My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Invincible Monster Venerable

“As expected of a cheat great grandfather, there are so many strange methods.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Needless to say, he knew that in times of crisis like this, cheat great grandfather would definitely use his last cards.

“didn’t expect to take Ye Xiaoyao away so easily. This guy is a humanoid disaster. If you stay in one place for a long time, it will definitely harm one party.” Xu Fan said relaxed.

After so many years, Xu Fan also understands.

The protagonist is different from the protagonist, just like Jian Wuji and Han Feiyu, sect wholeheartedly cultivate them, even if there is an accident in the end, it does not damage the interests of the sect.

Han Feiyu contributed an important Spirit Treasure to the sect and improved the Spirit Gathering Array in Yinling Island.

Jian Wuji fought to the death and rescued the high-level leaders of the hidden Spirit Sect.

The protagonist Xu Fan like this is very fond of.

But for Ye Xiaoyao’s causal power that can harm the existence of a state, Xu Fan can hide as far as he can.

“I had a whim some time ago. Could it be because of Ye Xiaoyao?” Xu Fan said with some doubts.

At this point, Grape reported a news to Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s face instantly turned ugly.

β€œDamn it, do you want to do something like this?”

Xu Fan controlled the Integration Realm puppet and appeared on the steel Great Wall of Monster Realm to stare at the three people who suddenly visited. uninvited guest.

“Human Race, give you two Transmission Passages within three days and move away from the million li.”

“Before I kill you, hurry up Leave.”

The illusory shadow of three alien Monster Race Monster Venerable appears in the sky.

“These three ideas are too hard, and their battle strength is at least stronger than that of the Yunsheng Monster Venerable, in the sky, I feel impossible to subdue them.” Zhan Ling looked cautious. Staring at the Monster Venerable illusory shadow in midair, said to Xu Fan sound transmission.

“The three Monster Venerables, what if we don’t move out?” Xu Fan said, looking at the illusory shadow of the three Monster Venerables in the sky.

“The corpses are in the sea of blood, and all the Human Races in your area have to die.” Monster Venerable said, staring at Xu Fan controlling the Integration Realm puppet.

“The three Monster Venerables are all powerful people, can’t we talk about something?” Xu Fan said here, and asked the Integration Realm puppet to take out Avatar jade talisman of the Thousand Spirit Sect Great Elder, and make the It gave off a little breath.

In just a split second, the three alien Monster Venerables only felt the earth shake, and a huge silhouette like Heaven and Earth stood in front of them.

“Invincible Venerable!” The three Monster Venerables were shocked, and finally ran away without looking back.

“Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elders are so terrifying, just a little Avatar breath can scare them away.” Zhan Ling exclaimed, his eyes full of envy.

While Xu Fan was lost in thought.

He was thinking, if those three Monster Venerables came to find the Mysterious Yellow Stone, wouldn’t it be over?

The Yellow Stone is already necessary for the invincible Monster Venerable to be dispatched.

When the time comes that invincible Monster Venerable comes, he has no means except Avatar jade talisman in his hand.

“This matter is a bit difficult.” Xu Fan touched the chin.

“If it doesn’t work, move house~ It’s not like I haven’t done it before.” Zhan Ling said.

“Moving is easy, but the cultivators and ordinary people in the immortal city are probably dead.” Xu Fan said with a bit of pain.

This time the 100 times rebate seems a bit wrong, why does this thing still have repercussions?

“Master, maybe I have a solution.” Grape’s voice sounded at this time.

Xu Fan and Zhan Ling were refreshed.

“What means do you have?”

“I can place the source realm on the two realms channel and absorb the space power that maintains the two realms channel, so that the connection channel will also be It collapsed due to lack of space power.”

“every cloud has a silver lining!”

“It’s a pity that it will be in vain after so many years of arranging here.” Xu Fan sighed said .

“But it’s better than the invincible Monster Venerable coming to the door.”

This sentence is what Xu Fan said in his heart.

“Pack up and move out of Monster Realm.” Xu Fan ordered.

For a time, all the cultivators and puppets of the Monster Realm were mobilized, and all the important resources and Spirit Treasure were moved to the passage between the two realms.

Xu Fan’s Avatar appears in the Yuguang Rabbit family.

“Now we have to close the passage between the two realms, do you want to live here in Human Race?” Xu Fan asked with a smile, playing with the Avatar jade talisman in his hand.

Avatar jade talisman also shows a trace of invincible Venerable from time to time.

“Our Yuguang Rabbit clan is an alliance of your hidden Spirit Sect. If you leave, we will leave too.” Yuguang Monster Venerable cautiously said, for fear of making Xu Fan dissatisfied.

“Okay, your family will start moving now, just leave some unimportant things.”

“By the way, I will dedicate a special area to the Human World. In this area, let you plant various Spirit Fruits, enough for your entire clan to eat as a staple food.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Xu Fan’s words made the little bunny next to Yuguang Monster Venerable’s eyes light up instantly.

“many thanks Great Elder.” Yuguang Monster Venerable got up and bowed.

There is no way to be a knife, I am a fish, and it is very good not to be easily slaughtered by others.

“You guys probably won’t have much time soon,” Xu Fan said with a nod.

Five days later, except for the steel Great Wall that was not demolished, all the others were withdrawn into the human world, including the Yuguang Rabbit family.

“Grape, you can start.”

This time Xu Fan opened up the entire Yinling Island in order to allow the source realm to absorb the space power of the two realms successfully. Above the two-world channel.

“The Origin Realm is Coming”

Yes, a white ball flickering with aura appeared over the natural passage of the two realms and began to descend slowly.

At the same time, the illusory shadow of a virtual world appeared, directly encompassing the natural passage of the two worlds.

“Grape, authorize you to mobilize the power of all Five Elements Essence in the sect.” Xu Fan said, looking at the world illusory shadow, some of which were no more than the natural passage between the two worlds.

β€œAs you bid.”

The five-colored long dragon flew out from the Yinling Island and drilled directly into the white ball.

In an instant, the Small World illusory shadow began to solidify.

The natural passage between the two worlds began to shrink slowly.

At this rate, within five days at most, the natural passage between the two realms will completely disappear.

At this time, Ning Dao appeared beside Xu Fan.

“I heard that you seal the natural passage between the two worlds and need to use Five Elements Essence. I brought all the inventory of Linsen immortal city.” Ning Dao said with a look of loyalty, and held the The jade bottle was handed over to Xu Fan.

“Ning Dao, Elder, thank you.”

“If nothing else happens, it won’t work,” Xu Fan said with some emotion.

Xu Fan’s tone barely fell, and he felt an astonishing aura coming from the passage between the two realms.

“The master has an invincible Monster Venerable coming to this side, and it is estimated that it will take 3 breaths time to reach the passage between the two realms.” Grape’s speech was very fast.

“An accident happened.”

Xu Fan did not hesitate to start Avatar jade talisman directly.

Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder appeared in front of Xu Fan.

“There is an invincible Monster Venerable here, Supreme Great Elder, hard work.” Xu Fan said respectfully.

Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder Avatar look at Xu Fan, and finally turned into a stream of light and rushed into the natural passage of the two worlds.

Xu Fan also opened the jade bottle in his hand and poured out Five Elements Essence.

(End of this chapter)

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