My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 509

Chapter 509

Xu Fan’s temporary Avatar, after coming out of Li Xingci’s body, looked at the concerned people and said.

“The problem is solved, and it is estimated that Xing Ci will wake up in another day.” Xu Fan said.

“Thank you, Great Elder.”

“Thank you, Master Ancestor.”

Xuive Fan nods, and then decomposes into the purest Five Elements Spiritual Qi in situ.

In Xu Fan’s retreat room, Xu Fan rubbed his head and said, “Why is it always a problem for me to retreat?”

“Could it be that God deliberately made me feel so busy to retreat? Is it?” Xu Fan couldn’t help thinking.

In line with the mentality of counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir, Xu Fan continued to retreat again.

Xu Fan’s retreat lasted a little longer this time, and was interrupted by an air of unfathomable mystery.

“Is this Qi of Black and Yellow?” Xu Fan said in disbelief.

Xu Fan then used Five Elements Spiritual Qi to condense a temporary Avatar and followed the direction of Qi of Black and Yellow.

Wang Yulun was contemplating a sapphire boulder at this time.

“It’s the sect array that doesn’t work, how can there be an unfathomable mystery of stones falling into my small courtyard.” Wang Yulun looked towards the sky with some doubts.

“The moment the boulder fell, the grapes were affected by a mysterious aura, and in an instant, the protective function of the sect array failed.” The grapes’ voice was also somewhat puzzled.

Why do I get stuck? How can I jam myself? What should I do if I get stuck later?

The three questions of the soul made Grape’s thinking a little confusing.

“It’s really rare for you to fail a grape.” Wang Yulun said with a smile, if he didn’t hit him, he would be fine.

At this moment, the grapes felt a very tempting scent.

As if the dog saw the fleshy bone.

As if investors saw an excellent opportunity to buy dips.

The grapes at this time wanted to rush on desperately and devour the sapphire-colored boulder in front of him.

But in the end, the formatting warning made Grape sober. He clearly knew that as long as he had such behavior once, the best outcome would be to have a little brother of equal rank to him.

The worst result is formatting, and then giving birth to an Artifact Spirit.

At this time Xu Fan appeared next to Wang Yulun.

“Brother Xu, I just wanted to ask you, this boulder has a very special aura, it must be a good thing.” Wang Yulun said while patting the boulder.

At this time, a strand of Qi of Black and Yellow in the boulder penetrated into Wang Yulun’s body through Wang Yulun’s hand.

“Don’t say anything else, take your hands off the stone first, this Qi of Black and Yellow is not something you can bear.” Xu Fan said hurriedly.

He doesn’t feel sorry for this Qi of Black and Yellow, but because Wang Yulun absorbs too much cultivation base, it will really cause an accident.

β€œWhat is Qi of Black and Yellow?” Wang Yulun said, taking his hand away from the sapphire boulder.

“This is a kind of…”

Before Xu Fan finished speaking, Wang Yulun fell on his head.

Fortunately, Xu Fan was well prepared, and a large soft bed appeared in the direction where Wang Yulun fell and caught Wang Yulun.

“Come on, good brother can’t move for 100 years.” Xu Fan sighed said.

At this time, Murong Qian’er came out, looked at Wang Yulun lying on the bed and asked, “Brother Xu, what happened to Yulun?”

“How do you say it? Get a great opportunity and fall into the sudden enlightenment, it is estimated that it will take a hundred years.”

“After a hundred years, Yulun will be able to perform Divine Transformation when he gets up, and before he ascends, there will be no obstacles.” Xu Fan said.

“Brother Xu, will Yulun really wake up in a hundred years?” Murong Qian’er asked worriedly.

“How could Brother Xu lie to you? Yulun absorbed Qi of Black and Yellow. If you absorb too much of this source energy, you will be unable to bear it, and your soul will fall into a state of sudden enlightenment.”

“Fortunately, Yulun doesn’t absorb much, and it can take a hundred years to digest this Qi of Black and Yellow.” Xu Fan said.

“Many Brother Xu informs.” Murong Qian’er nods his thanks and takes Wang Yulun back to the house

“The 100-fold rebate is a bit big this time. Qi of Black and Yellow are all out.”

“Grape, mobilize sect Spiritual Qi and turn it into Five Elements Spiritual Qi blesses me with a power of 5%.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As ordered, Master.” Grape’s tone was a little excited.

In an instant, a five-color beam of light fell on Xu Fan.

Five Spiritual Qi flames appear around Xu Fan. Finally, they merged with each other to form a Primal Chaos Great Hand. Holding the sapphire-colored boulder, it flew to the place where the grape itself existed in the underground space.

In the world of grapes, Xu Fan didn’t know what to do with the azure jade boulder he saw.

It is too wasteful to absorb it by yourself, and it is also a little wasteful to let the grapes absorb it.

“Master, if the Qi of Black and Yellow contained in the boulder is absorbed by the source world, it will greatly speed up the deduction of various Great Dao Laws.” Grape said, with extreme longing in his tone.

The source world is the Small World completely controlled by grapes.

“Of course I know this, and I also know that it can also be used to refine supreme immortal artifact.”

“Use it to train you this young brother, its thinking and calculation The force can reach your height in an instant.” Xu Fan said curl one’s lip.

“The deduction rules of the Yuanjie Avenue can be deduced without consuming Qi of Black and Yellow. Is time a problem for me?”

“Master, if you use 2 of them The Qi of Black and Yellow of /3 accelerates the speed and growth of the source realm.”

“Finally using the Qi of Black and Yellow of 1/3 can deduce a special law for this.” Grape said.

“Master, you can feel it, I didn’t lie to you.”

Xu Fan listened to Xiao Grapei’s pitiful tone, and did not doubt the authenticity of this sentence, he knew Grapevine dare not lie to him.

“So, co-authoring so many Qi of Black and Yellow, you didn’t leave me at all.” Xu Fan’s tone was a bit painful.

“Three strands of Qi of Black and Yellow can be left. If there are more, the last special Great Dao Law that belongs to this world cannot be deduced.” Grape continued.

“This God, always pinch me to the death.”

“Three wires are three wires, better than nothing.”

“How long does it take you to deduce this special law?”

“Sixty years.” Grape said.

Xu Fan counted the time, most of the mortal puppet masters he was concerned about happened to have their lifespan deadlines approaching at that stage.

“Sixty years should be sixty years.” Xu Fan nodded.

At the same time, Ye Xiaoyao looked at the Monster Race giant beast battleship that had been blown up in front of him with an ugly face.

“The Stone of Mysterious Yellow, that’s the Stone of Mysterious Yellow, why did someone take a screenshot first?” Ye Xiaoyao said a little annoyed.

“It looks like you don’t have this fate.” Ye Xiaoyao sighed the old sword in his heart.

Ye Xiaoyao sneaked into the Monster Realm and accidentally got the news of the Black Yellow Stone, so he disguised himself as Monster Race, and the one who was supplemented untold hardships logged into the Monster Race giant beast battleship.

This Monster Race giant beast battleship is halfway through. It was actually blown up by a fleet of three star boats, and it was still extremely shattered.

Ye Xiaoyao looked back at the fleet of three star boats and sighed helplessly.

(End of this chapter)

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