.

The stealth mode that Zhan Ling lets grapes activate.

As the outer wall of the spirit boat changed for a while, it finally disappeared completely in place.

As the Snake Spirit got closer, the 5 Monster Race giant beast battleships were finally detected on the illusory shadow map.

At this point, everyone looked at the void map, and no one cared about the five Monster Race giant beast battleships.

“It’s comparable to a spirit ore star the size of an ancient star, Great Elder, let’s post it.” Zhan Ling said excitedly, as if a gold digger had discovered a millet-sized dog’s head gold.

At this time, Xu Fan calmed down, because when he saw this spirit ore star that was comparable to the size of an ancient star, he had a feeling that he couldn’t move.

“Calm down first and observe for a while.” Xu Fan said calmly.

Everyone looked at Xu Fan’s expression, all put away their excited expressions, and stared at the illusory shadow of the void map.

At this time, everyone discovered that after the spirit ore star, there was a giant tortoise following, and it was the one that almost stepped on them.

“It seems that Monster Race really has the means to control the starry sky giant beast.” Zhan Ling said in shock.

“It’s not control, it’s been raised since childhood.” Li Xingci said, looking through the illusory shadow map, he saw the giant tortoise’s pair of eyes, with emotional colors. Eye.

“Still be careful.” Xu Fan said with a nod to observe, he only discovered this problem after returning from Monster Realm.

“The question is, where do you get the cubs or eggs in the Territory of Extreme Sky?” Xu Fan thought, he couldn’t help but think of the dragon eggs in the house that were reluctant to come out.

“I have paid attention to this issue, but I haven’t found any relevant records in the Elder Council.” Su Rantian said.

“But there is a guess that the giant beasts in the extreme sky will keep their children in their own internal space and release them when they become adults.”

“This is one of the Elder Council members. The guess of the title Elder.” Su Rantian said.

“Then there’s no drama.” Xu Fan said.

“Great Elder, shall we continue to follow or what?” Zhan Ling asked.

“It’s definitely impossible to fight. We speed up and return to the Human Race channel and report the situation to the Elder Council.” Xu Fan said.

“According to the position of the five giant beast battleships going straight, they should leave the Northern Territory.” Xu Fan said, and let Zhan Ling fly towards the nearest boulder barrier.

3 months later, the Serpent Spirit, which has been on extreme speed, finally arrived at the nearest Human Race channel star.

Su Rantian used his membership in the Elder Council to report the situation to the Elder Council headquarters.

“We have already done what we need to do, and the rest is up to the Elder Council.” Xu Fan said.

At this time, in the extreme sky, in the Northern Territory, a huge 10,000 star boat with several hundred li appeared in front of the five Monster Race giant beast battleships pulling the giant spirit ore stars.

“Damn! Who revealed our whereabouts!” On the giant beast battleship, a Monster Venerable said angrily.

“If this spirit ore star is left, you can live. If you want to resist, you can only die.” A voice came from Wan Xingzhou.

“ao wu ”

The sky tortoise appeared in front of Wan Xingzhou with vigilance in his eyes.

“Little turtle, do you still want to be beaten into the turtle shell by me?” A mocking voice came from Wan Xingzhou.

There was unwillingness in the eyes of the sky tortoise, but finally turned back to the five giant beast battleships and whispered softly.

“Go~”, the leading Monster Venerable was unwilling, but still gave up the spirit ore star that was dragging behind him.

The Yinling Island, a peaceful huge lake of hundreds of thousands li, with a small boat on the lake, Xu Fan lay on it to relax.

“Why do I always feel like someone is scolding me recently?”

“Forget it, what does it have to do with me, salted fish is important~”

( End of this chapter)

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