My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 543

Chapter 543 The Seed of Freedom and Family Planning

At this time, the starship driven by Xu Fan is stealthily and silently following behind a strange-looking starship .

“I said how can a star boat be built out of thin air in just 60 years, so I don’t plan to use it for a long time~” Xu Fan said, looking at the weird star boat in front of him that was collecting spirit ore stars.

“This is the star boat that Qianling Venerable said is full of puppets, doesn’t it look good?” Zhan Ling said.

“It is precisely because it doesn’t look very good that it is the most powerful. This kind of star boat can only be handed over to a puppet to drive.” Xu Fan said beside him.

A short while later, an invisible puppet appeared beside Xu Fan, holding a small piece of spirit ore alloy.

Xu Fan picked up the alloy and began to observe it carefully.

After a long time, Xu Fan let out a long sigh.

“The spirit ore alloy that temporarily uses secret technique to improve its performance can last up to 50 years. That Imperial Teacher is really a good method.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Master, do you need to shoot down?” Grape’s voice sounded, with a little urgency in his tone, as if he saw a kitten with dried fish.

“Break it down, let it mine if you have nothing to do, I just want to see those puppets after it, after all, there are my seeds on it, it looks like it is developing very well.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

“Since these puppets can be manipulated flexibly, they can cut the stars spirit ore with magic weapons.” Zhan Ling said in surprise.

“You haven’t seen it before, why are you surprised?” Xu Fan was taken aback and asked curiously.

“This is different from that of grapes. You can see that these puppets have independent consciousness, not like the overall control of grapes.” Zhan Ling pointed to the puppet that was cutting spirit ore stars.

Those puppets communicated while cutting spirit ore stars. Although they couldn’t hear what they said, their actions made Zhanling confirm that they had independent consciousness.

“I thought it would be very bad to have grapes, but when I see these puppets, I always have an ominous premonition.” Zhan Ling touched the chin.

“Ominous foreboding, do you think these puppets are more dangerous than Monster Race?” Xu Fan asked with interest.

“It’s definitely not a danger now, but it won’t be so in the future.”

“I’ve also seen the production lines of those puppets in the underground space of the sect.”

“If these puppets are produced at that production speed, it won’t take long for a huge puppet Legion to accumulate.”

“Then collect surrounding resources, expand the production line, and use that kind of Speed production of puppets.”

“If the puppets are all controlled by one person, it’s better to say something.”

“If each puppet has an independent consciousness, it will be scary. “Zhan Ling said with a deep expression.

“Could it be that Elder Zhanling has encountered such a similar scene?”

Xu Fan is interested, this development trend, Zhanling said exactly.

“There was a disaster in the heavenly demon continent before, but the Lord of the World did it himself to suppress it.”

“It was a monster beast that ran out of the underground abyss. , likes to eat vital energy.”

“At the beginning, only one ran out of the heavenly demon continent, that is, the battle strength around the Divine Transformation Realm.”

“But that kind of The monster beast can multiply rapidly, and as long as it devours enough vital energy, it can be divided into two, each with its own consciousness.”

As Zhan Ling just started, Xu Fan could Guess where the whole script is going.

“Finally, the superior found the source of the monster beast, and after three days of fighting with that source, the monster beast was killed by the sword. At that time, the monster beast had already eroded the vitality of the heavenly demon continent.” Zhan Ling said with some heart palpitations.

“Seeing these puppets reminds me of the monster beast. If it’s good, it’s fine. If it’s evil, there will be another great calamity in the future.”

At this time Xu Fan He waved his hand and said with a smile: “Relax, Elder Zhanling, everything is under my control, can I release such a dangerous thing?”

I think Xu Fan not only planted freedom for those puppets The seeds, but also in-depth concept of family planning.

“Is the Great Elder familiar with this force?” Zhan Ling asked.

“It was the forces on Jiufeng Island back then,” Xu Fan explained.

“Then I can rest assured that the Great Elder is reliable.”

Zhan Ling gave Xu Fan a like.

Xu Fan watched the weird boat for a while, and then let Zhan Ling fly to the inner area of the extreme sky.

“As expected of the seeds I planted, it didn’t disappoint me.” Xu Fan said silently in his heart.

According to the information probed by Grape, the puppet that was headed at the time has now become the captain of the starship.

After several years of hard work, he has grown into the leader of the puppet forces of the Jiufeng Dynasty.

Xu Fan left after observing for a while.

In the inner area of the extreme sky, Zhan Ling said in shock: “Great Elder, you have a way to break the seal of space!”

“I don’t have it, just improve the space Transmission Formation It’s just, use less energy to exert more formidable power, and then use it to break the space seal for transmission.” Xu Fan said.

He is also a person who admires the sealed space, so that he has not found a tricky way to break the space seal, so he can only force it and transmit it.

“This function is just a demonstration, so you can use it when you encounter a crisis, and you can fly normally in normal times.” Xu Fan warned repeatedly.

“How much does it cost to teleport once?” Zhan Ling curiously asked.

“The total energy consumption of Spiritual Qi in Yinling Island for three years, I said it was the result of blessing the Immortal Spirit array, it was 20 years before.”

“My God! It consumes so much Spiritual Qi.” Zhan Ling said in shock.

“Use it when it is in danger, and don’t waste it normally.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

Just then, a message appeared in the control light curtain.

“There is a Dao Item level spirit ore star six million li away from Xingzhou, which is valuable to collect.”

“Is this a new function of Xingzhou? Great Elder you How to do it!” Zhan Ling felt that he could no longer maintain the stability of the Great Ascension Venerable.

“Yes, this starship is mainly used for mining, and of course it has a spirit ore star detection function.”

“This will make the collection more efficient in the future.” Xu Fan said.

“Does the Spirit Sect that starship have such a function?” Zhan Ling asked.

“Of course not. The corresponding spirit ore in the sect treasury can only be taken out in one set, of course, it is used closely to our starship.”

“It is possible to detect the starship. For the spirit ore stars within hundreds of millions of miles, this function can only be loaded on the star boat of our sect.” Xu Fan said

Some things work well, but they are not necessarily good after they are taken out. .

“I understand what Great Elder means.” Zhan Ling nodded.

At this moment, a roar suddenly sounded in the distance.

A giant beast as big as a unicorn suddenly jumped out of space, followed closely from behind is the silhouette of the Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Elder.

I saw a thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Elder with angry eyes, holding an exquisite giant tower, which transformed into a thousand-mile tower and buckled down against the one-horned extremely empty giant beast.

The surrounding space began to vibrate, and one after another Space Crack appeared around the giant tower.

Its invincibility deeply shocked the hearts of Xu Fan and the others.

(End of this chapter)

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