My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Heart Demon

“Tell the Imperial Father, my friend come and go without a shadow or trace, he didn’t say hello to me before he left, and there was nothing he could do. “Although Li Xingci’s expression was respectful, his eyes were extremely cold.

This guy has taken advantage of himself by knowing his memory.

No matter which life it is, this Heart Demon will always be born one step ahead of him, then start a family and wait for his own birth.

If perish together made the world annihilation of reincarnation dream possible, he would have done it already.

“Really? As far as I know, that friend of yours is not qualified to enter or leave the Imperial Palace, and privately allows outsiders to enter the Imperial Palace, Huang’er, are you right?” Emperor Tianxuan looked sarcastically. with its own host.

I thought to myself, even if your master came this time, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Heavenly Dao is here with me, what are you fighting me for?

Li Xingci frowned, but under Heavenly Dao’s restriction, he respectfully saluted and confessed his guilt.

“Crown Prince did not abide by the laws of the country and was confined in the palace for three years.” The Emperor Tianxuan said with a dignified expression.

“My son obeys the order.” Li Xingci saluted respectfully, hoping that his master must do his best, or else all the years of oppression and grievances would be in vain.

After Li Xing’s dismissal, Tianxuanguo immediately began a nationwide alert.

After half a year of the dream world of Samsara, there was a piece of news that swept the entire Tianxuan Kingdom.

It is said that in that wilderness lies the legendary city of the Divine Immortal.

There is a Divine Doctor physiotherapy there.

There are mountain and sea delicacies, jade food and delicacies, which are endless.

There is gold and silver to take.

Wivesless and single women, the city of Divine Immortal will introduce you to Heavenly Immortal girls who are gentle and considerate, virtuous and family-friendly.

A single woman without a husband will have the loyal companionship of the immortal-like Young Master.

In the city of Divine Immortal, all that is good can be enjoyed without effort.

When this news spread throughout the entire Tianxuan Nation, countless people snort disdainfully, feeling that only fools would believe such rumors.

Now they have income for their work, medical treatment for their sickness, and support for their old age. It is the happiest life to see a full family of children and grandchildren.

According to that Ancient Saint Sage general emperor, as long as they live well, they are the greatest heroes of Tianxuan Kingdom.

But as the rumors became more and more mysterious, countless people returned from the city of Divine Immortal, with a lot of gold and silver treasures, back to their hometowns.

Some people have to believe it.

A sick and disabled old man, on the verge of death, came to the city of Divine Immortal and was treated by the Divine Doctor.

Immediately, his face was radiant, and even his broken arm grew out. Finally, he returned with a lot of money, saying that he was going to take the villagers to the city of Divine Immortal.

There is another ugly and despicable single old man who came back with a daughter-in-law like Heavenly Immortal, saying that he wanted to let all the women who used to despise him see his woman.

For a time, all kinds of rumors spread in Tianxuan Nation, making those who lived unsatisfactorily in Tianxuan Nation begin to yearn for that place.

Li Xingci, who was trapped in the Crown Prince Palace, got the news.

“As expected of Master, why didn’t I think of it at the beginning.” Li Xingci looked into the distance and said.

“The city of Divine Immortal is an existence that can satisfy all desires.”

“But what will happen to this kind of city in the end?” Li Xingci looked into the distance and said, Infinite curiosity aroused in his heart. This kind of experiment on the deepest level of human nature instantly made him forget his current situation.

Over the city of Divine Immortal, Xu Fan watched the development of the city.

He looked up and saw Heavenly Dao and said, “I wonder if you like this city?”

“I wonder if Heavenly Dao in this reincarnation dream can be deduced to the final result? “Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, do you want to suppress the desires of the people in the city?”

“It has reached a critical point.”

Xu Fan was a little surprised by Grape’s words.

“Has it reached the critical point so soon? The pursuit of desires by ordinary people is really shallow.” Xu Fan shook his head and said.

“Guide those who have reached the critical point to the arts.”

“Explore the humanities, philosophy, astronomy, and mathematics, which is enough for them to pursue a lifetime.” Xu Fan After thinking about it, he said.

This kind of city that perfectly releases human nature, if not guided, is likely to appear, the kind of situation he expected.


In the following years, more and more people in Tianxuan Kingdom began to gradually believe in the city of Divine Immortal.

Because more and more sages have come out of the city of Divine Immortal in recent years.

They usually achieve the legendary realm in a certain field.

Tianxuan Kingdom, in the imperial city.

The Emperor Tianxuan’s expression became more and more ugly. Looking at the information from the various states in his hand, he almost couldn’t control his emotions.

“What on earth does the master of this host want to do? He really intends to attract all the people of Tianxuan Nation to the city of Divine Immortal.” The Emperor of Tianxuan Nation said with a dark face, and he began to have thoughts in his heart. A little bit of fear.

He knows all the memories of the host, and he also knows the master’s methods of the host.

“It is an decree that General Huang should assemble a million troops to guard the city of Divine Immortal, and to forbid any commoners from entering the city of Divine Immortal.” The emperor of Tianxuanguo decreed.

β€œAs you bid,” said Court Eunuch next to it.

The Emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom knew that destroying the city was the stupidest choice. In this way, he would lose the support of Heavenly Dao, and the master of the host would find an opportunity to kill it directly.

In the reincarnation dream world, it is another three years.

At this time, the entire border of Tianxuan Kingdom was occupied by the city of Divine Immortal.

Innumerable Divine Immortal cities surround the Tianxuan Kingdom.

Countless people began to flock to the city of Divine Immortal to live the lives of their dreams.

Even the army guarding outside the city of Divine Immortal couldn’t stand the temptation to sneak into the city of Divine Immortal and enjoy a perfect life.

At this time, half of the people of Tianquan Xuan Kingdom had entered the city of Divine Immortal.

In the entire reincarnation dream world, nearly half of the creatures are all under the control of the city of Divine Immortal.

The satisfaction of those creatures in the city of Divine Immortal greatly accelerated Heavenly Dao’s evolution.

It makes Heavenly Dao more and more inclined to the city of Divine Immortal, and pays less and less attention to Xuanxuan Kingdom.

In the following years, natural disasters began to occur in Tianxuan Kingdom, causing countless people to be displaced.

At this time, the City Lord of Divine Immortal attacked and took all the people into the city of Divine Immortal.

Tianxuan Kingdom was completely empty for a while, and the entire country was completely reduced to an empty shell.

Then another shocking news came out. It turned out that the city of Divine Immortal was created by the Crown Prince of Tianxuan Kingdom begging God to give the people the most perfect life.

The Emperor of the Tianxuan Kingdom was the culprit who prevented the people from living a perfect life.

For a time, the entire reincarnation dream world was condemning the Emperor of Tianxuan who cursed the people not to enter the city of Divine Immortal.

Then the rest of the people of Tianxuan Kingdom were outraged and brought the Emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom to the first city of Divine Immortal that was originally built.

“Imperial Father, you can go, I will replace you to let the people of Tianxuan country live a happy and perfect life.” Li Xingci said with coldness in his eyes.

As the guillotine knife falls, Heart Demon emperor. It turned into a mass of purest power and merged into Li Xingci’s body.

After all the dust settled, Li Xingci looked at Xu Fan and said gratefully, “Master has bothered.”

(End of this chapter)

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