My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Are you kidding me

An astonishing beam of spiritual power. The head shot to the body of Xu Fan’s control puppet.

“I’ll do it too. I knew that your Monster Realm had the Divine Ability of the Summoner ancestor. When I saw it today, I would be really a rogue.” Xu Fan disdainfully said, what’s the point of being called an ancestor?

With the addition of the power of the ancestors, the battle strength of the Gold-Eating Tiger has exceeded the limit of the Integration Realm.

“didn’t expect your melee Divine Ability to be so good, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“It’s a showdown, I don’t pretend, I He is a cultivator who majors in Divine Ability.” Xu Fan said.

He knew how long it would take to beat this tiger with the stick.

“If you have any other means, just come up with it,” said the golden-devouring giant tiger, with a strong fighting intent in his eyes.

He felt like the fight was just beginning, it was just a warm-up.

“That’s what you said.” An illusory voice resounded between Heaven and Earth.

Five Elements Spiritual Qi began to gather, and then Dongfeng missiles shot at the golden tiger.

Then, in the hands of the puppet, there was a strange light group in which black and white were intertwined and surrounded each other.

“Looks like I’m going to stay farther away, this distance is not enough.” Zhan Ling said and backed up more than 100 miles.

In the end, another large Dongfeng missile contained the strange light group that was entangled with each other, and bombed towards the Golden-Eating Tiger.

At this time, Xu Gang also appeared beside Zhan Ling.

“Come and come and sit, there are melon and fruit desserts here, I bought them from grapes with my points.”

Zhan Ling saw Xu Gang smiling and waved his hand hastily. said.

“I haven’t seen Master fight for a long time, so I came here to have a look. Didn’t expect as soon as I came, I was fortunate enough to see the nuclear explosion Divine Ability.” Xu Gang said excitedly, with strange eyes flashing in his eyes. rays of light.

“Useless Daoist Divine Ability!” Gold-devouring Tiger disdainfully said.

Intuition tells him that these Divine Ability have sealed all the space, no matter how he escapes the end result will still strike himself.

Instead of this, it is better to be fully open and directly carry it.

“Since I was born, there is no Divine Ability of the same level that can break my defenses!”

Accompanied by the arrogant voice of the Golden Eater, between Heaven and Earth for the One is dark.

As if a giant sun was born, a huge light group rose up and finally formed a mushroom cloud.

First a white light flashed, then Heaven and Earth began to vibrate.

Zhan Ling and Xu Gang all stared at this scene with their mouths open.

Then the Blood Sea Throne automatically protected the two of them.


A voice containing unyielding and a hint of pain sounded.

“How’s it going? Is my Divine Ability good?” Xu Fan asked with a smile.

At this moment, behind the puppet controlled by Xu Fan, a golden giant tiger silhouette appeared.

With an imposing manner, a tiger claw slapped Xu Fan’s puppet.

“Go to hell!!”

When the golden tiger slapped the puppet, it all split up and in pieces.

“Puppet manipulators, you lose!” said the golden-devouring tiger.

At this time, watching the battle stage from a distance, it has changed from two people to six people.

Seeing that the puppets controlled by Xu Fan were destroyed, they all showed a very indifferent expression.

At this time, the sound of applause sounded in the sky.

“Sounds, shifts and positions, the Wind Element Divine Ability of your family is very useful.”

The silhouette of Xu Fan’s puppet appeared not far away.

“Devouring Heaven and Earth!”

Gold-Eating Tiger ignored Xu Fan’s words, opened his huge mouth and started to suck at Xu Fan.

Immediately, the tiger’s mouth seemed to have become a black hole, madly devouring everything around it.

“Finally squeezed out the trump card. It is indeed a gold-devouring Tiger Clan. This formidable power is really extraordinary.”

Xu Fan felt that the mind in the puppet began to shake, Gradually there is one with puppets. The feeling of shelling.

A black and white entangled strange light group once again appeared in the hands of Xu Fan’s puppet.

“Who gave you the opportunity to continue to use Divine Ability in the battlefield for such a long time.”

“The soul will not fall, the sky will not move!” Xu Fan restrained for a moment A sense of detachment from the mind.

At this moment, several illusory shadows appeared within the devoured range of the golden tiger, including Human Race, Monster Race, and Monster Beast.

They all charged towards Xu Fan.

“Sure enough, there are no illusory people under the prestige.” Xu Fan said, giving up the nuclear explosion Divine Ability, and manipulating the puppets began to avoid these illusory shadows.

Although Xu Fan can evade, his speed has indeed slowed down a lot under the influence of the Gold Devouring Tiger’s Devine Ability.

And it was also miraculously found that the gold-devouring tiger summon came out, attracting everyone to have good battle strength, which added a lot of trouble to Xu Fan.

“Don’t think you’re the only one who can call a helper,” Xu Fan said.

“Grapes, Five Elements Essence 10%, bless me.”

“As you bid.”

Then a lot of Five appeared in the sky Spiritual Qi from Elements Essence.

At this time, the people in the appearance battle were all excited.

“This is a Divine Ability that Master rarely uses, so take a good look at it.” Xu Gang said excitedly.

He knew what Divine Ability Xu Fan was going to use, and he had seen it. Later, he found that the difficulty was not something he could learn, so he gave up.

β€œConfront, Weapon, Fighting and Person, all marching forward.”

The voice of Xu Fan illusory sounded in the sky.

Everyone got excited when they heard Xu Fan’s voice.

“I haven’t heard such a serious voice from Master for a long time.” Li Xingci said towards the stirring Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi in the air.

“The formation is in the east, the mighty dragon is in the sea.”

Xu Fan lightly tapped, a dragon roar sounded in the sky, and a huge silhouette shot straight into the sky.

β€œThe array is in the west, the white tiger roaring at mountains and forests.”

β€œThe array is in the south, the Vermilion Bird burns the sky.”

β€œThe array is Array in the north, Black Tortoise town.”

Four different voices rang out at the same time during the weather, and at this moment Power of Heaven and Earth were blessing them.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, four Divine Beasts condensed by the Five Elements Spiritual Qi origin, rushing towards the golden tiger.

Its power, even the golden tiger looked at him, and immediately stopped releasing the Life Source Divine Ability. Turn around to deal with the four summon Divine Beasts.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, set up a great formation of four spirits, trapping the golden tiger in it.

At the same time, three strange circles of black and white entangled circles of light circles appeared above Xu Fan’s head. In the package of Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi, they turned into three huge Dongfeng missiles.

“It’s time for us to step back~” Zhan Ling said with a smile.

“Yes, back two hundred miles, or else it will be easily swept away by the aftermath of the Divine Ability explosion.”

Xu Gang said with experience, the nuclear explosion of Divine Ability There is a kind of magical power that can hurt himself through the shield.

Just as the three giant Dongfeng missiles were about to be condensed, the sound of the golden tiger sounded.

“Do I need to use my last resort?”

“You know, once I use this method, the Human Race in your area will be over.”

Hearing the words of the Golden Tiger, Xu Fan let the Dongfeng missile hang in the sky.

Because he saw Shi Jinhu, the tiger tooth Avatar flashing with aura on his neck gnawed at him, “We are also learning from each other, do you count as cheating by using this?” Xu Fan indifferently said.

“I traveled the Human Race cultivation world and was invincible, and I only suffered in your hands.”

“In the future, you will definitely be my enemy in life, and now I will pay the price to kill it. You, it’s not a loss.” There was a killing intent in the golden tiger’s voice.

Being fully prepared and being stuck on the highway is a very novel feeling~~

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