My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Burning Xiong Li

“Although your remark is very burning, it will not change our current useless situation.” Xiong Li said.

Xiong Li was in a better mood after being scolded by Xiang Yun for a while, and then he ignited a greater fighting spirit.

A big hand clapped heavily on Xiang Yun’s shoulder.

“Xiang Yun, you are right, there are only a few celestial masters who can become the ultimate, and the high cultivation realm is eternal, so we must work harder in cultivation in the future.”

” So this time I decided to go out of Linsen Immortal City area to experience, let Grape remove the protective puppet behind us.” Xiong Li’s eyes ignited the fire of fighting spirit.

Someone protects the limit breakthrough, what is the limit, this time he wants to play really.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t do this, I’m just nothing serious, isn’t it okay for us to have a good cultivation in the sector?” Xiang Yun looked at Xiong Li’s face full of fighting spirit, feeling that he had done an extremely stupid thing .

“Let’s go, under the protection of sect, it will never grow.” Xiong Li said.

“Grape, find out for me the task of the Foreign Domain in the Immortal City District of Linsen, and this time I apply for the removal of the protection puppet.” Xiong Li said.

A light curtain appeared in front of Xiong Li, on which there were various tasks of Foreign Domain in Linsen Immortal City District, all filled with danger symbols.

“The application has been accepted and is under review.”

“The application has been approved, and I wish you a smooth return.”

Xiong Li looked at the light curtain and casually Picked up a surrounding Monster Race clan exploration mission.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you are really playing!”

“Please don’t bring me!” Xiang Yun shouted anxiously.

Xiong Li filled in the names of the two people in the task executors.

“A man is decisive, is it nothing more than life and death?”

“The Great Elder once said that when a man dies, he will never die for an absolutely year.” Xiong Li said.

“That’s your business, don’t bring me, my sword array can’t break through between life and death.” Xiang Yun said.

“It’s too late, you can come with me this time.”

“There are not many people who can match me in the sect, besides that Xiao Xu. The son is still immersed in Warm Countryside, let alone him.” Xiong Li said.

β€œSince Eldest Senior Brother has taken over the task, let’s plan how the task should be carried out?” Xiang Yun sighed said.

“That’s right.” Xiong Li said with a big laugh.

The spirit boat they were sitting on turned around and flew towards the direction of the mission guide.

3 months later, two escaping lights flew towards the Linsen Immortal city area rapidly.

Dozens of escaping lights followed behind them.

“Eldest Senior Brother, we are on a scouting mission. Fighting is second, nothing to do. What are you doing to kill the patriarch son?” said Xiang Yun, who was flying the sword array.

“Who would have known that Young Patriarch of the Akagi bird clan could not be beaten so easily, he couldn’t stand it if I hit him.” Xiong Li said sorry.

The situation of the Monster Race clan in that area has been investigated, and it only needs to return.

What was originally a very smooth mission was turned into a life-and-death race by Xiong Li.

“Three Void Refinement Realm, twenty-eight Divine Transformation Realm, don’t think about being tough, concentrate on running away, as long as you get close to the immortal city area of Linsen, you can ask for help like grapes.” Xiang Yun said .

At this moment, a giant wind blade shot towards the two of them.

Xiong Li turned to summon out of the Five Elements golden body, and smashed the giant wind blade with his hammer.


Xiong Li hurriedly fled backwards with the help of the aftermath of the explosion.

β€œEldest Senior Brother is awesome, this is the blade of the Void Refinement Realm, you can smash it.” Xiang Yun said.

“It’s not the time to talk about it, just run away quickly.” Xiong Li looked at the Akagi bird that was getting closer and closer to them, feeling a little bad.

“Eldest Senior Brother has withstood. It is less than 10,000 miles away from the Immortal City area of Linsen. As long as we get through it, we will win.” Xiang Yun said. Take a small bottle of concentrated azure spiritual liquid and drink it.

Suddenly, Xiang Yun’s spiritual power skyrocketed, and he used spiritual power to capture Xiong Li.

“Eldest Senior Brother, don’t resist, let’s take you to experience extreme speed.”

As soon as Xiang Yungang finished speaking, hundreds of Spirit Swords began to transform, and finally formed a The appearance of a bullet.

After the bullet sword array tail, it blows out a fast hurricane, which directly pushes the speed of the two to a new level.

“You’re not that fast either~” said Xiong Li.

“This is just the beginning, Eldest Senior Brother is ready~”

As soon as Xiang Yun finished speaking, there was a violent explosion after the bullet head and tail, like a cloud bomb.

“That’s what makes me energetic~” Xiong Li said with a smile.

“The two Human Race smelly brats want you to live longer. Since you are courting death, don’t blame me.”

A sharp voice sounded, then The two felt that there were a lot of Wind Attribute Spiritual Qi condensing behind them.

For a time, the speed of the Akagi bird behind him also increased several times, and the distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

“Fuck it, I’m off, Eldest Senior Brother, there is no back hand, hurry up and use it.” Xiang Yun said while manipulating the witness.

“There are backhands. It’s a bit hard to fight Void Refinement Realm, and I can only barely resist. The key point is that I can’t protect you.”

“So you may explode a few more times, maybe We will be saved.”

There is no panic in Xiong Li’s eyes, even if he really wants to fight to the death, he believes that he can live to the moment of rescue.

At this moment, the three Void Refinement Realm lights behind them suddenly surged in speed.

Then they were photographed with the giant wings covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

“Five Elements sword array, keep it!” Xiang Yun hurriedly converted the sword array.

“Can Junior Brother explode again?” Xiong Li asked calmly.

“It can explode three more times, but looking at this scene, it won’t help to report it a few more times.” Xiang Yun was under tremendous pressure and used his guard sword array.


Juyi patted the guardian sword array and smashed it directly, and then patted Xiong Li again.

A golden light rises, a golden body of Five Elements with a height of dozens of feet appeared in the air.

“Yes, go back and ask for help. If you can’t come within three days, no one will be able to abuse you from the first generation of Spirit Sect Disciple.” Xiong Li said with a smile.

The Dao Item heavy armor and giant hammer were all lit up in the hands.

“Eldest Senior Brother take care, I will go back now for help.”

Xiang Yun flew towards Linsen immortal city without looking back, he knew that staying here would only To add to the chaos, it is better to speed up and go back to ask for help, adding a little vitality to Xiong Li.

Looking at the Akagi bird approaching him, Xiong Li’s whole body ignited with fighting intent, and his expression became excited.

“I used to feel unhappy fighting under the protection of sect.”

“It’s better now, there is no one to protect me, and I can do as much as I want.”

The ten-foot-tall Five Elements battle strength golden body, wearing heavy armor and holding heavy hammers in both hands, is like a War God.

Just as Xiong Li’s fighting intent was burning, a cold voice sounded.

“I’ll shoot now, or wait until you’re happy.”

An Integration Realm swordsman puppet appeared beside Xiong Li.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you said it was a coincidence that I met Sue Ying halfway.” Xiang Yun said with a smile.

(End of this chapter)

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