My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 533

Chapter 533 is like no one has a fairy weapon

The fire of fighting intent ignited by Xiong Ligang was extinguished instantly after seeing the swordsman puppet.

“I just finished my mission and was about to go home when I met Xiang Senior Yun.”

Although Sui Ying’s tone was cold, it contained respect.

“Forget it, let’s do it, you’ll be meaningless when you come here.” Xiong Li said helplessly, with someone guarding him, what’s the difference from before?

“Two Human Race smelly brat, do you think a puppet can save you?”

The sharp voice sounded again.

In the sky, a huge virtual image of a giant bird appeared.

“Follow the shadow, it’s up to you.” Xiong Li said.

“The two seniors, just watch the battle from the sidelines.”

After the swordsman puppet finished speaking, the transformation disappeared as an illusory shadow.

Along with a sword cry, a sword shadow seemed to span time and space, and a sword light passed through all the Akagi birds in an instant.

Before the sword light faded away, Sui Ying controlled the puppet and appeared beside the two of them.

Whether it is the Void Refinement Realm or the Divine Transformation Realm Akagi bird, it freezes in the sky for a moment, and finally the head and body are divided into two and fall toward the ground, and the demon blood is sprinkled on the ground.

“Now every time I see a follow-up shot, I feel like a piece of trash.” Xiang Yun exclaimed in admiration.

“This has only been trifling for less than a hundred years. Not to mention the power of puppets, but only the meaning of sword dao, I am ashamed of being inferior.”

“You Look, it’s not just you who feel this way.” Xiong Li said shrugged with a smile.

In the sky there was a scream, and then fell silent between Heaven and Earth.

“The two seniors, shall I escort you home now?” said the swordsman puppet.

“Let’s go, we can only continue the mission next time.” Xiong Li nodded said.

At this moment, everyone felt a sense of gold killing.

The expressions of the two people changed greatly, this aura was much higher than Integration Realm.

A golden giant tiger roamed towards the two puppets.

“didn’t expect me to travel in the human world and encounter such interesting things.”

“The Humanoid Puppet with the sword, is there someone behind it?”

The golden giant tiger opened his mouth and said, the words were accompanied by a tiger’s roar to calm the soul, and those who were slightly weaker would probably kneel down to acknowledge allegiance.

“Golden Tiger, Monster Realm Peak clan, there are at least three invincible Monster Venerables in the clan.” Sui Ying said calmly.

“The two seniors will go first, and I will stop later.” Suiying said.

At this time, Xiong Li reacted.

“No, since you are here, the grapes should be here too.” Xiong Li said.

“Senior is right, but there is only a team of Integration Realm puppets with me. I’m afraid it can’t be suppressed. It’s just a golden tiger.”

As he said, from in the sky dropped ten Integration Realm puppets, guarding him.

“Human Race cultivator, I traveled to the human world just to see that the genius cultivator of Human Race has no intention of killing.” The golden tiger coldly said, with a proud face on his face, disdainful deceive any creature.

“Sui Ying, let’s go first, I’ll leave this to you to deal with.” Xiang Yun said, pulling Xiong Li to leave.

“The two seniors are on their way, I’ll go back after I’ve dealt with this golden tiger.” Sui Ying said.

The Golden-Eating Tiger didn’t move, just quietly watching Xiong Li and Xiang Yun leave.

“Okay, the two cultivators that distract you from your mind are gone, we can have a good fight.” The Golden Tiger said, slowly approaching.

Shaking the Dao Item Spirit Sword in his hand with the shadow, and then the complexion turned cold, turned into a sword light and charged towards the Gold-devouring Tiger.

At this time, Xu Fan, who was refining the railgun, watched the duel between Sui Ying and the Golden Tiger in the light curtain with a dignified expression.

“This should be Heaven’s Chosen from Monster Race who came to visit the world, so there is no fear, there will definitely be a follow-up.” Xu Fan said while refining the railgun.

“Grape, the rail gun is always ready, it can be wounded, but not killed.” Xu Fan touched the chin and said.

He also got information about Tiger Clan from Grape.

There are at least three invincible Monster Venerables in the clan. For such a large clan, Xu Fan certainly cannot afford to offend.

Since it’s coming, it can’t be avoided.

“As you bid!”

At this point, the battle in the light curtain was over, and the golden tiger smashed the accompanying swordsman puppet with one claws.

Not a single hair is lost.

At this time, Xu Fan clapped called out a temporary Avatar to temporarily refine this part for him.

β€œIt looks like I need to go out,” Xu Fan said.

At this time, a special Xu Fan puppet appeared in front of the golden tiger.

“You’re here to die too!” said the Golden-Eating Tiger looking at the newly-arrived Integration Realm puppet.

“I heard that you came here to practice and you want to challenge the genius of Human Race.”

“You are an Integration Realm Monster Race, even if you are backed by a big family, you are so daring. A little.” Xu Fan said while looking at the Golden Tiger.

“On the way, I passed a lot of sect Holy Land, met a lot of Human Race Venerables, and saw a lot of Human Race Invincible Venerables, but I finally came out safe and sound.”

“I have the oath and promise of patriarch, the golden tiger, to compete with Human Race Heaven’s Chosen, but to kill.”

After the golden tiger finished speaking, an illusory shadow lit up behind the invincible Monster Venerable. Breath leaked out.

That aura only conveys one meaning, the same realm can come and learn from each other, if you dare to bullied the weak, you have to weigh what you are facing.

At the same time, there are two tiger teeth floating around the golden tiger, which has the same effect as the Avatar jade talisman obtained by Xu Fan.

“My father is the Supreme Elder of Tiger Clan, one of the invincible Monster Venerables.” After finishing speaking, the Golden Tiger looked at Xu Fan lightly.

“Are you here just to challenge the Human Race genius?” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes, they all say Human Race Monster Race evenly matched, but since I visited the Human Race cultivation world, I haven’t met Human Race Heaven’s Chosen who can beat me.” The golden tiger said, his eyes flashed. A bit of disdain.

β€œI ask you, how do you win? How do you lose?” Xu Fan asked with interest.

He also saw the strength of the golden tiger just now, and easily defeated the shadow of the 7th-order celestial puppet master. Its aptitude battle strength is the strongest of all the creatures he has ever seen.

Su Rantian and Ning Dao from Integration Realm, who he knows well, are simply not the opponents of the Golden Tiger.

If you really want to talk about it, Xu Gang should be able to meet a few tricks when he is promoted to Integration Realm, but that’s all.

A jade plate appeared next to the golden-devouring tiger, exuding an Immortal Spirit Energy.

“Immortal Artifact: Immortal Spirit Dao Plate, as long as you win, this is yours.”

“If I win, I will take the most precious magic weapon on your body, In addition, promise to never take action against my Tiger Clan.” Golden Tiger indifferently said.

“Who do you look down on? It’s like who doesn’t have a magic weapon.”

The spirit-breaking stick appeared beside Xu Fan, exuding the scent of a magic weapon.

An illusory shadow through Heavenly Giant Rod appeared behind Xu Fan.

“You Immortal Spirit Taoist plate, you are almost in trouble.” Xu Fan said while looking at the golden tiger.

Looking at how arrogant you are when you take out the fairy weapon, it’s like no one else.

Xu Fan despises such people who show off their wealth the most.

(End of this chapter)

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