My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Sad Xu Fan

Xu Fan poured out Five Elements Essence in jade bottle.

Five Elements Essence turned into five long dragons in the air and flew into the small world that was solidifying.

In an instant, the openings connecting the passages became smaller and smaller.

But the aftermath of the battle from the passage between the two worlds is getting bigger and bigger, even threatening Small World.

“As expected of the invincible Venerable, the aftermath of this battle is amazing.” Zhan Ling said beside him.

“Are you sure you shouldn’t be concerned, what if the two realms are not closed when the time comes?”

“Avatar jade talisman of the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder, only It can last for one hour.” Xu Fan said, even though he was usually calm, he was a little nervous at this time.

If Avatar of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder can’t stop the invincible Monster Venerable, his foundation for so many years can be finished.

At this moment, a voice reached Xu Fan’s ears.

“Great Elder, the invincible Monster Venerable is looking for a treasure for the world of people.”

After hearing the words of the Supreme Great Elder, Xu Fan knew for a while, the invincible Monster Venerable Sure enough, it was to find the Profound Yellow Stone.

“One more thing, Great Elder, I can’t take it anymore, I can only last for half an hour, you better plan ahead.”

Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme The Great Elder’s Avatar’s tone was a little helpless. He thought he could save the field, but he encountered an existence of the same level as his own.

“Trouble the Supreme Great Elder,” Xu Fan replied.

“Master, can’t you hold it any longer?” Li Xingci said looking at Xu Fan’s expression.

At this time, everyone looked at Xu Fan.

When they came, they had already made plans to evacuate and were fully prepared.

“It’s okay, I’m just distressed about something.” Xu Fan said leisurely, with a little sadness in his tone.

Then Ye Xiaoyao is so cruel to himself. Not only has he turned his good brother’s milk into poisonous milk, but more importantly, he is a little careless. These mortals he shelters will probably all be killed by Monster Race. slaughter.

A treasure of merit and luck appeared behind Xu Fan.

At this time, the treasure cover of merit and qi transportation has become colorful. As long as it is solidified a little, it can become the Supreme treasure to suppress a sect or an immortal country.

When everyone sees the treasure cover of merit and qi fortune behind Xu Fan, they understand what Xu Fan is going to do.

“This is really distressing~” Zhan Ling said when he saw the treasure of merit and luck, he knew how difficult it was to condense this thing.

“What should come must come, and what should go must go.”

Xu Fan muttered, his hands tied with Dharma seals.

For a time, everyone just felt happy and blessed, and an inexplicable, unclear feeling arose from their hearts.

Gong De Qi Luck Treasure Cover flew over Small World and exploded directly.

Turned into a blossoming Spiritual Qi flower, scattered on Small World.

Small World began to materialize at an astonishing speed, and the passage between the two worlds began to shrink rapidly.

Disappeared in less than a quarter of an hour at the end.

Everyone sighed in relief, then looked up towards the treasure of merit and luck that had turned into an illusory shadow and was about to be disappeared, a little sad.

“Great Elder, for the cultivator and the people of Linsen immortal city, thank you.” Ning Dao was comforted, he knew that Xu Fan must be very sad at this time.

“many thanks to your big brother for comfort, I want to be alone.” Xu Fan sighed said, another big hole card in his hand was gone.

“You all go back, I’ll stand here for a while.” Xu Fan silently looked at the Small World in front of him.

“Great Elder, the old won’t go away, the new won’t come, just open it up if you want.”

“Master, I must accumulate more merits for you in the future, and help you make This treasure of merit and qi fortune has been reunited.” Xu Gang said, he also felt bad when he saw his master so sad.

“Master, I’ll go out and help you find the magic treasure of merit and virtue, and help you condense the treasure of merit and qi fortune again.” Xu Yuexian said.

Li Xingci took out an ordinary stone sword at this time and said to Xu Fan: “Master, this is the treasure of luck of my father-in-law sect that I have never met, I hope to treat you It’s useful.”

“You take it and absorb it.”

At this time, Wang Xiangchi was a little embarrassed. Several of his brothers used their strengths to comfort the master. It seemed that he had nothing to help. of?

“Master, let me play you some soothing music, I hope you feel better.” Wang Xiangchi said a little embarrassedly.

“Master, why don’t you release another Immortal Palace feast to me to make you happy.” Zhou Kailing said.

“Haha, being a teacher is not a child, you don’t need to be so comforted.”

“I have all my thoughts, I am not as sad as you think.” Xu Fan said with a smile .

Xu Fan felt a lot better after being comforted by the disciples.

“Little Wu, you have to keep your word just now, this Immortal Palace feast for the teacher, I don’t know if you can stand it.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

He felt that among these disciplines, Xiao Wu was more ruthless towards him.

Zhou Kailing’s complexion changed, and said with some fear: “Master, I just wanted to comfort you.”

“Then I’ll record it as a teacher.” Xu Fan laughed.

At this point, the body and origin of the grape have been fixed there.

“Grape, this will be the second branch of the hidden Spirit Sect in the future, you can build it.” Xu Fan instructed.

“Yes, Master,” said Grape.

After Xu Fan finished speaking, he took everyone back to Yinling Island.

The Hidden Spirit Island flew in the direction of the huge lake of hundreds of thousands li.

Thousands of Spirit Sect Taiyi great hall.

The Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder who was condensing Avatar stopped.

“What’s wrong with the boss?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder asked when he noticed the difference.

“My Avatar jade talisman was used by the Great Elder.” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder.

“And then, are you going to send another one?” Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder.

“This Avatar jade talisman is less than half of it condensed. I remember that a thousand years ago, I gave you an Avatar jade talisman, and I took it out when it didn’t work.” Supreme Great Elder indifferently said.

“Boss, there is no reason to recycle what you sent out?” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Third Elder angrily said.

“Don’t talk so much, you stay by my side every day, how can there be so much danger?”

“I’ll give it to you later at worst.” Supreme Great Elder doesn’t care said.

“Don’t forget, ascend to the Great Thousand Worlds, we still need to help each other.” The Supreme Great Elder glanced at the third child.

“What a big deal, isn’t it Avatar jade talisman~” Supreme Third Elder took out the Avatar jade talisman with a smile.

“I’ll condense it first and improve the strength of this Avatar jade talisman.”

“didn’t expect that Spirit Sect Great Elder’s ability to cause trouble is not ordinary. It is so big that it can even provoke other existences of the invincible Monster Venerable Level, but fortunately nothing happens, otherwise a good future refiner, the Great Grandmaster, will be gone.”

Supreme Great Elder, while talking and condensing Avatar jade talisman.

“The third child, what are you looking for?” Qian Ling burst in Venerable energetically and bustlingly.

(End of this chapter)

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