My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Array

Xu Fan looked at the empty Prodigal Transmission Formation, sighed.

“The peaceful life is always interrupted.”

“I invested in primordial stocks, that is my vision.”

“You are jealous of my earnings. , but it’s your fault to attack me.” Xu Fan said silently.

“I hope this little trick of mine can teach you a lesson.”

The twelve puppets that Xu Fan sent back have all planted special seeds.

A seed that liberates the true nature of True Spirit.

In the retreat room, Xu Fan murmured, “Will there be anything else to disturb my retreat this time?”

Xu Fan slowly closed his eyes and started, Begin to enter the state of egoless cultivation.

The sun and the moon flow, and the cultivation has no time.

This time Xu Fan has been in retreat for sixty years.

When Xu Fan opened his eyes again, the Dao scriptures appeared in the sky, covering the inner wall of the entire Hidden Spirit Sect formation.

“This battle should be your Ancestor Master exit.” Zhan Ling, who was teaching his grandson, said.

“What do these verses of grandfather mean? Why can’t I understand any of them?” Li Chufan said, looking at the avenue verses on the inner wall of the Formation.

“It’s normal that you don’t understand it, and I don’t understand some scriptures either.”

“So generally in this situation, you only need to expose this great scripture. The expression is enough.”

“This shows that you have both depth and connotation.” Zhan Ling said with an expression that was very difficult to deal with.

“grandfather, Master Ancestor said that you should be honest when you don’t have to.” Li Chufan said with a smile.

“grandfather said that when you are outside, it is really unnecessary here.” Zhan Ling said, his expression became serious.

At this time, in the sect, except for the Disciple in retreat, all the others saw the Dao scriptures on the inner wall of the great formation.

The door of Xu Fan’s retreat room opened gently, and Xu Fan came out.

“Divine Transformation Realm Perfection, finally completed a serious task.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

looked towards the sky, waved his hand, and on the inner wall of the great formation, all the scriptures of the Great Dao poured into Xu Fan’s palm.

A few flashes of light flashed, Xu Gang, Wang Xiangchi, Li Xingci, Zhou Kailing, appeared in the Xu Fan small courtyard.

“We welcome the master to leave the customs.” Xu Gang and the others said respectfully.

“After 60 years of retreat for the teacher, you have performed very well in these years.” Xu Fan said with satisfaction.

“It is appropriate to contribute to the sect.” Xu Gang said.

During the years of Xu Fan’s retreat, as long as Xu Gang is free, he will take his puppets to destroy the surrounding Monster Races.

If you are in Linsen immortal city and suddenly see a large piece of flat land, don’t doubt that Xu Gang must have been here.

“Where is Yuexian?” Xu Fan asked after looking around.

“I was catching Monster Race and Monster Beast outside, but now I think I’m going back.” Li Xingci said.

Xu Fan nods.

“I have been in retreat for 60 years as a teacher, and I have learned many essences of Taoism. I will tell you about it in a few days.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

In the past sixty years, Xu Fan has been cultivated to Divine Transformation Realm Peak.

The second is to carefully adapt Five Elements Art again.

So he wanted to update Disciples with a cultivation technique.

“Thank you, Master.” Xu Gang said with a salute.

“Okay, you guys are busy, there are still some things to do here for the teacher.” Xu Fan said that the silhouette disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

The second branch of the hidden Spirit Sect, the address of the original two-way channel.

Xu Fan appears in front of the grape itself.

“Master, that special law has been deduced, allowing those old puppet masters with innate talent to come in.” Grape said.

“Finally the deduction is over, now take over those people, especially Suiying, let Yuguang Venerable accompany Suiying for a trip.”

“These years It’s not easy for him,” Xu Fan said.

When he was in retreat, he occasionally took time off to pay attention to such important news.

While he was in retreat, Sui Ying married a female cultivator named Xiao Su.

Then the young couple had a child in the second year.

But an accident happened three years later. An extremely hidden Integration Realm Monster Race sneak attacked the team that Xiao Su was on.

That team of cultivators were all destroyed, and that year, along with the shadows, they were promoted to the seventh rank celestial puppet master.

In the subsequent several decades, Sui Ying was either killing Monster Race or on the way to killing Monster Race.

As a result of this year-round battle, although the body is nourished by spiritual medicine, the soul has been in a state of accelerated withering. Even the secret technique of the Yuguang Rabbit family can only slow down this trend.

There is only one breath left in the current shadow, and the soul is like a small flame in the wind that may be blown out at any time.

“Understood, Master,” said Grape.

A short while later, a spirit boat appeared.

A dignified woman with a pair of white rabbit ears on her head helped a rickety old man out of the spirit boat.

Although the old man is like a candle in the wind, the sword intent in his eyes is more and more quintessential.

“Please take the shadow into the door of light.” Grape’s voice sounded.

A door of light appeared in front of the two of them.

“After this door is closed, what means can I save him?” asked the woman with rabbit ears.

“You will know when you go in.”

Hearing Grape’s reply, the woman helped the old man into the door of light.

As soon as the woman and the old man entered the door of light, they were teleported to the center of the great formation.

“I have seen the Great Elder.” Yuguang Venerable saluted.

The old man just gave Xu Fan a slight nod to show his respect, he had no strength to speak.

Xu Fan first responded to the old man nodded, and then to Yuguang Venerable. : “Can the nobles get used to it in the Human World?”

“The clansman has adapted to life in the Human World over the years, many thanks to the Great Elder for protecting our clan.” Yuguang Venerable said respectfully.

The life of the Yuguang Rabbit family after coming to Human Race is much easier than they imagined, and even a little happier than in Monster Realm.

“That’s good, I believe that Spirit Sect and nobles will be a permanent alliance.” Xu Fan promised.

The underlying line is, as long as I’m with you, I’ll protect your Yuguang Rabbit family for one day.

“many thanks to the Great Elder’s love for my clan.” Yuguang Monster Venerable saluted again.

“It’s impossible to help each other.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Okay, now I’m going to transfer the spirit root body for the shadow, this process is a bit long, Monster Venerable can go back if it’s all right.” Xu Fan saw off the guest with a smile.

“Great Elder, can I watch it?”

“I want to see him return to his youthful appearance.” Yuguang Monster Venerable said.

After their family moved to the human world, Yuguang Monster Venerable became Sue Ying’s personal care.

The years of getting along day and night made Yuguang Monster Venerable appreciate this man who only saw his sword and his family.

Xu Fan looked at Yuguang Venerable with admiring eyes, nodded.

It’s not bad luck.

Yuguang Monster Venerable obediently stood behind Xu Fan and watched Xu Fan start the great formation.

A black and white gossip formation rose up, and then in the sky there were two green and one red auras intertwined.

The old man’s body was slowly rising up from his usual figure on the ground.

(End of this chapter)

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