My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Landing Ship

“Is this a landing ship Starship?” Qianling Venerable asked with some doubts.

“Yes, the biggest use of this starship is to break the surface of the giant beast battleship and send puppets to fight inside.” Xu Fan explained.

Hearing Xu Fan’s words, Qianling Venerable’s eyes lit up, this job suits him.

“Does Qianling Venerable also want a starship like this?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

β€œYou may not know, Great Elder, the giant beast battleships in Monster Race are generally Monster Venerables with average battle strength.”

β€œMonster Venerables like this, I support them. With the palm of your hand, you can suppress several.”

“In this case, even the main control room may be saved.” Qian Ling Venerable said.

“If I want, I can add a login ship to Venerable’s starship.”

“I just don’t know if I really want a high-spec or low-spec.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Is there any difference between the two?”

“Lower spec is speed, far more than Starship.”

“High spec is loading Spatial Teleportation is faster and more efficient.” Xu Fan said, narrowing his eyes, thinking in his heart that it is time to refine a batch of node Dao Items.

“Spatial Teleportation!” Qianling Venerable exclaimed.

“The space is now sealed. If you want to break through, you need thirty-six pieces of energy stored in the Dao Item to be able to break through the space seal.”

“So build a ship The high-end landing ship consumes a lot.”

Xu Fan’s words instantly made Qianling Venerable excited.

“High profile, must be top profile, it’s as if our Spirit Sect is not worth it.”

“At worst, I will take the boss to the extreme sky and turn it on A few years.” Qianling Venerable said excitedly.

If he can log into the giant beast battleship, his battle strength can be fully exerted.

And besides him, he can bring out the Avatar of the boss.

A jade slip appeared in Xu Fan’s hand. Hand it to the Thousand Spirits Venerable.

“This is the spirit ore needed to log in to the ship. Elder Qianling can prepare it first.” Xu Fan said.

Qianling Venerable took the jade slip and glanced at it.

“I have more conscience than Tianlianzong. I will bring the materials when I come next time.” Qianling Venerable clicked nodded.

Afterwards, Xu Fan accompanied Qianling Venerable to watch the starship that was finishing up.

“After two years, your sect’s star boat can come over for inspection.” Xu Fan said.

“Okay, then I’ll come back in two years, and send the spirit ore of the landing ship by the way.” Qianling Venerable said.

Now their Thousand Spirit Sect is a top-level sector with three star boats. The power that this configuration can have in the entire cultivation world can be counted on one hand.

Qianling Venerable is gone, with infinite reverie.

Xu Fan looked at the direction where Qianling Venerable disappeared, and his face slowly became serious.

“It’s only a period of time, and the speed of your development is really too fast.” Xu Fan said in a tranquil voice.

“That’s right, backed by the endless sea, a big resource factory, it’s understandable to develop faster.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

He felt that his opponent had appeared.

“Landing ship, if you get a few Monster Race giant beast battleships back and make a little modification, it will be another starship.”

“This snowball rolls a little faster. Yeah.”

Xu Fan felt a sense of crisis at this time, he felt that he had to do something, or he might be called by someone one day.

At the same time, Jiufeng continued in a huge square.

A strange starship dragged two giant beast battleships and fell into the square.

Feng Changning and the young Imperial Teacher were waiting in the square.

“The giant beast is a star-like boat, it can barely be used.” The young Imperial Teacher said with a smile, and a killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes.

“Imperial Teacher, is this the foundation you said made our Nine Phoenix Dynasty rise?” Feng Changning looked at the giant beast battleship in the distance with anticipation in his eyes.

“Yes, as long as the giant beast battleships of these two Monster Races are slightly modified, they can bring us a lot of high level spirit ore from the realm of the sky.” Junior Imperial Teacher said with a smile .

“When the time comes our dynasty puppet, we will enter the Integration Realm era.”

“When the time comes, based on this, use a lot of resources to train the sons of my dynasty. People, just leave the rest to the time.”

Feng Changning had an unreal feeling when he heard the words of the young Imperial Teacher, not bad, but because the development was too fast.

And there is another important reason, that is, the core control of the puppet that the dynasty relies on will definitely not be in his hands.

Feng Changning’s worry was captured by the young Imperial Teacher.

“Your Majesty, everyone is selfish, help you, and I have my purpose.”

“When our dynasty becomes a strong Immortal Court, can you give it to me? A Divine Weapon War General, I want to avenge my past life.” The young Imperial Teacher said sincerely, he understood what Feng Changning was worried about.

“I, allow, when the time comes you can take away the strongest army.” Feng Changning promised.

“Thanks Your Majesty.” The young Imperial Teacher nodded.

β€œIt will take ten years for these two Monster Race giant beast battleships to change.”

β€œIn the past 10 years, I need the power of the whole country to support these two Monster Race giant beast battleships.”

The transformation of the battleship.”

“Once the transformation is completed, you can go to the depths of the extreme sky to purchase those higher-quality spirit ore.”

“There are merits and luck with Your Highness. Shelter, I believe that we will definitely be able to collect more high-quality spirit ore, and when the time comes we can support the first Great Ascension Venerable Level puppet.” said the young Imperial Teacher, who had already planned this step by step. .

“I, what do I need to do?” Feng Changning said.

“Using the collected resources to shelter more common people and strengthen the dynasty’s immortal cultivator’s sense of identity with the dynasty.” The young Imperial Teacher said that this aspect is his weakness.

“Let the people’s livelihood be handed over to me, and the Imperial Teacher can develop with peace of mind.” Feng Changning said.

“His Royal Highness, the most powerful immortal dynasties are all propped up by a lot of powerhouses, and now they use a lot of puppets just to speed up the long process in the early stage.”

“I Nothing wrong with Your Majesty,” said Junior Imperial Teacher.

“Imperial Teacher, I was wrong.” Feng Changning admitted generously.

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to admit mistakes.”

“There are just some misunderstandings that need to be cleared up.” The young Imperial Teacher said with a smile.

At this time, the young Imperial Teacher felt that it was a good feeling to be an Imperial Teacher of a dynasty. He could not only be admired by everyone, but also do what he liked.

After the Hidden Spirit sect master peak, Xu Fan looked at the two star boats that were about to be built, and said with some sadness: “It seems that we can’t follow the trend for a while, and the development over there It’s so fast, maybe it will come to the door with the remodeled giant beast battleship.”

“The Dao Item level that No. 2 has worked so hard to earn over the years will be useful. “Xu Fan touched the chin.

When a salted fish has energy, it proves that the environment in which he lives is already under threat.

(End of this chapter)

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