My Master Keeps on Breaking Through on the Verge of Death Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Damaged Character Trigrams

After more than 10 days of high-speed cruise, Yinling 2 finally found the anchorage of the classical star boat.

“More than 10 days ago, the Thousand Spirit Sect fleet waiting here encountered the Monster Race giant beast battleship.”

“In order to prevent the classical star boat from being damaged again, the Thousand Spirit Venerable belt It led the Monster Race giant beast battleship to other places.”

β€œThis is the message that Qianling Venerable left behind.” Xu Fan asked.

“Yes.” Grape replied.

β€œHow many Monster Race giant beast battleships are there?” Xu Fan asked again.

“There are 6 Moon-level Monster Race giant beast battleships, and it is expected that after 4 months, Qianling Venerable will completely eliminate the Monster Race giant beast battleship.”

“After 4 months, then Let’s guard the surrounding mining first.” Xu Fan thought for a while and said.

“It seems that’s the only way.” Zhan Ling said beside him.

β€œSupreme Great Elder, do you want to rest or go look for them?” Xu Fan asked.

“Since the second child can win, I won’t join in the fun, and stay to watch the star boat trip.” Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said.

Xu Fan nominated, he let Yinling 2 leave a small battleship as a resting place, and then let Zhanling go to the surrounding mining.

“I heard that the Great Elder is proficient in Dao of Divination, can you make a fortune for the second child?”

I have nothing to do, Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder chatting with Xu Fan Get up.

“Then come one, there will be no major event left or right.” Xu Fan said with a smile.

6 pieces of copper coins condensed by Five Elements Essence Spiritual Qi appeared in Xu Fan’s hand, and then lightly sprinkled it on the table.

Xu Fan recited in his heart the hexagram of the damaged character.

Afterwards, Xu Fan discovered the strangeness in the hexagrams, and began to do divination seriously, and his face became solemn.

Thousands of Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder, who were originally laughed, saw Xu Fan’s expression, stopped smiling, and returned to his former demeanor, waiting for Xu Fan’s result.

After a long time, Qian Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder asked: “Great Elder, do they have a crisis?”

“There is no crisis, but the loss is a little serious, this is not Ordinary hexagrams for damage.”

“This is a big loss~” Xu Fan raised his head and said.

“Supreme Great Elder, you have to be prepared, this horoscope, Qian Ling Venerable may have to come back with a meal,” Xu Fan said.

“The hexagrams are also not bloody, so there should be no major loss in personnel grooming.”

Xu Fan waved the 6 copper coins on the table and was instantly disappeared.

The Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder rose to his feet.

“I go shopping all around, maybe I can meet the second child, the third child and them.”

Thousand Spirit Sect Supreme Great Elder said that he was disappeared when he stepped out.

“Invincible Venerable, is it so easy to break the seal of space?” Xu Fan said enviously.

“I thought I could ask Wudi Venerable for advice, but now I have no chance.”

Two months later, Xu Fan finally waited for Qianling Venerable.

In a dilapidated spare escape pod, Qianling Venerable looked at Xu Fan in embarrassment.

“Great Elder, I finally found you, and I almost couldn’t come back.” Qian Ling Venerable wanted to cry without tears.

“Venerable, is the battle over there so bad?” Xu Fan frowned asked.

It stands to reason that even if there are 6 moon-class giant beast battleships on the opposite side, it shouldn’t be so embarrassing.

“I underestimate the enemy, am I too big?” Qian Ling Venerable said regretfully.

“What’s the situation?” Xu Fan asked curiously.

“The problem of tactical command was defeated by the 6 Monster Race giant beast battleships one by one.”

“The defense and attack power of the opposing Monster Race giant beast battleship is the best I have ever seen. Awesome.”

“With the level of Puppet’s control of star boats, it is impossible to control three star boats at one time.”

At this time, Qianling Venerable was extremely frustrated and felt himself After so many years of hard work, all the family properties that have been scattered are gone.

“Fortunately, I rescued the sect disciple and the senior executives on the star boat in time, otherwise the old big shot will kill me when I come back.”

Qian Ling Venerable deeply sighed, then take a look at the classical starship in the hidden array in the distance.

“Great Elder, how long will it take to repair this starship?”

“Three months, no damage to the psionic core, just plug the hole. Just connect to Formation.” Xu Fan said.

At this point, Xu Fan became vigilant.

In the past, he had the appearance of being invincible in the whole world in terms of starship manipulation and refining, and he could hang you with advanced concepts.

After this time event, Xu Fan put away his contempt.

“Where’s the boss? Isn’t he supposed to be with you?”

“I also received your signal during the battle,” Qianling Venerable said.

“The Supreme Great Elder has come to find you. He usually comes back half a month, and he will be back in a day or two according to the time.” Xu Fan said after doing the math.

“Then we’ll have to wait until the boss comes back. We’ll have to bother the Great Elder again.”

Xu Fan waved his hand and smiled, “We won’t be working together for a day or two, don’t say What trouble is not troublesome.”

Qianling Venerable nods, expressing that he is very moved and feels that Xu Fan is very interesting.

“Grape, send a message to inform Yinling No. 2 to come back.” Xu Fan instructed.

“As you bid.” The sound of grapes sounded.

“By the way, the third child wants an Artifact Spirit of the same level as grapes. Can the Great Elder refine it?” Qian Ling Venerable said.

“It can be refined, but the spirit level spirit ore involved is too large, and your sect may not be collected in a while.” Xu Fan said.

The grapes have grown from childhood to the present, and the Heaven and Earth Spirit Treasure and all kinds of anti-sky spirit materials that they consume can be replaced by several fairy utensils.

“Can you make a simplified version? It can help him manage the sect like grapes normally.”

“The past few days, the third child has been talking about this to me. , what is this management method very difficult to deal with.” Qianling Venerable said.

“Where’s the Supreme Third Elder, you won’t let him out.” Xu Fan asked.

“I don’t let it out, I’m a little confused, so be quiet first.”

“I underestimated the enemy, and I was plot against by there.” Qianling Venerable said.

“It’s fine, call back next time, when I repair the classical starship, when I actually fight, it should be stronger than that moon-level Monster Race giant beast battleship.” Xu Fan said with a Smile, he has a little curiosity in his heart, what kind of Monster Race can make Qianling Venerable like this.

At this time, deep in the inner region of the extreme sky, six Monster Race giant beast battleships stopped outside the disaster barrier.

“Hold in a group and get through this disaster-intensive area first. Then, this time, our Monster Race alliance must find the egg of the giant beast in the sky.”

A cold as a wind chime The voice of , resounds in the heart of driving the giant beast battleship Monster Race.

A woman with nine tails and a pair of snow-white fox ears on her head stands in the main control room of the Monster Race giant beast battleship.

“If it weren’t for the urgency of time, the Venerable of Human Race would not be able to run away.” The woman coldly snorted and said.

“There are still three hours, when the time comes must listen to my instructions. Anyone who dares to delay for a second will be punished by ten thousand ants after returning.”

The woman’s voice made All Monster Race brought up.

(End of this chapter)

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