My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Divine Ability

Human Race immortal cultivator and Monster Realm Peak have accumulated a lot of anger in the long-term confrontation.

The two star boats and giant beast battleship battled together in an instant.

There are several extremely empty giant beasts on the Monster Race side, and several giant Spirit Beasts on the Human Race Elder Council side.

The battle is on the horizon.

In Yinling Island, Xu Fan, who was examining Wang Yulun’s body, said: “The Great Influence of the cultivation world and Monster Realm should be fighting.”

“Can Brother Xu In the end? Is it our victory or the Monster Race victory?” Wang Yulun asked.

“No one can win, even if they win, it is probably a tragic victory.” Xu Fan said, taking his hand away from Wang Yulun.

Wang Yulun, who Xu Fan expected to wake up in 100 years, actually woke up after the 55th year of his retreat, and was subsequently promoted to Divine Transformation Realm.

Xu Fan didn’t feel right, so he came to check Wang Yulun’s body.

It would be great in case his previous wife reappears to reap the lifespan of the good brother.

“It’s not unreasonable that the two sides have faced each other for so long. Now that the fight starts, it means that both sides are absolutely sure that it will either be a draw or a tragic victory. There is no third option.” Xu Fan affirmed. .

β€œA tragic victory~” Wang Yulun said sighed.

“Strange, my guess should be correct, that Qi of Black and Yellow has absolutely no problem in letting you sleep in a comprehend state for 100 years.” Xu Fan touched the chin after he retracted his hand.

“Can’t even Brother Xu see what’s wrong?”

“Did anything strange happen while you were sleeping?” Xu Fan asked.

He felt that there must be something wrong. He knew his brother better than his brother knew himself.

“There have been some strange phenomena.” Wang Yulun’s face suddenly became a little unnatural.

“Tell me carefully, what else can we say between our brothers?” Xu Fan said gossip.

“During my comprehend coma, I had a long dream.”

“That dream spanned a thousand years.” Wang Yulun’s face Showing the vicissitudes of life.

“During that dream, I lost my previous memory and formed a Dao Companion with a female cultivator in the dream world.”

After saying this, Wang Yulun , There is a little sadness in his eyes, as if remembering an unbearable scene.

“And then.” Xu Fan asked, and he could tell from his good brother’s expression that this should be an unforgettable past.

But some things are buried in the heart, it is better to say it.

Xu Fan has always believed that it is necessary to take care of his brother’s physical and mental health.

“In the dream world, I and the Dao Companion are the childhood sweetheart, and worship the fairy door together.”

“My Dao Companion is the battle fairy Saint Physique, and I It’s the body of a sunflower again.” Speaking of which, Wang Yulun’s eyes showed a sneer.

“Wait, what is the body of the sunflower?” Xu Fan asked suspiciously, not only him, but even the grape database did not have an explanation for this word.

“The body of the sunflower is the male version of the Saint Physique of Tianyin.” Wang Yu Yulun said.

“Brother, you seem to be inseparable from women in your life.” Xu Fan sighed.

Tian Yin Saint Physique, with Dual Cultivation men will get a lot of benefits, so when Wang Yulun said, Xu Fan knows what it means.

“In the dream world, our two special physiques are combined, and my Fellow Daoist’s cultivation base and battle strength are just like the star boat soaring into the sky.”

“In less than 500 years, I was in the Venerable seat, and at that time, I was a Nascent Soul Cultivator.” Wang Yulun said.

β€œYour Fellow Daoist already loves you very much.” Xu Fan said.

“She loves me very much and listens to me very much. According to Brother Xu’s words, it is hard to eat hard.”

“Then you say you should be very happy. , why isn’t there such a sad color?” Others asked inexplicably.

“Brother Xu, listen to me later.”

“After she was promoted to Great Ascension Venerable, my body suddenly mutated and needed a lot of vitality to survive. “

“At that time, Dao Companion took me all over the cultivation world to save me, and I don’t know how much I used various spirit pills and marvelous medicine spirit material Supreme Treasure.”

” Until the moment it runs out, my Dao Companion is enchanted for me.”

A tear fell from the corner of Wang Yulun’s eyes.

“This entry is hundreds of years old. In order to fight for life for me, the silent girl actually sneaked into the Great Thousand Worlds and killed the quasi-immortal to take life for my life.” Wang Yulun’s The tone became more and more sad.

“In the end, I didn’t want to drag her down, so I died in the Small World she created with her own hands.”

Wang Yulun said this, deeply sighed, for The life of that world feels sad.

Xu Fan didn’t speak, just patted Wang Yulun.

His suffering is similar to the suffering of Li Xing’s Hundred Worlds Reincarnation.

“Do you want me to seal your memory? After all, it is too easy to affect your Dao Heart.” Xu Fan said.

“Can it be completely removed? If it’s just the seal, I will recall it one day, and it will probably be more painful at that time.”

But then Wang Yulun said: “Forget it. , this is a bit self-deceiving, I’ll just go see my grandson when I have nothing to do.”

Xu Fan’s hand with a strange aura stopped less than three inches away from Wang Yulun’s forehead.

“If you speak more slowly, you will be happy.” Xu Fan said and put his hand back.

The Divine Ability, which he has newly researched, seems to be useless.

β€œI don’t want to throw away my own things, good or bad.” Wang Yulun said and laughed.

“I created three Divine Ability when I was bored, they are Wangyou, Joy, Wangyou Joy Divine Ability.”

“Which one do you like?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

“Brother Xu, are your Divine Ability serious, do I have to choose one?” Wang Yulun seemed to recall some unbearable past when he heard these names.

“Choose one, it’s good for your physical and mental health.” Xu Fan said with a smile, and the palm of his hand was raised again, flashing three-color aura.

“Let’s be happy with the Divine Ability, it’s a little more pleasing to the eye.” Wang Yulun said, this Divine Ability knows its effect as soon as you hear it, it shouldn’t be as heterogeneous as the chicken-blooded Divine Ability.

“Feel the joy~”

Xu Fan’s shining palm fell on Wang Yulun’s back.


With just a light sound, Wang Yulun felt that this world seemed to be completely new, and an inexplicable feeling came to his mind.

Like being reborn, it seems that she has survived a big change in life and death.

In an instant Wang Yulun felt that he still had a lot of interesting things to do.

Wang Xiangchi hasn’t gotten married yet, his daughter hasn’t seen it yet, his grandson hasn’t seen it yet, and everything else is worth waiting for.

“Brother Xu, you can send me and Qian’er to Yanzhou. I haven’t seen my daughter for a long time.”

(End of this chapter)

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